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Checking In : Louisiana Floods

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Just wondering if there are any brothers or sisters here in Louisiana? If so how are you all doing?! Those floods look right down terrifying! Interestingly, they are calling this a 500 year flood. Just wanted to check in and I will keep you dear ones in my prayers!

I live in a temporary reality- awaiting the day I wake up to life in the real world!

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I live in the east coast - New Jersey and have become increasingly annoyed by the lack of media coverage

concerning Louisiana.   Everyone seems to be on vacation, including Obama...sigh!  

I am very concern for our spiritual family there.  It is refreshing that I

can come to JWtalk to find a little something about it! 

Any updates on our brothers and sisters in the area(s)?

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On the  ABC news channel they reported that 13 people have died because of the flooding and double digits thousands have become homeless.  


I am sorry but I don't have any reports on our Brothers and Sisters. Nor do I know how to put up a link. Maybe someone else can.

Proverbs 27:11- Be wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice, So that I can make a reply to him that taunts me.

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I just saw on FB that the brothers are heading south to help, probably not the same manner as they did because of Katrena. Just heart-breaking. Fires in California, floods, Louisiana, and even, poor New Jersey? Signs of the times. We need to do what we can to help, pray for all involved, and, endure.  

I want to age without sharp corners, and have an obedient heart!

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My congregation is about an hour northwest.  Some areas here had lots of water but not like Baton Rouge, Walker, Denham Springs - those areas around Baton Rouge.   The Baton Rouge area had at least 30 inches of rain!!   and no place to go.  


 Our  COBE , Rusty, announced Tuesday night that 602 JW families are still displaced - no place to go.  That at least 300 homes still have 4 - 6 inches of rain; that there are at least 100 homes that have not been entered because they are still covered, some of them to the roof!, with water.  Volunteers are asked to sign up and have their hard hats, work shoes and the special masks because the mold is horrible!  He said use  the special mask or lose your lungs!    The conditions are terrible - at first, and still in many areas, no clean drinking water, running water is spoiled, soiled.  


He said our brothers stayed out all night to rescue our brothers/sisters who were on their roofs during the night because  911 workers had 'retired' for the night.  What loving brothers we have who have stayed the course, losing their own homes and belongings, and still working for our brotherhood.   Our brothers were there from the beginning and will continue to be there.  There is so much work to be done.  This will be a long time in recovering, if ever.


 A woman, a local resident, I think,  stated that 'all the people lost everything.  Not just personal belongings but their jobs,  businesses,  grocery stores, etc and the government will not come in like they do when there is a hurricane.'  Sunday at our meeting FEMA workers were at the KH.    Rusty also said 'you think you are not attached to your belongings, and you may not be, but just wait until you literally have nothing.  No extra socks, no underwear, no family pictures.........it really is a different story once it touches you personally.'   So many have already experienced that and many of us yet have to face it.    Rusty reminded us that yes, our loyalty will be tested!  Many very spiritually strong brothers have expressed strong feelings and yet they can see Jehovah's loving help.   


The first report said a KH had been destroyed and many others under water.  It has affected 6/7 circuits in the area.  So, far it has not been announced of any  JW deaths but have lost all material possessions.  Many did not have flood insurance because that area NEVER floods.  But that weather front just sat over that area for days.    Please keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers.  

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No 'big' update today at KH.  Brother did say 'our congregation has been assigned 160 home to completely gut out in three weeks and we have  one week behind us. '  Brother did say "everyone is impressed with our relief work.  The government has taken notice and wants to know how we do it."    I am eager to hear the experiences when the time comes.   It will be a very long process.  Looting has been a problem since mildew furniture/belongings have been  put out to the curb.  One sign in a neighborhood  reads 'you loot, we shoot.'  Homeowners are waiting for insurance companies to take pictures and assess damage.  Please keep our brothers and sisters in your prayers along with the many loving volunteers.  

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