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Don't Like Your Congregation? (A Poem)

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I didn't know where to post this. It fits in well with our Watchtower Study. The need to always remember that Jesus Christ is the head of the congregation when we have difficulties. Hope you like the poem. I don't know who wrote it but they're right on the money.





Of all my years as a Witness, the times were not always good.

Too many mistakes were being made, the brothers not doing what they should.

As I look back now, there are times I can recall,

when I did not even look forward, to going to the Kingdom Hall.

The brothers showed no love. They didn't seem to care.

The elders were unyielding, yes demanding and unfair.

Meetings were dull and boring; field service was a chore.

There wasn't much of a "pioneer spirit", while going from door to door.

It would not get any better, as I hoped it should and would.

And I knew the day was coming, when I would leave Jehovah's house for good.

But happily it's so different now, Jehovah has been so kind.

He has allowed me such a good congregation to find.

The spirit is so strong here. And the brothers really care.

I couldn't be more happy, if I were - well - anywhere!

Life in Jehovah's organisation is just as I would dream,

But don't get me wrong, things are not as they would seem.

You see, I'm still part of the same congregation and I go to the same Kingdom Hall.

I fellowship with the same brothers and sisters, and have the same elder body and all.

No, the changes that were made are not as they might seem to be,

For all the changes made, were changes made in ME.

Now I love this whole brotherhood of ours - there's no other in this world to find.

Instead of being critical, I just try to be loving, forgiving and kind.

I realise we are all imperfect; it's so plain now for me to see.

While I was learning to put up with my brothers, they were putting up with me!

Yes, we are all part of Jehovah's one flock, and that's where I want to be.

So, if my brothers are good enough for Jehovah, then they're good enough for me.





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... the changes that were made are not as they might seem to be,

For all the changes made, were changes made in ME.

I'm saddened when I hear brothers or sisters complaining about their congregation. And while this poem may be hypothetical, the one line that that rings true is the one quoted above.

It's not that problems don't exist within congregations --- I'm sure they do, but often times the real problem starts with those who are all too ready to complain about how things are rather than making the best of the situation they face and doing what they can to improve matters.

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When we isolate ourselves or become irregular in our spiritual activities, that's often when we can start to become disgruntled. If we're in the middle of the congregation and busy in our service, associating with others who are busy too, we see that everyone is trying their best. We're happier and feel more settled.

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A couple of years ago we had a talk by the CO with the theme on illusions (in Portugal we say to the people that are always with illusions: "you always have your head on the moon) One of those illusions is believing that the congregation is perfect and when we find out it's not, we can't cope with that! Some people just change congregation looking for that one perfect congregation (I've known a few that eventually came back to the same they were in)... Well, as another old saying" don't stumble on a rock, just use it as way to grow higher"

It's not the amount of problems that measures how good a congregation is but how glued together they are! There is an ilustration about the animals that have thin stickers in they back (I think its called porcupine but I'm not sure)

If they are packed together they heart each other but in the winter that is exactly what they do... They heart each other but they move and move to minimize the pain and find the best acomodation because the important is that they warm each other to cope with cold... And that is what makes their home cozy...

What would happen if one of them leaves because he can't stand being hurt?

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It's not the amount of problems that measures how good a congregation is but how glued together they are! There is an ilustration about the animals that have thin stickers in they back (I think its called porcupine but I'm not sure)

If they are packed together they heart each other but in the winter that is exactly what they do... They heart each other but they move and move to minimize the pain and find the best acomodation because the important is that they warm each other to cope with cold... And that is what makes their home cozy...

What would happen if one of them leaves because he can't stand being hurt?

That is so true Brother Joao. The congregation is where we find comfort and spiritual warmth. All of our brothers have faults and sometimes we are going to get hurt. It is the congregation though that is going to be our place of refuge. We need to go inside, huddle up and keep each other warm. Just like those porcupines.

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I love all the people in all the congregations-13- I have been in...many do not understand immune system health issues but Jehovah makes it possible to get meetings in various ways. The truth is a learning experience for all..each has his lessons to learn..our issues keep us.from group meetings except at the meetings and from eating out..makes for isolation but we get to the meetings early.post-2322-0-57482200-1367688040.jpg

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The majority of congregations have a loving elder body and brothers and sisters who willingly give of their time, energy, love and money. When there is a problem, Jehovah and Jesus loves everyone and wants to give each a chance to turn around if they are doing anything wrong. Sometimes that may take awhile in a congregation, especially among an elder body. They are imperfect too. I did have to one time move myself and my kids out of a congregation for the safety of our own spirituality. After a few years there came to be known that 3 in the original elder body had serious problems and 2 elders ended up dying quickly both due to different illnesses and in a df'd state. Of course this is not the norm, but if someone is truly feeling that they are not progressing spiritually and they tried to be as proactive as possible then they should not be looked down upon if they need to go where they could spiritually thrive. 

I have been in 8 congregations mainly due to moving for work except that one move. All the other congregations even though not perfect were still wonderful places to grow spiritually and maintain my wonderful relationship with Jehovah. I just don't want someone to feel like they are crazy or being negative if they truly have a problem. It's good to write your experiences down and let the Society know and if there are true problems then you are most likely not the first one to notify them. Always stay close to Jehovah and be assured that He will help you through these rough times. 

I only say this out Love and Caring for those that may be having problems, it is rare and if you are able to stay and support your congregation until things get better then more power to you and I am sure that Jehovah will bless you for it. 

If this is too negative, go ahead and delete it. Just wanted to make sure no one felt all alone with out help. 

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Deenna your post was practical and real, not negative.  Otherwise when we do have a problem, we wonder what on earth is wrong with us because everything is supposed to run like a machine, and we're all supposed to love each other and put others' personal interest ahead of our own, aren't we??!!!!


So if we do acknowledge that sometimes things aren't done exactly the way they should be, there are different personalities, some of whom can rub us up the wrong way, and many other things, but in the end Jesus has the stars of the 7 congregations in his right hand, and he will sort it out at the right time.  That's where faith comes in, faith in Jesus and his Father, that they will sort it - we don't have to.


We just have to work hard that the problems don't harm us spiritually.  In your case, you had to leave a congregation.  It used to be frowned upon to move to another congregation out of territory, but not anymore.  Men can be appointed in a congregation even if they're not in territory. The situation in that congregation may now be sorted, but at the time, you had to do the best for you and your family.

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When a situation came before me to change the congregation,  something stuck to my mind from somwhere -  "if you are looking for a perfect congregation, then where will you fit? "  Yes I do not fit into a perfect congregation."


Then another thing stuck to my mind "  say thanks to all of them who hurt you,   because each one has helped you to cultivate certain godly qualities, like endurance, forgiveness, mercy, etc.etc.  "  So I thank all of them for helping to grow these qualities in me,  and am very happy to continue in the same congregation.

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                                                                A Work In Progress I Am

I've copied this, to send to my sibling, in CA. I visited there a few years ago, and was a bit shocked. There was almost no greeting, other than from two or three elderly sisters. Not one elder, nor ministerial servant extended anything akin to a greeting. 

But it did bring home to me the importance of being like Paul; all things to all people. We all have our strong suits, and even a few quills, but knowing that "Jehovah has my back", makes life so much easier. And far be it from me to judge another, and make myself above others. After all, we are all in this "ark", (the congregation) together, and you have to go along to get along, right?

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That is why I made it my goal to greet everyone at the KH that are sitting alone or standing alone. It's not my natural inclination to do this but I know how I have felt in the past when I have gone to another congregation and not been spoken to. If just a few of us make this determination to do this, maybe others will see from our example and make this part of their service to Jehovah. 


As I continue in my goal, I am finding it easier and easier to be more forward in my greeting efforts.

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But we must also be realistic.... In a Watch Tower Article there was an experience of a sister who was serving in a congregation

They called as the pioneer killers.. The brothers werent very encouraging, and it was of she was dieing inside... But when she

Changed congregation, she came in a congregation where there was more pioneering spirit, and more love and attention..

Remember that this was written by the writing commitee of the Society

Remember that Jesus recognized in Revelation, when he inspected the congregation of Loadicea and the others that one congregation was not doing very good... Was Jesus esagerating? Not at all. Because he is the head of the congregations all

Over the world..

A circuit officer told me recently that there are congregations that he visits that are very cold....

And when he visit our congregation he can feel the love, and that brothers and sisters take care off each other... Of course

Are the brothers and sisters in our congregation imperfect, but onestly this circuit officer is saying the truth...

Thus let be realistic, and dont blame always brothers and sisters being too criticals because SOMETIMES THEY ARE SAYING THE TRUTH.

About the condition of their congregation....

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Jehovah is in every congregation and he is love so we should put up with one another with love then we  will be well pleasing to our creater

his dear son Jesus had to put up with us setting a fine example.

agape love to all my dear brothers and sisters out there.

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Tinpony: the word congregation in greek is ecclesia: all the brothers and sisters wo are gathering together in a certain place..

Thus If the ecclesia is doing Jehovahs will, and obey his commandments then GODS. SPIRIT WILl ABBONDANTLY BE FLEWING

In that congregation..

Think at the book of JAMES... The apostel was very clear that they WERE NOT DOING Christian works..

But there were probably individuals who were doing what Jehovah requested from him, and these individuals had certainly

Jehovahs spirit...

But in the book of revelation is stated clearly that Jehovah can take his spirit away from a congregation, but not neccesaryly

From individuals who are doing hiss will...

I encourage you to do a personal study about this theme,..

My christian greetings and love

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we sometimes think in favor of moving to new congregation mostly of what we can lable the situations that sound too much to handle for oursleves...partlythe issue is inside us...if not let ask ourselves to clear; does moving change the attitude of our brothers and sisters in the past congregation?....just think like this if everyone in the congregation thought the same way and decide to move into the new congregation and you all find yourselves into the same new congregation how will we react?  will we move back to our old or find new one again?we should never overestimate what others have to do against what they are suppossed to do because their one of JWs-matured spiritual brothers and sisters,elders,overseers,COs,ministerial servants, annointed ones....our spirituality have to depend on our  right attitude and strength from jehovah..when we see something that sound like we cant handle-we have to reflect  back that its time to make ourselves stronger to cope....its never a good idea to avoid it for whatever reason-i think the best thing to do when the thought of moving came into our mind is to re-evaluate our situation to assure that we have done enough for ourselves..since we have seen the issues that may put our spiritual life to handle (a problem)we are in a better position to do something in our capacity by re-adjust our attitude and see how lovely this will come out not in a second or hour but continuosly...its time to pray honestly and hardly to jehovah over this  asking for his strenghth for the all of us in the congregation...

I love this fact:All congregations passed through four seasons like winter,summer,spiring and autumn..this reflect the fact that wether we move or stay in a congregation  (new or old) we will experience the difference seasons...spiritually we must have the strength to endure all the seasons together as we hardly do mostly in our normal life....If your thinking of moving just think this way,better seasons are coming soon..

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Nice Poem!  My 2 cents on the subject:  "where 2 or more are gathered in my name, there is where my spirit will be"... no matter the faults, idiosyncrasies and short-comings of others, ourselves or the servants in the Cong., we are there to serve Jehovah with joy.  The freedom to do so should always outweigh anything else.  I go to meetings to serve Jehovah and be obedient, the bonus is, I love my Congregation - as a whole.  I don't love everything they do, individually, as no one loves everything I do.  Making allowances for others means they are making allowances for you. 

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yes brother i can see what you are saying i also know that jehovah can take his holy spirit away but what i said was or meant was if we all showed love to one another like we are all learning at the moment about getting close then there will be no reason reason for that, grow close to jehovah and one another,because we are getting closer to ammageddon.

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I feel this is a very important topic.


I have been in the truth many years. Over 50. I have been in many congregations through moving around not because of giving up on any of them.


Have I been in congregations with problems? Of course. They all do. Different congregations full of different imperfect people= different problems.


Now let me share some personal experiences with you all.


The congegation that bugged me the most:


This goes back thirty some years. Our elders were not very loving, or had problems showing love. They made endless rules. We were I think THE white shirt congregation.They kept white shirts for speakers in the coatroom and if a speaker wore a colored shirt they made him change it! Whenever a strict talk was being given the congregation seemed to all cringe because we knew we were going to get lectured and blamed for doing something that the wicked Israelites did...even though we were not doing anything of the kind. The school overseer made little kids giving their talks cry. Really! Some grown ups too. Tact was not used much at all. Rather than being built up I would often come home from meetings and cry.


So this sounds really negative right? Well all that time I knew that this was not good and kept praying about it as I'm sure many others were. Because there were some wonderful brothers and sisters in that congregation and we were all waiting on Jehovah to fix it.  And he sure did!  Jehovah got out his BIG BROOM and via primarily Watchtower articles aimed zingo! right at each and every one of these problems even SPECIFICALLY  naming the white shirt problem and how they were NOT to do this....well he cleaned that congregation up but good! I think some of the elders who got corrected sternly, by our COs and who knows who else maybe up to letters from the governing body, heads are still spinning from getting taught point blank to stop it! To show love. To care for the sheep not beat us down. One CO even smacked down an overly blunt hurtful point made by an elder in a talk when the brother called on the CO for a comment. The congregation looked so relieved we almost applauded. :bouncing: The original group of elders evidently took the advice to heart and made the necessary changes. New elders were added who were very loving and things did get so much better.


Now let me move up to the present day. 


The recent elder who really bugged me: :crackwhip:


Nowadays I have learned to rely on Jehovah to clean up any problem. I saw it in the congregation I just mentioned and saw it in others many times. Jehovah SEES and WILL clean up those problems. So who was bothering me most lately and how did it work out? Well, most of you know I have severe fibromyalgia and emotional difficulties and also have to care for my very old Mom around the clock. Most of my elders here are understanding but one brother...let's call him Brother Zealous, first comment to me when I came to this congregation wasn't 'Hello sister how are you?' It was 'When are your service days?'  Well due to my problems I don't have regular service days and mainly do informal witnessing. So, yeah I was not off to a good start with this brother. :angry:  But I knew it was his problem and that Jehovah would fix him in time. So for these past four years I prayed specifically for this brother because he does have many good qualities and does love Jehovah. So I prayed and waited. Sooooo......


One of the main things this brother just could not understand was how incredibly hard it is to care for my Mom. Other sisters in my congregation are in similar situations and I wasn't the only one dealing with this. But he had never had to deal with it until........ drumroll...... his wife's very old grandfather had to be moved into their house! Now he has his wife and mother and father in law also living there and they of course help with Grandad but boy did this brother change over the past year! At first he just seemed kind of stunned and out of it. He even had to miss a few meetings! Gasp! He never ever missed meetings. He started to goof up occasionally on talks from being tired out. He got really sick with the flu. He never got sick before that. He forgot stuff! I mean obviously being part of a care-giving family was getting to him. Sooooo.....


Recently I called the brothers asking for a shepherding call because I have so much to deal with and just needed to talk to them. So of course Br. Zealous and a sweet very experienced older brother came by. Now I could not believe how kind and genuinely understanding Br. Zealous has become. He actually said he could not understand how I was taking care of my Mom because I am just one person while the four able-bodied members in his family are getting bowled over by taking care of one Grandad. He really learned! He really understands. Now his talks are excellent! He has conducted the WT several times and stressed the need to truly care for one another and how even 15 minutes of time can be counted by elderly and sick publishers. How we must never look down on these ones. I could go on and on but it's like he has turned into a whole new wonderful elder. Yep, Jehovah saw exactly what was needed in this case and took care of it.


I could give lots of other experiences of how Jehovah fixed the specific problems and continues to fix them becase it is HIS organization ruled over by His Son Jesus Christ. They see everything and in time they WILL and definitely DO take care of each and every problem in any congregation. They are ALL HIS.


If your congregation has problems they know all about it. Pray and wait and watch and see what they do about it. It will be awesome! :thumbsup:

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