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Random visit from Jehovah's Witnesses saves the life of wife (German Newspaper)

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Deadly marital drama in Wiedergeltingen: Random visit from Jehovah's Witnesses saves the wife life



Family drama · A deadly marital drama took place on Tuesday morning in and in front of a semi-detached house in Wiedergeltingen (Unterallgäu). During a dispute, a 59-year-old man has his wife with a firearm seriously injured and then apparently killed himself.

Photogallery: 12 Pictures
Wiedergeltingen: Man shoots wife

Against 10:15 the 46-year-old woman has informed by emergency operations center at police headquarters Schwaben south / west, that they being threatened by her husband with a gun. It reported Spokesman Jürgen Krautwald.

At the same time a man of the witness rang randomly Jehovah at the door of the couple. This gave the woman the opportunity to escape. Even the man on the doorstep fled and set off an emergency.

The husband ran after the two and shot outdoors in front of the house several times to the refugees. His wife he met at least once, then they could bring with neighbors in security. The man was uninjured.

Wiedergeltingen: Man shoots his wife and depends on itself
Wiedergeltingen: Man shoots his wife and depends on self-image: Benjamin Liss

Shortly thereafter came a large contingent of police and rescue teams. The crime scene was cordoned off a wide area. The downed woman was taken to a hospital. According to police, there is no danger to life.

The husband found the officials also seriously injured on the property. He died on the spot from his injuries. After current status of investigations he took his own life with a pistol.

The background to the dispute and the exact sequence of events is not yet clear. The couple has two daughters, police records, which were at the material time not at home. "Deeply shaken" showed Wiedergeltingens Mayor Norbert leader. According to him, the family has suffered a few years ago. He wants to inquire to what extent the community can help. A neighbor reported that the family was very nice, especially the man had always greeted very friendly and maintained a good neighborhood.

Update March 9
The police announced on Wednesday, man had no weapons legislation permit for the gun. Apparently it is not clear where the man had the gun. Police are investigating further. The Memmingen prosecutor has requested the autopsy of the deceased.

- See more at: http://www.all-in.de/nachrichten/rundschau/Toedliches-Ehedrama-in-Wiedergeltingen-Zufaelliger-Besuch-von-Zeugen-Jehovas-rettet-der-Ehefrau-das-Leben;art2757,2216084#sthash.v73IoPfT.dpuf



Nobody has to DRIVE me crazy.5a5e0e53285e2_Nogrinning.gif.d89ec5b2e7a22c9f5ca954867b135e7b.gif  I'm close enough to WALK. 5a5e0e77dc7a9_YESGrinning.gif.e5056e95328247b6b6b3ba90ddccae77.gif


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The translation is pretty poor. This had nothing to do with refugees :D


So here goes:


Deadly family tragedy in Wiedergeltingen: coincidental visit by Jehovah's Witnesses saves wife's life


Family tragedy - a semi-detached house in Wiedergeltingen (district Unterallgäu) became the scene of a dramatic family tragedy, During an argument, a 59-year-old man severely injured his wife with a firearm and then apparently killed himself. On Wednesday, the police announced that the man had no license for the weapon.

At around 10:15 am, the 46-year-old woman made an emergency call to the police headquarters South/West Swabia, informing them that she was being threatend by her husband with a weapon. So reports press officer Jürgen Krautwald.

At the same time, a male Jehovah's Witness happened to ring the doorbell of the married couple. This gave the woman an opportunity to escape. The man at the door also took flight and made a distress call.

The husband engaged in pursuing the two and once out in the open, opened fire shooting at the two. He hit his wife at least once, she was able to take refuge at a neighbors'. The man [our brother] remained unharmed.

Wiedergeltingen: Mann schießt auf seine Ehefrau und richtet sich danach selbst
Wiedergeltingen: Man opens fire on his wife and subsequently kills himself
Photo: Benjamin Liß

Shortly after, a large contingent of police and rescue forces arrived at the scene. A large area around the scene of the crime was closed off. The severely injured woman was brought to hospital. According to police, she is in no critical state.

Officers found the husband on the premises, also severely injured. He died of his injuries at the crime scene. According to the current state of investigations, the man shot himself with the pistol.

The events leading up to the argument have not yet been clarified. According to police statements, the couple has two daughters that were both not at home during the incident.

Wiedergeltingens mayor Norbert Führer expressed himself to be "deeply unsettled" by what had happened. According to him, the family moved into town a few years ago. He wants to find out in what ways the community can help. A neighbor reported that the family was very nice, especially the husband always greeted in a kind manner and exhibited good neighborship.
Update 9th of March

As police reported on Wednesday, the man had no legal license for the pistol. Apparently it is unclear where the man had the weapon from. The police continues to investigate. The prosecuters office in Memmingen has called for an autopsy of the deceased [husband]



As I was out in service on Saturday, an atheist kicked us out and afterwards shouted to his girlfriend or wife "It's never a good thing if somebody rings the bell on Saturday morning..."


How wrong he was!!


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How an eyewitness experienced the deadly drama
Werner Schweikart witnessed the shooting in Wiedergeltingen up close and personal. He is the Jehovah's Witness who r
ang the bell at the door of the couple.

By Barbara Knoll

Werner Schweikardt doesn't view the shooting that he experienced in Wiedergeltingen as something negative. Jehovah had led him to this house enabling him to save lives, so the Buchloer is convinced. Photo: Barbara Knoll
At the right place at the right time - this can be said of Werner Schweikardt of Buchloe. And, he believes, this was not coincidental. He experienced the marriage drama that has shaken Wiedergeltingen first hand. Now, barely a month after the shooting, the Jehovah's Witness calmly retells the experience. He says he himself does not consider himself a lifesaver. But that Jehovah guided him that day, of that he is fully convinced.
"On that Tuesday morning I was walking along Paradiesweg in Wiedergeltingen with my partner. We had split up, each of us was to ring a row of houses to personally deliver an invitation to a Bible lecture "says Schweikardt. It may have been about 10 in the morning, when he at a pressed the next doorbell, and a woman opened the door. He introduced himself with his name and handed out a flyer.

"At first, nothing was out of the ordinary, the woman listened to my introduction at the front door," the 72-year-old recalls. Several sentences were exchanged until suddenly from behind her an aggressive male voice was heard. In a commanding manner the man called out: "Come back inside immediately!" He then tried to drag the woman into the house.
"But she managed to break loose again and turned to me and cried that we must flee now," said Schweikardt. Then everything went very quickly. Simultaneously, he and the woman started running away from the house towards the street. She was just behind him. "Then, suddenly, a shot, I turned around and saw the woman grabbing her shoulder, but undeterred she kept running", he describes the most dangerous moment for him. He didn't see the man leaving the house, though. "When we reached the road, the woman yelled out that I should make an emergency call, which I did immediately," the man from Buchloe continues the account. The woman had gone into a house diagonally opposite, he continued, a little further away from the house on the street. The Witnesses partner became aware of the situation because of the shot and together with her he left the scene as police had recommended.

Simply continued distributing his Invitations
What's stunning is the way he conducted himself after the incident. He moved on to the parallel road and just kept passing out his invitations and ringing again at every doorstep. Might he have perhaps had a shock? "No, but you know, we experience negative situations as Jehovah's Witnesses every day and the fact that that had been live ammunition, I did not yet know at this point in time [blank cartridges and pistols are far more common in Germany than live rounds and lethal firearms]," said Schweikardt. He also had been a faithful believer for more than 30 years and also during the threatening situation  he was not afraid. When after a few minutes more and more police was arriving at the scene, he and his partner decided to move on to Amberg and continue to distribute flyers there.
During the afternoon, a man from the police passed by at his home in Buchloe to record his account. "Hence I learned the full extent of the situation, that the woman was lying injured in hospital and that the  man  had taken his own life. A very tragic story! "Says the Jehovah's Witness. As he reports, the man had written in his diary that he intended to kill man. So Jehovah've probably not only saved one life that day.





EDIT: After seeing his picture, I know this brother from some of our conventions.

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