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Not sure which section to post this in - sorry moderators. ❤️ 


I am doing research on personality types and how they differ. I have come across the following personality traits lately in people, and was wondering if someone might know what personality type (or types) they belong to? (Other than just being a sign of the last days, lol.)


* Getting very upset over simple things like someone not answering you immediately or asking you to wait as they're busy at the moment.


* Being upset when someone's health won't allow them to do something at the time requested. (Asked to go somewhere, help with something, etc.)


* Avoiding someone for 1 day or several days and then acting like nothing is wrong. 


I know these are traits of the spirit of the world, but is there a specific personality type that these might also belong to? Just a project I'm doing on how people's personalities are changing and what traits belong to which types of personalities. 

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I‘m not sure you can explain a lack of applying the fruitages of the christian spirit as a personality type or temperament. There might be a connection to thought processes, but someone’s priority might be for another person with different priorities at the time perhaps not. Of course everyone wants to be treated with respect but this is where communication (or clarification) or forgiveness may be needed. To that last point, it could be the offended person has chosen to forgive and has moved on, and perhaps doesn’t have the emotional capability to express that by acting as if all is fine. But if it is a source of anxiousness for the receiving person, then it would be good to try and kindly bring it up. With the goal of peace vs.an accusatory tone.


Personality or temperament styles also relate to communication but in the areas of extroversion/introversion, feeler more vs thinker, a here and now concrete judging vs more abstract type of open-ended/probing thinking, an intuitive vs sensing person, artisan vs. methodical and I‘m probably missing some temperament types here…?…

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Personality changes as we develop and mature into following Jesus footsteps. (or vice verse if we shrink back from following truth :whistling:


Example of John mentioned in above post:

The two brothers on those occasions showed misunderstanding and, to a great extent, lacked the balance and the loving, merciful spirit that they later developed.  (Insight Book) 


Technically it's possible to have slightly different personality every decade we are in the truth 
Perfect example of this is when someone violent and angry gets the truth, and say...20 years later he serves as a mild and loyal elder in the congregation. (plenty of life stories like that.)


I do not subscribe to static personality that never changes. 

Of course there are some fundamentals of who we are in general. 

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Personality is a set of behaviours that someone possesses.
Personality is built from the kind of exposure and experience that people have.but interestingly personality can also be formed by deliberate training.


It seem like the personality you described in the OP is marked by anger, impatience and unforgiving. these are typical of a choleric person,it is certainly Unchristian to be like this.someone with these behaviours need to work very hard to transform themselves to the Christian personality which is a sweet and endearing personality.

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There are no doubt that personalities do vary.

A simple example is say the 'extroverted' type vs the 'introverted' type.

While one may be quicker to voice an opinion or a suggestion, it does not exclude the other voicing an opinion or suggestion. 

It should also be mentioned that these types are on a sliding scale.

Some extroverts are tamer than other extroverts. It is not like a LED light that is 'on' or 'off'. Is can be like a light with a dimer attached.

So too with the other 7 attributes.

The MBTI has 16 basic boxes, but each person in the same general box can be quite different from another individual in the same 'box'. 

(MBTI is just one of many systems.)

As you can see, it gets complicated real quick.

Culture and upbringing factor in (Nature/nurture). A quiet 'natural' intovert, may have been raised in a 'extroverted' household. This individual may be more vocal than another 'natural' intovert. One may tolerate the wordiness of others, while the other may not fare so well. better.

This is just one atribute. Extend that to 16 boxes, each with their own strengths/weaknesses.

Other factors are also engaged. Eg, is this area one of a sensitive nature that holds a special spot in the figurative heart, or a past bad experience. 

So while personality 'typing' may help to understand an individual, it is also easy to misinterpret a situation of the individual if the details of their life and upbringing are not fully known.

Add each individual's unique life's experiences... and it is super complex.

I think of it like fingerprints. There are patterns that can be named and categorised like loops, whorls, and arches. However, we all know each individual is a 'one-off'.

I worked with professional consultants where this study is employed in the field of work relations. It is a fascinating albeit complex area. 

While knowledge of it can help with relationships and conflicts, it should be kept in it's place. IMHO 

I am sure there are threads in this forum on this topic. Some have shared their type. Some have discounted the findings, and liken it to reading the 'star-charts'.


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Posted (edited)

Thank you all for your input. I do agree it depends on the person and situation. This is just a little project I’m doing more as a short hobby. I didn’t realize there were so many different types of personalities.


i was familiar with things like introvert and extrovert, but the whole type a and type b, etc. was new to me lol. 

thank you for your help friends. Now time to research the prophecies concerning what Jehovah says about people’s personality changes in the last days.^_^ 

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Posted (edited)

It's probably also worth putting mental health in the mix here. Many reactions we see in others that we can't easily understand could be down to their suffering depression, anxiety of some form, fear or even a personality disorder.


It doesn't necessarily justify unchristian behaviour, but it can explain unusual reactions.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Jexter said:

It's probably also worth putting mental health in the mix here.

Absolutely. The convention part about the sister who seriously suffers from depression had no control of those feelings when it hit her. So the challenge is that someone who might feel the brunt of it on the receiving end, recognises or patiently deals with such persons, especially if the person hasn’t made it publicly known…but in most cases I have found those who deal with depression are very open about it.

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