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Things You Shouldn't Say!

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I stumbled upon this one recently in another forum. It can be really funny!

Things you should not say...

.. when you are doing something or are at a certain time or place. It can be awkward statements or inappropriate comments or other things that were not supposed to be said in any given situation. The game play is like this: The most recent post provides you with a certain situation and the next poster gives an answer, in the form of something you should not say in that situation, and then presents another situation for the next participant.

Here's an example:

Situation: Things you shouldn't say when you are on an aeroplane...

Response: "Is it normal when only one wing is in flames?"

or "Can you believe you can get explosives on board in your shoes? Look..."

The rules are as follows....

1. Only give one answer.

2. Don't reply to your own post.

3. Always leave a situation for the next poster, starting with the words "Things you shouldn't say..."

4. Let's keep this clean.

So to start, here is the first situation....

Things you shouldn't say at a funeral.

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