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Poetry by an amateur

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One night I had a hard time sleeping and just started writing.  August 22, 2011 11:50 PM.

Life after the thousand year reign

It will be a wonderful life

A life completely free from strife

The air is fresh, each breath is clean

Pollution will never again be seen

The water is pure, sparkling and clear

To quench our thirst it is always near

Delicious food of every kind

Every variety we can call to mind

Sunshine to keep us healthy and warm

Never having to fear any harm

Humankind filled with brotherly love

Hatred is something that's never thought of

No anger will ever spoil our day

Loving-kindness is Jehovah's way

No one will ever feel shame or fear

False accusations we no longer hear

Sickness will be a thing of the past

Our health and strength will forever last'

Young in Body though old in years

Never again a reason for tears

Satisfying work for all our days

As we all learn Jehovah's ways

The former things from memory are gone

The peace from Jehovah goes on and on

Wonderful blessings will come from above

Nothing can separate us from God's love

The beauty of creation is what we will see

Neither pain nor sorrow will there ever be.

Death we will not have to fear

Such sad news we no longer hear

Jehovah is worthy of all of our praise

We shall laud him all of our days


August 23, 2011    12:15 PM (25 minutes after the first one)

Run the Race

_____Though Satan tries to block our way.

Run the Race

_____Continue faithful every day

Run the Race

_____You must not give in to sin

Run the Race

_____It's your life that you will win

Run the Race

_____Someday old friends again you'll see

Run the Race

_____And you can live eternally.

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Loved it  -  thought it was good - here is a quick one


One day soon we will see

A massive great catastrophe

Happy are the ones who survive

For the New World they have arrived


Peace and harmony will be forever

Serving Jehovah will be our endeavour

We hope and pray this will come soon

And all creation will be in tune


hehe - (took me exactly 7 minutes)


Who else is going to do one :)

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 Oh well you all made me do this. And I'm late for my bed time too. And I post this on my post Question for Sisters too. Here it is




Women should be treated with respect

Are many doing this? I would not bet.


Women should walk in any place with the doors open

No matter how or no matter when


Women should be praised of what they do

Giving them flowers is up to you


Women should be equal by all

Who will pick you up if you fall? 


Woman should be in a special place from the start

They should be in every mans heart


Women are made by Jehovah

And many times, they show more love?


Women make mistakes all the time

By ignoring it, then your dinner will taste just fine




And I made this up while writing this. Hence, I can make a couple poems a day if I want too, but many is deep from my heart.

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 One more time  all








What make you hi or low?

Run to it!! Go!


What taste so good and sweet?

It makes your heart beat


What makes you crave?

You will pay for it, you will not save


What make the world go round?

It can easy be found


What make true love grow?

Don't tell me, you know


What have been around for thousands of years?

Take a guess, it give women tears


What is the best dish you ever taste?

It something that you never waste


What is on your mind 24 hours a day?

I going to eat and you can stay


Was this gem made for us?

We must have this, it is a must





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        * WISDOM*


If I could start all over 

I'd proved to be more experienced and wise, 
I'd praise my God night and day
Allowing him, rather man, to be my guide 


Studying his word has helped me to see, 

what is meant by 
"the truth shall set you free"

I have learned this, and so much more 
cause our father in the heavens, never closed his door                              

If you look, you too will find 
a God so powerful, yet, merciful and kind 
a God so loving in every way 
worthy of worship and daily praise 

But, the road we walk, 
is up to you and me 
the one to destruction, or life eternally

Psalms 51:6 "In the secret self...may you cause me to know sheer wisdom"

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