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Tips for healthy living

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I have a question I want to ask. It is for enlightened minds.

Feel free to share with us so we benefit.

Sometime ago, I was discussing with my Uncle about what to eat and whatnots for a healthy  living. He mentioned food products that one need to consume in other to live a healthy life. He also mentioned about what one should avoid to avert frequent sicknesses and early death.

Side note: (He did not acquire any university education but he claimed to be an 'authority' on nutrition).

So, my question goes like this: I need a second thought, What do you think about processed foods? e.g Noodles, sardines, etc are they good for human consumption? If not, what food stuffs are we suppose to have in our menu for long life and healthy body?

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Hi Brother Frank,


I am not very knowledgeable about foods, there are sisters and brothers here on JWtalk that can help you better than I, but here are a few articles that address some of your questions and might be helpful to you? :chef:



*** g 3/11 p. 4 Key 1—Eat Wisely ***
Eat fresh foods.

Concentrate on eating “real” food—whole, fresh foods that people have been enjoying for millenniums—rather than modern processed foods. Commercially prepackaged foods and fast food from chain restaurants usually contain high levels of sugar, salt, and fat, which are associated with heart disease, stroke, cancer, and other serious illnesses. When cooking, try steaming, baking, and broiling instead of frying. Try using more herbs and spices to cut down on salt. Make sure meats are properly cooked, and never eat spoiled food.

Eat mostly plants.

A balanced plate favors a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains over meats and starches. Once or twice a week, try substituting fish for meat. Reduce refined foods such as pasta, white bread, and white rice, which have been stripped of much of their nutritional value. But avoid potentially dangerous fad diets. Parents, protect your children’s health by helping them to acquire a taste for foods that are healthful. For example, give them nuts and thoroughly washed fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks instead of chips or candy.

*** g02 4/8 p. 22 High Blood Pressure—Prevention and Control ***
Salt intake can also be reduced by refraining from adding extra salt during the meal and by checking the packaging of processed foods to see how much salt has been added.

*** g01 12/22 p. 6 What Are We Doing to Our Food? ***
Making Balanced Personal Choices
In some lands as much as 80 percent of the food eaten is processed. Often additives are used to intensify or standardize flavor and color, as well as to lengthen shelf life. In fact, one reference work notes that “many modern products, such as low-calorie, snack, and ready-to-eat convenience foods, would not be possible without food additives.” Such foods are also more likely to contain genetically modified ingredients.

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"Create in me a pure heart, O God, And put within me a new spirit, a steadfast one" (PS 51:10)


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OT:  I just want to relate an experience on this subject:  I've well known for many years the health benefits of eating an organic/non-gmo diet.  But this week, I fell off "the band wagon" when I visited someone's home and ate store-bought/gmo ice cream.  Well, that was basically an assault on my gastrointestinal health! :sick: 


I have learned my lesson...homemade-fresh is always best!


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really nothing good comes easy,to stay healthy one needs to be willing to do the right thing like eating the right kind of food . even when taking a light refreshment when in the field ministry instead of always taking snacks and soft drinks like most of us do here in nigeria i really recommend at least eating good fresh fruits and drinking enough clean water.interestingly good fresh fruits are often far more affordable than the junks we spend alot of money buying.its like buying alot of trouble for ourselves with alot of money

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Actrually Br frank i also have a feeling that there times when some of these processed foods might not be entirely bad.infact at times,some of them can prove to be one of the only means that we can easily get certain nutrients,minerals and vitamins that are scarce ( this is especially the case here in africa).And also when provideing relief supplies in times of disasters these processed foods are easy means of quickly providing needed nutrients to the affected people.
so the point is that there are times when these processed foods play very useful role.
this is just the way i see things too,anyone can feel free to correct me.

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