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Catholic Church influence on our healthcare

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6 minutes ago, Stormswift said:

Link doesn't work for me Sister Patricia .. but wouldn't surprise me ... we are in Satan's world afterall. 

The article is about how Catholic hospitals will not perform abortions or issue contraceptives to anyone, including non-Catholics, that use the hospital. It's warning non-Catholics they will not receive the same treatment at a catholic hospital as they would at a non-catholic hospital..



Health care decisions should be that—made between a patient and his or her physician, and not subject to anyone else’s religious beliefs. The rise in Catholic health systems hurts patients, particularly as patients are often unaware of the restrictions until they find themselves in urgent need of care. Hospitals must be required to clearly state what services they provide or deny. In my opinion, taxpayer monies should not be used to discriminate against patients nor given to facilities that deny appropriate and necessary medical care.

As the ACLU-MergerWatch report concludes, “Religious freedom in America means that we all have a right to our religious beliefs. But it does not give us the right to use our religion to discriminate against and impose those beliefs on others who do not share them—especially when doing so comes at the expense of women’s health and lives.”

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I hope my following comment doesn't offend anyone, and if it does, I sincerely apologize:


I'm under the opinion that it is a GOOD thing we are not in the business of operating hospitals as an organization. Its a benefit, if it can be called such, when we are not in the constant position of violating biblical principles  as regards certain medical treatments.


If the RCC doesn't want to offer certain procedures that violate their beliefs, then they should get out of the hospital business. Otherwise its wrong to offer medical services to the public, while refusing to accommodate them, again, in my opinion.



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We also have the same issue here.  The St John of God chain of Hospitals also will not perform abortions or vasectomies, as it contradicts their ethos, etc.


The problem is not going to affect us perhaps as much as others (you can find alternative places for vasectomies, and we don't do abortions).  But, the real issue is that this hospital has replace a fully public funded hospital that you could go to and be treated for free as a public hospital.  The governments can't afford to run hospitals anymore, so they are going into partnerships with private entities who have their own agendas.


The catholic archbishop said at the opening of the hospital -

"As a facility under the care of a Catholic organisation, the hospital will be grounded in the mercy, compassion and respect for the worth and dignity of every human person, which are the values we have learned from the teachings and actions of Jesus," he said.

"They are, of course, the same values that are at the heart of every religion, every faith, and are found in the heart of every person."

Dr Hames (the Health minister) said birth control and abortion procedures not available at the new Catholic-run public hospital in Midland would be offered at a government-funded clinic nearby.



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I don't understand some of the comments here. Are we criticizing Catholic hospitals for not performing abortions? Should they retire from the healthcare business because they refuse to do things against their beliefs? I could understand the objection, for example, if they refused to treat non-Catholics while receiving money from the State, but for refusing to kill babies? :shrugs:


Catholics deserve the same respect to their beliefs as we expect from others. If some Catholics, or the Catholic church, open a hospital to heal people, should they be forced to perform abortions or vasetomies against their conscience? A hospital is about healing people and saving lives, and as far as I understand it neither abortions nor conceptives actually do any healing nor save any lives. Should then JW doctors and nurses be fired because they refuse to perform abortions or sex-change operations or give blood transfusions?


I strongly believe everyone, including Catholics, should be allowed to act according to their conscience.

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Interesting.  My siblings and I were born at a Catholic hospital... except for my youngest brother.  Mom delivered him at a different hospital because she wanted a tubal ligation and the Catholic hospital wouldn't do it.


I agree with Carlos - just as we want respect for our conscious-driven decisions, we need to respect others for doing the same, even if we disagree.  If we need treatment not given at one place, we have to find another... just like we do regarding bloodless care.

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