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  1. Bach and Beethoven might be part of the resurrected.
  2. I'm not musically inclined but I love to listen to beautiful music and just the idea of these two playing together is having me praying the end comes sometime today.
  3. On another note, can you imagine Brother Nelson and King David playing in the paradise? That's all I've been doing all week since I heard the news. I can't wait!!!!!!!!
  4. Can I borrow this for my next talk? I have a part in June and it's on counseling but based on Cain.
  5. Go to their website and you will understand why they may not join us anytime soon. After reading their websites, I found what we have in common so if by chance, I encounter one of them, I can effectively preach to them.
  6. But this is how they should feel for are we not in the clay feet of Daniel's image?
  7. But how can you take notes with it? Now with the program, I'm stokes about the convention. Can't wait. (Squealing voice right now).
  8. We applauded too.
  9. 5 Congregations @ 600 publishers 1100 participated 1 partaker
  10. Although that would be fun, I would not like it. I like the Earth's landscape as it is.
  11. The first thing I would do would be to breathe then a good night sleep. Then, I don't know, probably join the clean up crew (do whatever I can to beautify this old planet). Then I would like to be given a piece of land where I can farm somewhere in the mountains. In my dreams of dreams, I will learn how to properly dance.
  12. Go update now. It is more than I wanted and I love the brothers so much. All the videos can now be downloaded into our device. It is a blessing from Jehovah. I am now going to go and enjoy.