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Let's start a pet thread!

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In the username/avatar thread someone mentioned being "cat ladies". I am guilty! I have 8. Plus 5 dogs, 9 rats, 1 cockatiel (the lovebird just died), two guinea pigs and a little East African sand boa snake. I also had a "grandsnake" a ball python he lived at my daughers. In the past we have had rabbits, hamsters, ferrets, goldfish, bettas, sea monkeys, crayfish, minnows, plus frogs and toads we hatched from eggs we got out of the creek, Zoe did a science fair exhibit with them. Also parakeets that hatched babies and babies and babies! Oh, yeah, and hermit crabs. Nope, don't like animals here. (and this is why one of my screen names was Mrs. Doolittle lol) When Zoe was taking riding lessons she begged us for a horse (not in this system of things!) Oh, and in a pet chatroom I was in they shortened my name Mrs. Doolittle to "Mrs. Doo" lol. Now I'd like to hear about your "FIDS" (furred, feathered, and finned kids) :taz:

Get more exercise....walk with Jehovah!

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Wow, you have alot of pets, how on earth do you keep up with them, lol. That's great though. I love pets too and probably would have more, but my husband and I are just so busy and we have kids, so we have limited our pets.

We currently have two 55 gallon fish tanks with some nice fish. One of the tanks is in my husband's office, the other is in my son's room. We also have our dog Sequoia, who is a German Shepherd/Husky mix. He is beautiful. One blue eye and one brown eye. Sadly, he is getting old and slowing down and I don't know how much longer he will be with us. We have had him for 12 years now. He has been a wonderful dog, my kids were 2 and 4 when we got him, so they have grown up with him. It's hard though seeing him slow down, trouble walking. Very depressing.

We had another dog, a full husky named Dakota, he was beautiful, two of the most gorgeous blue eyes on a dog I've ever seen. He passed away in 2006.

We also have a cat now. We call her psycho as that is exactly what she is. She is strange. She has this growling thing she does and she gets these crazy moments when she is beserk, she starts running and darting all over the place, climbing the walls, yes climbing the walls lol. She is one strange cat.

That's it for now, one dog, one cat, and some fish.

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Beautiful pets! I love animals and would love to have more but finances don't allow it. We do have a dog and cat that we adore though. Mia, our English Springer Spaniel, is almost 5 and Gracie, our cat, is 1 1/2.


Mia ♥ by KatherineNaomi, on Flickr


Gracie by KatherineNaomi, on Flickr

And they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.

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Two dogs both akita crosses, one is smart, the other.....not so much, but incredibly loyal - Bear is the brain, Ginny is the loyal one LOL

Bear I stole off a reserve (actually he was nipping at the heels of a woman, I asked if he were her dog, she said nope he's just a 'Ghetto Dog' scooped him up and put him in my arms) I tossed him in the back of my car and now he's over 100lbs LOL and SUPER smart.

Ginny, I got from a woman I know who rescues dogs. She said Ginny would be a good fit for Bear, what I didn't know is she's touched in the head LOL. Seriously. I come home the one night and she's stuck between the two parts of the gate just a wagging her tail like a dum dum. Drives me nuts at times, but she kind of grew on me and I love her.

Two cats - One is named Evil (and I laugh when she sleeps cause I'm just that odd), the other Ewok and she just had 4 kittens.....so now I have 6. Its like a herd of cats when you open the room they're in. I keep them confined for their safety, I don't want the akita's chasing them for fun.

I had given the kittens to a lady on a farm to use as mousers but they were too young, and she tried getting them to eat a mouse???? And they wouldn't mouse.....un hunh, okay whatever. So I took them back rather than having them shipped off to the shelter. I'm still trying to find them homes, there were 8 before, but I was able to find homes for 2 of the kittens...

One guinea pig, Roger. Who looked so cute when I bathed him this morning lol. He loves being cuddled and petted and he makes a whole host of different sounds, vocalizations.

In the new system I aim to befriend at least one of every type of large cat, a giraffe to help me pick fruit, geckos/iguana's, tarantula's (yes I know that probably creeps some of you out - but they are SUPER COOL) ah heck, I want to pet, touch, hold, smell, and love them all!!!

Great idea for a thread Christina!!!

Love "The catlady" LOL

While on vacation along the west coast


While in the UK


Me nursing a crow


Bear as a pup


Bear and Ginny - Ginny's the one with the pointy ears


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62224=3389-skipntimmy.jpg Skip then aged 16 with Timmy our lovebird (then 3 now 14 years old) out in our Hallway. Skip 1983-2000. Loved by everyone in the congregation as he was a friendly little Shetland Sheepdog who went on all the congregation picnics and BBQ's. He sat under our table at Antique fairs and was spoiled with treats by customers and fellow traders who missed him when he died, so got me a shetlie beanie toy to sit with the stall in a little basket like Skip. He was my husband's late mother's dog and we inherited him. Together we bought him from UK breeders of the Snabswood line of Shelties who were exporting to Sweden. They called him ODD as they said it is a common name for dogs over there, but we would have looked odd shouting that to him around here, so he was renamed Skip. His Kennel name was Somerville Supergrass son of Snabswood, but we never showed him, though the vet kept nagging us to, he was just our cute pet.His grandma came 3rd in the pastoral class at Crufts and lived to 21.We miss Skip terribly , but we still see the breeders showing and judging at dog shows with sable and white fluffy shelties looking just like Skip and related distantly. He loved burying stuff and after my husband's mother died we had to empty her house and we dug some of his late Dad's roses to take to our garden. We found socks,knitting- needles, cutlery, dog toys and bones buried among the roses!

62224=3390-timmyonhand.jpg Timmy obtained when a Bible Study went into rehab and didn't want him back afterwards. Loves playing with ping pong balls and empty cottonreels and sleeping in nice warm hands.

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I have 7 cats and 12 kittens. Three years ago, a kitten began living under the mobile home that I rent. I was never able to catch her. All but two of my cats and kittens come from her and her offspring. Because the landlord will only allow me to own two cats, 17 of my cats and kittens live under my mobile home. My other two cats (males) only come home to eat. They rarely stay very long.

I have a dog house for the cats on my porch if they want to go in there. During the winter they all go under the house to keep warm. The kittens usually go inside the furnace ducts to get even warmer. Sometimes they try to come up into the house. The same thing happens when I open my front door. The kittens are always trying to sneak in.


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Had a dog last year we named pig, got ran over in april last year...got another puppy named lil pig...got ran over month after i got him...now i have Aus shephard about year old named pig. Smart dog

Is this why you picked, "Hammerhead" as your username??? (You haven't weighed in on the thread explaining your username so now I am thinking it has something to do with the fact that you keep getting dogs, naming them pig, and then they get ran over... maybe you should try a different name??) Of course - I'm only teasing you Dave.>:D< You crack me up:clown:...I love Aussies. Have had 3. (So you better keep that one around for a while!)

Chuck - what on earth is protruding out of Sherman's hind quarters? And what on earth IS Sherman? An armadillo? (You always have something attached to odd places (like in your avatar:borg:). I'm beginning to wonder... ) No - really, it looks like some sort of chute that he enters through???

My last 2 doggies died 6 years ago after having them nearly 15 years. I will have to load some pictures. I am currently pet-less as I can't seem to view them in a balanced way. (I think they are humans!) Also, I have a morbid fear that during the G.T., someone will hurt my pet in front of me and I'm not sure I could handle that. Sick - I know...

The Bee

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62959=3418-Jan19280.JPG this was my best friend for 7 yrs until the melamine poisoning in the pet food zazu passed feb 28 2007

62959=3420-05131320.jpg these are my boys they a cairostons a mix between boston dad and cairn mom there are three harley, mr.bill and bruno i also have a curly lab coyote mix her name is lil bear i have two cats and three dogs and woyld love to rescue a macaw again they make great friends my cats are princess sophia she is pure white with green eyes and miss betty she is black and white and looks like shes going to a party. i love all that jah created and wish people could stop driving things that kill

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I'm posting so we can keep this thread alive. I love hearing about people's pet's antics, and some of the crazy stuff they do.

Bear used to climb my car like a mountain goat until we got Ginny. He and Ginny have always played rough, but I noticed a small cut above her eye yesterday and a piece of tooth of hers is now broken off :perplexed: I'm at school today, and we have a vet service here (for practicing students) and I'm going to see if they can maybe pull it/fill it. Poor thing!

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