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  1. I have tried to create a portable version of Watchtower Library 2016 with the cameyo but it does not work. Has anyone tryied to create it with sucess using other software? SD
  2. Its becoming dificult to keep waiting. Lets keep praying for our brothers:
  3. I just came from post office to deliver our letters. The price here is expensive, even with the Russia Embassy so near. We had to join in one package all the mails from brothers and sisters of our congregation and asign 2 brothers to do it. When we arrived at post office today to deliver the package it was crouded with alot of brothers and sisters It was like as small convention were you could find some brothers from other circuits, and sharing experiences about the campaign !!!!! The post office lady said that she recieved also letters from also no witnesses willing to participate in this campaign. Its being a very good campaign!
  4. We got as well the European Portuguese version here in Angola. I have to say that it took too long for us to get the European version, our brother in Brazil did not wait that long. Now I will compare to see if it is worth to have 2 translations in the same language. In the past there was just 1 portuguese version of New World Translation.
  5. We had recently the funeral of the mother of one of the elders (also a sister). In their familly almost all of them are witnesses, so they decided to make a simple funeral no food was given to guests. Only water and Juicy. But the real help we gave was the preparation of a place were the people staid, and we organized informally a contribuition to help them with the expenses. Here in Africa the most important thing is to be there, and try to give some pratical help. This is spiritually good spetially if in the family not all of them are brothers. It was good that this week we talked about the ressurection in the mid-week meeting.
  6. This novel looks good by what you are saying. I hope for us poor souls who speak portuguese may get a traslation to portuguese as well. Maybe and audible version of this novel in English?
  7. Its good to see them reading our publications. Good job brothers are doing! SD
  8. My life has changed. Its always better when its in our language!!!
  9. Good news. This way some congregations can plan a section to watch it in the kigdom hall
  10. Thanks for the great job. Its imporntant to say that for other languages like portuguese, we still use the isilo version, because jw library app is not yet available in our language. And in the app I think we can not have acess to magazines from years before 2000. So isilo is still important.
  11. Hi friends, I want to download for offline watch the file of the video: JW Broadcasting—October 2014where bro Let explain about the jw broadcasting (55 min). Can anyone send the links please? Thanks,
  12. I got also this part. But im not sure If i present áudio or video. The problem with vídeo is That i cant find.a.projector. But i would like evereone to see.It. I think i.Will put Just the áudio. Enviado do meu C6903 através de Tapatalk
  13. We are going to have this month of april a part in the km about how to use this vídeo in the ministry. I cant wait! Enviado do meu C6903 através de Tapatalk