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A brother from the Russian branch

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Wow how I wish I would have been there to hear him speak! Feels very surreal to me. Things are starting to feel more and more real prophecy wise. How kind of the brothers to give each bethalite a one on one shepherding call. Jehovah really knows how to care for his people. 

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Many noticed sharp contrast between the verdict and the behavior of the judge. This would explain a lot #jwrussia

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Was the state forcing the Judge by some means to give this verdict? It is well reported about the behaviour of the president and people being killed after opposing or speaking out with critic against him


 I watched this tv documentary some days ago "Hunting the KGB Killers" – gripping documentary more outrageous than a spy movie http://www.channel4.com/programmes/hunting-the-kgb-killers  It is very eye opening to some of the goings in Russia including some workings of people in their Justice system

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Not sure what I did to get those faint numbers down one side?

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Thank you dear Sister for posting this...Feeling awful right now for our dear brothers and sisters in Russia... After enduring years of persecution, one would have wished that their freedom for worshiping Jehovah would last for long, but its not to be... We are all praying for you. Be courageous and strong my dear brothers and sisters. Your outstanding example of remaining faithful in the face of hostilities is an inspiration for us to remain faithful. Jehovah has definitely something better for you in store... He is going to bare his mighty arm soon... Till then let us all remain firm...LOVE YOU ALL...  



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10 hours ago, lovejoypeace said:

He tells us that all the brothers and sisters at bethel were given a shepherding call individually, and congregations were sent letters of instruction prior to the announcement, of what they were going to do and where.

I appreciate the Organization gave the brothers practical advice about what to do. We rely on Jehovah and that includes using the wisdom and discernment  that he gave us.

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