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Hey, friends!  So I wanted to show you my most treasured possession that I got as a gift for my baptism.

 I was baptized January 26, 2008.  My teacher was one of the annointed (still alive and living in South Carolina), and she is such a great influence on me.  One thing she held near and dear to her was her necklace of a Bird of Paradise (can either be the flower or the actual bird).  She told me of an amazing story that during WWII when the Nazis would bring in Jehovah's Witnesses they would mock the friends by calling them "birds of paradise", since we talk about the paradise so much.  Little did they know their insult was a compliment to the friends!  So my teach told me, "I am a Bird of Paradise!"  Before my baptism I got this exact same necklace as my teacher.  And I was told that "I'm on my flight to Paradise".




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Hey Sister Taylor,


I thought you might enjoy what I found below,

it was part of an article about unique wildlife and

1 of the featured animals were the "Birds of Paradise".

There is some real interesting information in it.

I hope you like it :)



*** g78 6/8 pp. 22-23 Unique Wildlife in Jeopardy ***
Birds of Paradise
With this background information, we are now ready to start our excursion into a highland rain forest, the home of the bird of paradise.

As we walk warily off the beaten track, suppose we talk about some members of the bird family called Paradisaeidae.

Their exquisitely colored plumage and their courtship behavior are unsurpassed by any other species of bird life. Of the 42 known species, 36 occur exclusively in Papua New Guinea. Some of the better-known species are named Raggiana’s, blue, magnificent, twelve-wired and superb—all birds of paradise. Incidentally, in sanctuary conditions a bird of paradise can be taught to talk as does a parrot.


The well-known ornithologist E. Thomas Gillard has written a vivid description of birds of paradise. He tells us that, according to their species, these birds are bedecked with feathers in lacelike patterns, or having the form of skirts, whips, capes, twisted enamel-like wires or erectable expandable fans. Some have saberlike tails and patches of iridescent plumage. These birds also have other ornamentations—jade- and opal-colored mouths, naked, garish areas of skin and nutlike wattles. The beautiful dance movements of these birds also help to make them appear more like an ornament than a living bird.


The species known as the superb bird of paradise is about the size of a dove. When courting, the male opens his bill wide so that its brilliant yellow interior forms a startling contrast with his deep-black plumage, the vivid green of his head and the iridescent purple green of his breast patch. This bird has two tufts of black feathers at the base of its bill.
Shh! Be very quiet. See that tall tree? It is a bird of paradise display tree. Look up at that branch. Can you see that gorgeous bird?

Watch him dancing on the branch for the benefit of his mate. Suddenly, he halts and stands stiffly, displaying his long lacelike cascades of plumage.


Other species have their own fascinating dance displays. Some hang by their feet under the limbs of their display trees, in shimmering pendulous masses. Certain male birds dance on the ground, alternately freezing and spinning so that their circular feathers look like the extended skirts of ballerinas.

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"Create in me a pure heart, O God, And put within me a new spirit, a steadfast one" (PS 51:10)


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When I went to the Circuit Assembly (/District Convention? The smaller one anyways... can never remember which is which) with my wife for the first time, a few years ago, we had a really old sister sitting one row behind us.


As we turned around and saw her, she smiled at us, and we both instantaneously had to look at the broche she was wearing, a very extravagant little piece with jewels and gold designed to look like a bird of paradise.


I smiled back and said to the sister, that is quite a beautiful broche she is wearing.


She replied, yes, why thank you, it's my bird of paradise, I love it too, because that is precisely what I am, a "bird of paradise".


We both thought it was so hilarious, we smiled at each other knowing that we were laughing about it inside. You see, the German word for "bird" is also denotes a person who is a bit particular, different, odd, even nutty.


After hearing your story, it makes me wonder if she was in the concentration camps herself. Reminiscing about it, she did have that distinct aura about her that generation had. She was definitely old enough for it.


Thanks for sharing.

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