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MicroBiomes - Getting the guts of it.

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I've learnt something tonight, that makes a lot of sense, and I would like to share it with you guys. I weighed up whether this should be under the food category, but it's more to do with our overall well being.


Before I start ... this is only a platform from which if your interest is piqued you are welcome to do your own research and reach your own conclusions.


What I've learnt also brings glory to Jehovah on so many levels.  


As we all know we have two sets of intestines that are to a point intertwined with one another. They are of course the large intestine and the small intestine. 

In each there is a micro Biome of trilliions of microbes, thousands of different species of microbes. Some are harmful, but most make up a micro eco system, much like a rainforest ... and each has a different job. Some extract vitamins from our foods, some convert the food from calories into energy, others protect our immunity and others police the biomes for invaders. The variety and purpose of each is incredible.


But what is interesting is this ... the microbes that exist in the gut of a thin person are DIFFERENT to those that exist in a person who is overweight.  In a thin person they have thousands more variety in the lower and upper bowel, but more markedly in the lower bowel.  


What happens is a simple process really ... when we eat a diet that consists of lots of takeaways and processed foods esp fat, we overfeed the microbes in the upper bowel as that is where the fat is absorbed, but we end up starving the microbiomes in the lower gut or intestines.  What happens when they starve? They start misbehaving, by creating an acidic environment, even sometimes infectious, they change your metabolism and many varieties die, which results in cancers in some cases because they aren't there to protect the  ever present cancer cell from mutating from a benign to a cancerous environment.  And no matter how much exercise you do, or how little you eat it's not going to change because a lifetime of wrong eating has killed the essential microbes.


What is the solution?


HIGH FIBRE ... what happens when your diet has high fibre, it feeds the lower microbiomes ... and they flourish - sometimes it takes much time to undo the damage done. But it can be done. The recommendation of course are fresh vegetables. Like leeks, celery, with fibrous material, onions, eggplants, and eat the tough bits. 




Your body can then take a higher fat diet .than one would expect ... (natural fat not processed) and as long as your diet includes high fibre and keeps your lower microbiomes healthy and flourishing then all the microbes in your gut will work together like a well oiled machine or a perfect microclimate inside of you.  The upper bowel will flourish with oils like coconut, olive, ricebran.  Full cream cheeses, with probiotics and yogurts.


Another important key is introducing lentils, chickpeas being most beneficial, if you have those as part of your diet your body can cope with naturally fatty food and maintain the right weight for you. (this of course depends on your starting weight as there may be more time needed to see a difference to the extent you wish).


Doesn't this all make sense?  


Look after your microbes, they are there to help.


The other interesting thing is .. if as a child especially within your first year you had several bouts of antibiotics ... then they would have killed of essential types of microbes and you become twice as likely to grow into an overweight/obese adult. Be firm about not going onto antibiotics for viruses, they are meant for bacterial infections only.  


So if you are overweight, and you feel so down because you can't move it even with dieting and eating little ... do some independant research ... the solution might be more within control than you think.  The body is amaaaazing.  


If you guys can add to this - would love to learn more - everything is so out of kilter in this system. 


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I am obese. I recently tried cycling. It brought amazing results. Then i couldn't continue for a funny reason. Weight is gaining back.

Also i have too much bacteria in the stool.

I am taking homeopathy for anxiety disorder. My doc says that's the bacteria is there because of my anxiety problems. And asked me not to take any other medication for the bacteria.

I am just carrying on with all this. Mood swings are occasionally there. But able to manage.

Hope, i get some more suggestions.

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He's probably talking about harmful bacteria. Which means you aren't generating enough good bacteria to keep the bad at bay. Ask more specific questions of your doctor and ask him about how to go about creating more good bacteria in your bowels.

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Thank you for this wonderful article Mandi! I hate it when I have bad bacteria in my gut because I feel so wonky and I don't get any rest at night and sometimes I may have a  nightmare.   My plan of action is plain greek yogurt daily, perhaps 2 or three cups with some fiber.  And the cayenne drink (cayenne, whole lemon juice, maple syrup) seems to kill the bad bacteria in a day or two.  I feel much better.  But then the next month during ovulation I eat more artificial foods and the vicious cycle begins again.  When will we ever get relief??

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That fits in well with what my dietician told me to do for my diabetes. And the weight, with regular brisk walking, has fallen off. But, just a few days here and there of eating fatty, high processed foods, and it all comes undone. Weight climbs back, and the metabolism changes.


So this is interesting, Mandi, cause it explains why I am feeling bloaty and how to re-jig the system again.

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Yes it's the processed fats and sugars that are doing the damage.  Just have a balanced diet. The clinical trials they did showed that even eating a normal diet with natural fats, people still lost weight if they incorporated foods that fed their lower bowel microbes. (PS: since incorporating high fibre in my diet - and this was before knowing the above information coincidentally - I've lost 8 kgs).

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On 8/28/2016 at 2:54 AM, Stormswift said:

Doesn't this all make sense?  

My stomach bothers me all of the time, even drinking water will upset my stomach, however when I go on a diet and stop eating bread and sugars, the problems go away, unfortunately I never stay on the diet. I'm currently taking a probiotic every morning and it is helping.

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Same here...my physician just recommended probiotics.  I had a very serious septicemia or sepsis infeccion from a recent accident. Ended up in the hospital. So the massive amounts of anti-biotics destroys the good bacteria. And yogurt is loaded with unnecessary amounts of sugar, the beneficial lactobillis bacteria from yoghurt is mostly destroyed in the stomach. So the physician prescribed enteric coated probiotics sounds like it might do the trick.

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15 hours ago, AH173 said:

Oh well, my whole body (including guts) are looking for permanent solution of the Kingdom! Lol :dance:

We are all looking towards that, but if i can help myself now, then ill be more of an asset to my brothers and sisters - even now with my current weightloss my perspective is more positive and i feel more confident. But yes I agree, the real life is coming it certainly isn't now.

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