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Looking for a spiritually strong sister to share

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No this is not a singles ad!  LOL  I am at a point where I would like to share my home with a spiritually strong sister. I really miss my fleshly sister and all the things we would do together.  Meetings, service, family study, shopping, cleaning the house.  We had such a great time and I really miss that.  It was hard with the death of my father because seeing her again for the two weeks prior to his death and then the funeral stirred up the family tie feelings.  I did not compromise at all.  I never spoke with her except for family business and that was mostly done via text and just a few sentences.  Even sitting by my fathers bedside we spoke to everyone else in the room but not to each other.   I removed her off of my family list on FB yesterday.  I could not bare to see her photos with my other sister in "church activities" ---I just kept hearing Jehovah say "Get out of her my people"  --and there she is smiling with all her "church family".  YUK!


Any way, I have a nice home, 2500 sq ft with a FP and three bedroom.4 bathrooms.  It sets on five acres in a beautiful rural area about 12 mlles outside of Tulsa.  The cost of living here is good.  Gas today was $1.76 gallon.  My house payment is low enough that it would not be beneficial to live in an apartment.  I have dogs that I love like my kids!--so you would need o enjoy dogs.  Just like the movie "Must Love Dogs"  they are a big part of my life.  The job market here is good.  Nursing jobs are plentiful.  Nursing care (companions, sitters etc is steady work in a strong market)--and I see lots of businesses with hiring signs.  The congregation is 8 miles from my house.  There are also several different foreign language congregations close by---under 20 miles.  If possible I have thought about having two sisters that would enable us to all be able to pioneer and alson cut the expenses to thirds instead of half.


I would be happy to talk to anyone who is interested or even take a short trip and see what it is like.



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man.. california gas is so taxed.. its still 2.70.....

Ha, in the UK it's £4.91 a gallon....that's over 7 dollars. I'd be very happy with 2.70 :D

But anyway, sounds like you've had a tough time Leslie, hope you find someone. Maybe mention it to your CO? He may know of someone in the circuit looking for somewhere to live x

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Sister, what a wonderful idea. And brave. Under the right circumstances., this would be a dream. I suggest if anyone takes you up on this dream come true offer, have a six month clause, where you both can sit down and have a prayerful, open, honest conversation on how it is going, and how you both see the future as far as this arrangement is going.

With all our imperfections, it can be hard to live in the same home. In the meantime, your offer may just be the answer to a sister's ( or two) prayer.

Our dear Leslie. To us, this is no surprise. You are such an open hearted caring sister!

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I think it was 67 today. Sunny but very windy out in service today. Went out with three sisters that I had never met. Just did return visits today and afterwards I went and watched the movie The 33---about the 33 miners that were trapped underground for 69 days. Very good movie! I had the whole theater to myself! It was erie because they now play the PSA re: what to do in case of a 'incident' at the movies! This must be new...

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