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I Give My All to You (a song I wrote)

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Sorry if this is the wrong topic, I didn't know quite where to put it :P


So, the November broadcast is out now, and there is a beautiful new music video in it. I had a portion of the tune stuck in my head all day, so I played around with the tune and came up with my own melody on the piano. But then I did something which I had never done before - I put words to the music. I was thinking how we have plenty of beautiful dedication songs in our songbook, but I decided to write some words as if it were a dedication prayer - the thoughts behind what I told Jehovah when I dedicated my life to him, and written as if I were speaking to Jehovah. I then decided to record it using the very simple equipment I have available (excuse my voice, I was the only one I around to sing it lol  :D ). I hope you enjoy it. I call the song "I Give My All to You."


Verse 1:

Jehovah God, you now have won

My heart's devotion and my love;

I will tell the whole wide world

You're my God above.

By words and actions I will show

That your commands I really know

And by serving you I'll make 

Your heart gladly glow.



I give my all to you

Your Kingdom I'll pursue

My course of life, it proves,

Tried and true,

That I love you.


Verse 2:

I have determined come what may

That I'll keep walking in your way

My integrity I'll keep

Each and every day.

Your love for me has touched my heart,

And now this love I will impart

To yet more who of your favour 

Can too take part.




Verse 3:

With eyes of faith, I clearly see

The kind of world this earth will be

When you've proved your right to rule

For eternity.

And oh, how privileged am I

To have the hope in my mind's eye

Of eternal life forever

In Paradise!




You can listen to the song here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u40ozs4aogo15fm/AAAD73BCVelvESRhX-dbJwEBa?dl=0



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Just had a listen and loved it!!! :D 

I'm glad you were the only one around during the recording, 

because you have a very pleasant singing voice.  

Besides, it came from your heart, so, it's only fitting

that it should come from your mouth. ^_^ 


As Luke 6: 45 says: "Out of the heart's abundance, (a man) speaks."


Or, in this case, sings. ^_^

Thanks, again, for sharing your upbuilding song with the rest of us! :thumbsup: 

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Just came in from svce. The conversations were mainly about one of our zealous, faithful sis.  who is now in the infirmary at Walkill being kept "comfortable" until.... :(



The words to this song she has lived for over 45 yrs,    "By words and actions I will show

                                                                                               That your commands I really know"



Thank you for sharing this song, it's extremely beautiful!

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Brother Jamie, I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying your song. :headphones: 

I put it on my iPod with the other new vocal versions of 136-145 and the JWtv Tunes,

and I find myself singing along with it, like the rest of the tunes. ^_^  I even burned your song

and the others onto a cd and listened to them all the way in to the meeting and back. (60 mile

round-trip) :headphones: 


Thanks, again, for sharing with your brothers and sisters. ^_^ 


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