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  1. RichardPNZ

    The Royal Wedding

    It was everywhere here in New Zealand I watched the monthly broadcast instead
  2. RichardPNZ

    The Royal Wedding

    It was everywhere here in New Zealand I watched the monthly broadcast instead.
  3. RichardPNZ

    Post a picture... Any picture

    While walking Cleo on the local beach I saw this. Most of the driftwood comes down the Waganui river.
  4. https://www.popsci.com/yanny-laurel-scientific-evidence#page-4
  5. Attended the Circuit assembly this week. Peak attendance just over 2000  with 17 baptized.

    Our circuit now has language groups in Hindi , NZ sign and Tagalog with a Spanish language group possibly starting.

    Got up early so I could walk the dog who needed no encouragement then as soon as I got home had to fuss the dog get changed then take her for another walk.

    Apart from all the spiritual gems that were given also found out that there a many different types of bananas and red ones are the best.

    1. Omoyeme


      Aw...lol what did the canine caper do THIS time Bro. Richard?

    2. RichardPNZ


      She was at the front door waiting , then ran out of the house to the side gate. She knows doing so is the quickest way to come and say hello.


  6. This is one scripture only Jehovah's witnesses can fully understand. It is only by experiencing it within the congregation and world wide brotherhood that you can fully comprehend what it truely means and how blessed we are to fulfill this scripture.
  7. Jesus's baptism account really does disprove the Trinity doctrine. If the Trinity was true it would be this is me descending from the heavens , to land on me the son , so I can say this is me the son whom I have approved. So many logic holes when you think about it.
  8. Thinking of going on the Witness diet.

    No fish on Friday

    No chocolate Feb to April

    No Turkey in November

    No ham in December

    No pretzels



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    2. Gregexplore


      I donut-sly apologize :worship:


      I honestly don't know how many of those push-ups my emoji can do without donuts...:o

    3. RichardPNZ


      Donuts are out they can be traced back to Dutch oily cakes which were eaten during the Yule

    4. ChocoBro


      Don't forget to celebrate your unbirthday every day except for your birthdate.

  9. 300 and change days to go down here in NZ. Unless Jehovah says otherwise
  10. Question on the timing this month. Monday in NZ is a holiday. Is it a holiday in the US and if so would it have any effect on the uploading of videos to broadcasting if there any secular people involved in the hosting company.
  11. Heading to Kingdom Hall for the special talk.

    1. Stormswift


      It was awesome wasn't it brother Richard? 

  12. RichardPNZ

    Micro SIM vs Nano SIM

    Get a blank Sim from your provider put that in your new phone. Phone your provider up with the new card details they can then do the rest. It is a free service down here in NZ. Use Samsung smart switch to transfer data. Recently did a similar upgrade only issue with newer phone was Samsung health kept stopping so before you start using your new phone go into application manager clear cache and data for Samsung health.
  13. At our weekend meeting we had a bomb threat drill at the end.

    A number of bags were left behind. As a reminder we are encouraged to take our bags with us.

    It saves time on searching for the actual threat and could potentially save lives.

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    2. RichardPNZ


      I live the other way nearer Wellington in circuit 3a.

    3. Gregexplore
    4. Stormswift


      Oh do you? Hmmm why did i think Auckland? I used to be in that circuit many years ago.

      My brother is in wainuiomata.

  14. Listened to a great public talk this week from a visiting brother.

    The talk was in sign language and beautifully interpreted by his wife

    1. Vinnie


      What a beautiful arrangement when husband and wife work together, all in praise to Jehovah our God. 

  15. If they are using tablets already a Chromecast is not that much harder. Once setup they will have two options When using Chrome there is a built in cast button The second is mirror screen The tablet simply tellls the Chromecast what to play so does not necessarily to be powerful.

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