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Woman Marries Her Mother

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I know, I know....sigh. I couldn't even listen to the last of this story as I parked my truck this morning. Unthinkable. And, as far as the article goes, this 44 year old mother also married one of her son's. :sick:



Then MH calls and asks me if I'm up on the whole gender thing. According to the news more and more people are claiming that people have a right to choose what gender they want to be, not necessarily what they were born as. Supposedly being male or female is purely subjective and up to the individual. What I find unusual about this article is that the nursing mother is sporting a beard:o, I thought only people with XY chromosome could grow a beard like that. And no I'm not talking about the springy hairs on grandma's chin, that's not a beard! (stop laughing, not it's not).


Then again I heard another report of people getting gunned down. 5 I think. :nope:, happening all the time now.


In this week's midweek meeting- Noah, Obadiah, Jonah, the BS paragraphs- all were helpful in dealing with this insane and completely out of control world. The picture of the Nephilim  showed they were putting up with traumatic things in their day, and Jonah going to talk to the brutal people of Nineveh?? Wow. But I doubt those people could ever believe what we contend with. MH said ten years ago he would have argued with people if they dared to tell him just how crazy it will be in our days. He's seeing this system clearly now.


I'm going back to shutting off the news.

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I'm not even going to read those articles.  We can't fathom how crazy this system has become to believe it ourselves!  Turning off the news for a few days too as the same-sex marriage thing will be front and centre dominating for a while here in Australia.  I'll let them get it out of their system.  And get on with sharing the real news of the Kingdom, good news if they want to hear it.

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I was just re-reading Thomas Walker's "Just See Yourself", and reading the bit where the ones who rebel against the new system are talking about how good they used to have it, and Nick ends up comparing it to 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.  It struck me how good an analogy that story is for our times.  How many people can seriously believe that incestuous marriage is good, or that a girl having a fully developed male reproductive system and no female organs and yet genuinely being a girl is scientifically or logically possible?  But they don't want to let it be known that there's anything about this immorality they dislike - they know how hypocritical that would be when they themselves are benefiting from this world's tolerance of all forms of immorality.  You know, where the tailors in that story went wrong was not to give everybody in the town their own invisible suit - then most people wouldn't have dared start laughing at the emperor, even after the little boy did, because keeping up the pretense that this all made perfect sense would be their only way not to admit that they were naked themselves.  So instead of laughing at the emperor, they would just get angry at the little boy.

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