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Bush Fires hit Western parts of Sydney

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ZZZZZZZZZZZ_fires-20131017212712998365-6"It was a very warm winter, a very dry winter ... we're not even one month into spring and we've already got this," he told Channel Seven.

The forecast south-westerly change could even make the situation worse.

"The worst combination is north-westerly to south-westerly and we've got that now. We've got an incredibly long fire front and there is no sign of any rain coming."

While there would be easing conditions on Friday, the sheer size of the raging fires meant they didn't "need the weather conditions" to continue.

"They are so big they create their own climatic conditions," he said.

Around 100 fires broke out across the state, ranging from Lismore and Tenterfield in NSW's north, to Gloucester and Taree and the Great Lakes on the coast, the Blue Mountains, south to Camden, Wingecarribee near Moss Vale and the Shoalhaven. The fires destroyed homes, pastures and set a petrol station on fire near Wyong. Roads were closed across the state, with back ups of up to 20km on the Hume Highway.

The worst loss of homes was at Springwood in the Blue Mountains, where at least 30 homes were lost.

Ferocious winds fanned the blaze that destroyed the dream home where Joe Moore, Springwood Country Club's golf professional, had lived with his wife and seven children, including four foster children.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/weather/bushfires-in-nsw-worst-in-more-than-a-decade-20131017-2voyu.html#ixzz2hyeobCDj

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Residents told to leave as fires lash Macarthur region    










A friend who gone to pick up my kids from school said Her Hubby & another brother were working on a House. the house next to them

was on fire they had to be evacuatted out of the area. they were so close. 



post-1015-0-91662500-1382009796.png This Map shows the location of wollongong which is my area. So other the other side of the escarpment there are fires still going. we can see the glow from the fire from our place

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Gabe ~ I clicked like buttons to tell you I appreciate the pictures with the posts....

This looks very serious...do you and the other friends have direction from the elders

in case you have to evacuate? Here in Florida we always had a camper in case

of a bad hurricane..but then after moving to Daytona we had to sell it because

we were not allowed to keep it at our house! I did keep sleeping bags thougb..

Are you having to breathe the smoke from the fire? I hope not! I remember when

there were those huge fires in central Austrailia...they actually appeared

later on the google map..I guess when the satalite took the shots it captured the


Please keep safe and keep us posted! Love & prayers ~ SUNRAYpost-2322-0-97377500-1382017142.gif

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We are surrounded this morning by the smoke. Its just pooring over the mountain.

Basically you can't see the escarpment anymore.

We are on a Highway accross from the ridge.

It's going to be s hard day for breathing. For those with asthma.

I get a little.

I can only imagine what it is like for those who live nearer to the Fire. .

I rang my aunty as she lives in Katoomba not far from Springwood..

She is getting the smoke from her end too.

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Just saw a segment on the Weather Channel about the fires in Australia. It featured a firefighter with a camera on his helmet so you could see what he was facing in the doing of his job.


Those fires are really rough!

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Yes indeed. Police arrested 3 kids. 10. 15. & 11

Residents saw the boys light and run.

Wednesday is said to be called a Mega Fire.

Out in the Blue Mountain. The valley is Jamison Valley.

Their are 5 fires going & they are expected to link up. Do a circle.

The fires up over the escarpment are still going.

My folks had their Circuit Assembly yesterday. The Hall is almost in the backyard.

To the Blue Mountain.

They were asked to stay indoors for the whole 2 days. Fortunately the Hall is airconditioned.

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Hi Sis Gabe, its been hot in the morning till afternoon and cold in evening here. Btw, we also hosted some 15 delegates who attended English and International Convention here with Bro. David Splane, but its not our convention yet, but I assisted someone interested to attend on Saturday only. Its very nice to meet other brothers/sisters from other country, very encouraging.


Btw, this is secular news.   :), just saying something.


We hope every bros and sis are fine there.

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I live at the base of the mountains. Had fires 2 weeks ago. Some people a couple of streets away evacuated. Got messages on mobile and land line to shelter in place if not evacuating. It was so windy, I was on back verandah watching the neighbours lawn furniture tumble across the lawn. And a big Woosh of fire went into the sky. Road was closed, if I left I would not be allowed back so I stayed. I was confident that it would not reach my house.  Schools messaged to pick up children. Hubby  picked up my son from school as he finished work at that time. I was confident that it would not reach my house, although I went next door to neighbour who is a cop and has fire experience to double check plus we had not been told to evacuate. It was so hot, smoky and windy. Got lots of calls from worried family and bros. and sisters. But the mobile phone network was not very reliable due to high traffic, texts and the land line was ok.


My other son was stuck on the other side of the road and couldn't get back. I told him to go to a friends and wait it out. They couldn't return for hours. Now our area has been back burned to a degree so in normal circumstances it should not burn again. However abnormal circumstances are predicted tomorrow. I kept my son from school on Monday and I think the school may close tomorrow. There has been a huge volunteer effort to move livestock down from the mountains and people providing paddocks and feed etc. 


I have been sitting on the road waiting to be let back to my house before during fires. Last time my son was at home and I was at the hairdressers. He was getting worried so I left the hairdressers with foils and bleach in my hair and was stopped by police to check my address on my license before I was allowed to return home. Yikes I told him not to look at me, so embarrassing. 


Poor animals, after the fire a couple of weeks ago the kangaroos which live around here must have been on the road trying to move to greener grass. I saw four dead on the road and read that there were more elsewhere. Police had to shoot one. The black cockatoos came shortly after to eat the hakea tree pods that had opened in the heat. If it's not a flood it's fire. This one 2 weeks ago was caused by power lines. Hope tomorrow is not too severe.

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Oh Rennie am Praying for you. Just heard most schools will be closed tomorrow. Take care of yourself & kids..

It is suppose to be hotter & windier. 

I have a friend up in Lawson I think her & her mum are there.  :grouphug:


I just found out also out at Bradmans Ovell. The school where my kids go to are suppose to be sending them to Bowral for a cricket Day.

They can go next year. The fires are also still going in the Southern Highlands.

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Gabe, I've got relatives down that way(southern highlands). Cousin wanted to come on Wednesday but freeway closed. She got through next day. Then it was closed again.  Have to keep vigilant on fire days. Checking outside every so often, I had 2 fires to the west and 1 to the east. I wouldn't stay and defend my property, there was so much ash that had been blown under the edge of the corrugated iron roof and into the garage. So I can only imagine how quickly the house could burn if live embers got into the roof cavity, and it would.

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