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12 th over on 11 th.....

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On 11 th May, we complete our 12 years of marriage.


Wow, what a life.


My better half has helped me learn so much of things in life.

I can say i am more of a civilized person than before.(but according to her....miles to go before i rest.... )

All this years of rush hour has made me understand one vital truth.

Nobody loves me more than my wife.

Though Satan has given some scars, the healings which came from Jehovah thru his organisation is something which only a privileged few get.



After 12 years,

i feel that...

Listening to your wife when she brings out minute details,

When she always feels prevention is better than cure....

When she encourages you to work hard...

When she shows by her attitude that loving Jehovah sincerely and truly is the only obligation of a human life...

All makes feel like living in a land of milk and honey. Why...because she is a prudent wife.



Though imperfections are perfectly there,

I strongly believe that Jehovah God had gifted me a wonderful wise wife.


I thank you all brothers and sisters who have prayed for us and will pray for us by remembering our names in your prayers.


My personal prayers always have been... to be loyal to Jehovah God and to my wife.


I have bought a cake and small gold ring for her and would be gifting her the surprise gift at the dawn of the day.


So start posting your blessings in eligible format while i retire to my sweet dreams and wake up to a new era with my ever loving wife.


Twelve years seem like a few days...

Dwell there with me ,my wife...

Till my heart swells.!


Looking forward to live more with her.


Sent from my LG-E988 using Tapatalk




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Hi Brother Dilip,


You brought a smile to my face with those cute pictures of you and your wife. :)

How wonderful to hear your expressions of love for your wife and showing gratitude for her wisdom and love over these past 12 years.

You and your wife are good examples to all of us!


Here is Dilip giving his wife a kiss   :kisscheek:


Edited by Beggar for the Spirit

"Create in me a pure heart, O God, And put within me a new spirit, a steadfast one" (PS 51:10)


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After your encouragement my eyes were not dry dear.

Sent from my LG-E988 using Tapatalk

Do You know why Men are called Husband and Women called Wives after marriage?


In House, the Men has to bend too much in front of Wives to run the family smooth. So they called House Bend this slowly changed to Husband

The Women never trust their Men and asked too many questions that's made them to Whys, This slowly changed to Wives..

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It was a day of happiness and surprises.

Took all the members of the congregation to a dinner party.

Nobody was informed prior.
Even i had not planned till the last portion of the meeting.

As the meeting was getting over,
Just at the neck of the moment i decided i will be taking all of them to a hotel.

I have never been so happy.
Each and every brother and sister were extremely happy.
They all hugged us and blessed us.

One sister went and bought a cake for us.
I also had a cake.
So all got a chance to eat two cakes.

Missed you all dear brothers and sisters.

Sent from my LG-E988 using Tapatalk

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