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  1. RichardPNZ

    How much has changed

    The focus on reading scripture in field service.
  2. Wondering if our beloved brothers who have been bald for many years , will wake up in the new system with a full head of hair or will it just grow out.

    Either way it will take some getting used to.

    1. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      You brothers are not the only ones with potential issues. My hair is white. Pretty much, white. I’m Native American, so, that black hair, (in time) will also take some getting used to! 

  3. RichardPNZ

    The Tour Guide

    Spoiler link http://puzzles.nigelcoldwell.co.uk/fifty.htm
  4. RichardPNZ

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Nice move using someone else's phone in the photo. And can they text ?
  5. RichardPNZ

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Photo is Kapiti Island lower west coast of the North Island.
  6. RichardPNZ

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Was on the water's edge to take this photo. I had doggy assistance from Cleo as she was digging a hole behind me and I was slowly sinking.
  7. RichardPNZ

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    One in New Zealand was deep was widely felt throughout the country. No damage just scared some people. My dog didn't even worry about it.
  8. Looking forward to the assembly this weekend.

    1. hatcheckgirl


      We've got ours too this weekend!

    2. Stormswift


      Hey Richard - can you wear a funny hat tomorrow so I know its you ... ill come up and say hi. Haha.

    3. RichardPNZ


      I will be sitting at the receipts desk for the most of afternoon session once it's clear. But no funny hat.

  9. When I got home from field service got a lift to and then back home. I found I did not have my house keys with me.

    Cleo my dog was waiting for me.

    So I had to climb in through a window that was about chest high from the outside.

    So here I am half way in with my stomach on the window ledge.

    At this point Cleo sees her opportunity and gives a welcome home big slobbery lick in the face.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. RichardPNZ


      Yes in my dog walking jacket.


    3. Omoyeme


      I don't know what she would do without you.  :)

    4. rlyem


      Now we can sneak in :)

  10. RichardPNZ

    Witness memes

    Arcs : to question or request
  11. Saw the Simpsons donut flavoured tictacs today and immediately thought of you

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Stormswift
    3. Gregexplore


      Mandi.. you meant honeydew? :lol2:

      Yes honeydew flavor is excellent ....LOL

    4. Gregexplore
  12. It has been an interesting week on the roving microphones. During the midweek meeting the reciever for the wireless microphones stopped working. Had to quickly change back to a wired one.

    Have successfully managed not to trip over the wire.

    1. Lance


      We had a lightning strike awhile back... it fried most of our sensitive  electrical equipment...all our sound equipment had to be replaced ... Control panels for the heating and air conditioning etc. It cost us about $20,000 to get it fixed. We have a double KH so everything times 2

  13. RichardPNZ

    The Royal Wedding

    It was everywhere here in New Zealand I watched the monthly broadcast instead
  14. RichardPNZ

    The Royal Wedding

    It was everywhere here in New Zealand I watched the monthly broadcast instead.

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