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  1. Quite correct. If someone was hurting my wife all pacifism would go out the window along with the perpetrator.
  2. There is so much wrong with this article it's ridiculous. For instance:- According to Dvorkin, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, having initiated the initiative to liquidate the parent organization Jehovah's Witnesses, primarily pursued the goal of "protecting the civil rights of members of this organization."
  3. So we should expect our brothers in Russia to submit their appeal today as this is the last day of the 1 month that we had to appeal. Is that correct?
  4. You probably have it on auto translate to English then, whereas those who don't have google chrome or have it but have turned the auto translate function off will have to go to through google translate. Yours will show up in English but others it will be Russian without going through google translate.
  5. Governing body of apostate witnesses? Are you sure you want to post that video?
  6. Jehovah will repay them for their arrogance. Jehovah will support our brothers and sisters! Out of this he will glorify his name.
  7. I thought day 5 went very well and so does our organisation.
  8. I found this was quite a good alternative report from Wednesdays proceedings. Portal-credo Using various news sources it was quite positive with regards to the days evidence. I liked this bit:- "Believers who gathered after the meeting, not far from the Supreme Court building, were satisfied with the results of the day"
  9. I am wondering how much info our brothers in the courtroom will give us with regards to things the apostates say? I can't see them exposing us to everything they say if they bring up apostate type arguments. They will probably just give us the gist of what is said. It may even need to be run by someone before it is updated on the website. <--- me thinking out loud
  10. You watch. Our lawyers With the help of Holy Spirit will expose them for what they are. Our lawyers are very clever and will probably tie them in all sorts of knots. They will be exposed in front of the judges. It won't be pretty.