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Visited “Friends Just Call Me Ross”

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Yesterday my spiritual mom (Ipswich1940—lurking right now) 😁😁😁😁😁 and I came back from town and we stopped to visit Ross. 


As Ipswich1940 basically gets out for just doctors appointments and she suggested we stop. 


It  was a great visit. It was a rainy day so Ross got a break from being in a tractor on the hay fields. 


Ipswich (Betty) was captivated by her Macaw but especially her talking African Grey. Actually Betty was mesmerized that a bird could talk.


I knew from spending a lot of time with her how Ross loves talking about her birds. It was great.


And of course we were also talked about spiritual things. 😁 Friends of Jehovah just can’t get together without sharing spiritual encouragement.


Anyway, Ross, I hope you enjoyed our little visit as much as Betty and I did.  


Looks like you get another day day off today it’s pouring right now. 😁😁😁😁😁

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It's pouring here, too.^_^

Hope it pours for a few hours.  

We really, really, really need some rain.

The woods have been tinder dry and brushfires have been keeping the DNR and US Forest Service fire crews going non-stop, in this high heat and humidity.


Only downside is that now my 6 acres of lawn will grow...and I will have to mow.

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The weather app says it’s also supposed to rain this afternoon. But the temp away from the lake is supposed to be in low 80’s. 


Speaking of lawns it’ll just make my weeds grow taller. 😖😖😖😖😖.  My ♥️ goes out to you cause. Know you have a HUGE lawn to mow. 


Take care. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️



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1 hour ago, boodles said:

Sorry to intrude, but can I just say I love that user name "Friends just call me Ross". I always wonder, is that a request or a statement? I hope to meet you some day, sister. 

I love 'boodles', too. 1574447949_YESGrinning.gif.35e68888812058de6bad903e278c2641.gif And I hope we do get to meet some day. 1976012161_YesSmiling.gif.18b3aa419541b16457986eec0482eca2.gif


Guess 'Rozz' would be more phonetically correct, short for Rosanne.

But there is a story about how it became Ross.


A guy stopped by our farm one day and said, "Son, is your father around?"


I related the experience to my friends.  They thought it was hysterical.  So they nicknamed me Ross, the hired man. 1844062991_LaughingSlapping.gif.1fe4c6a75ce1a82a95a7214828ed3992.gif  It stuck.  


So, now, friends just call me Ross.271624312_YESGrin.GIF.635d2d765c39cd274f4ddb4d76d36b03.GIF

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32 minutes ago, Loopy said:



Even I haven’t heard this before. 

It happened after you moved Darcey to Monte's.  He was pretty old, but I attributed the mistake to dark conditions in the barn.  I told him I didn't know if my Father was home, but that I could call Iron River and find out. 😂

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