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HI all


Last week was the murder of the female police officer in my neck of the woods, this weeks its flash floods from all this rain.  There's a town in my State called Elicott City.  It's a historic town.  In 2016, we had a major storm come through and wrecked havoc on the town, and some people lost their lives.   Here we are two years out, and again we got rainfall that was astronomical and the town got wiped out again.  No lives lost due to the fire department and police and local people living in and out of the town helping stranded motorists and a few who lived at the edge of the town.  But really, my concern is our brothers and sisters, who's homes may have been affected and too, the Kingdom Halls.   The foundations of these homes and businesses, are barely standing up with the fresh water running down main street at about 200 miles an hour.  In 2017, the State hired some "engineers" to fix this problem so that if another torrential rain storm came, it would not flood out  the town's main street.   So approximately 20 billion dollars later, (or somewhere around that amount) the word was "WE FIXED IT."   Yessiree, they fixed it all right!   Everyone in town lost everything again.  Am sure the insurance adjusters will have a field day with prices to rebuild.  Let's face it friends, I wouldn't rebuild on low ground where a major river runs not more then 1/2 mile up the street from me!  Are you kidding?  Those shoppes should have been built on a solid foundation, up on a hill or something, not where the river runs through it!   The majority of the cost will come in raised taxes for the entire population of the State of Maryland.  There are other places that were flooded out and roads damaged, but nothing like this place!  Yep, the engineers had a hand in fixing the problem so the owners of shoppers and home owners in Ellicott City will never have to fear again!   If I was them I'd be worried.  


 'Catastrophic and life-threatening' flash floods topple buildings, wash away cars and turn streets of Maryland into brown, raging rivers as governor declares a state of emergency

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5 hours ago, Allabord4Jah said:

the engineers had a hand in fixing the problem

Sorry it took me so long to post, seeing the word 'engineer' and 'fix' in the same sentence,  well, I,  uh, I  had to catch my breath. ..

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7 hours ago, Allabord4Jah said:

Let's face it friends, I wouldn't rebuild on low ground where a major river runs not more then 1/2 mile up the street from me!  Are you kidding?


I could say the same thing about living on an island in the Atlantic where hurricanes like to go - but we have Halls, Brothers and Sisters living on these islands that are still rebuilding from last year while we head back into hurricane season.


And, do I have room to talk? Not really - I live on the peninsula that sticks down into that same hurricane path.


We have to face it. When it comes to "natural disasters" - there are no safe places.


Like in Maryland. Even if they could fix all those flooding prone areas - that would not stop the devastation that can be caused by snowfall and the bitter cold that can kill people - and that, they cannot fix.

"Let all things take place decently and by arrangement."
~ 1 Corinthians 14:40 ~

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