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  1. Yes, Terri's link takes you right to it..thank you Terri.
  2. I just checked again and it's still there....are you going to
  3. Brother Old, If you mean the book written by Jimmy and Marilyn Kennedy called 'Something to Laugh About", it's on Stoops right now for 10.00. It's being cleared out and I don't know how many copies are available.
  4. He will probably keep it and think of it as a history-making souvenir
  5. I mean, I knew he was a Statesman, just that the things he was saying were almost what we were writing in our letters....about freedom of speech, religion, et
  6. Thank you...I didn't see/hear that. He sounded like he could have been a brother with the things he was saying. But we are not the only ones that see the wrong in what Russia is doing....
  7. Very good! Does anyone know the name of the speaker?
  8. I would like to revisit my post if I may..I keep thinking about it and I would like to apologize again for any errors on my part regarding the faulty assumption I made between the two books. I relied on my failing memory when I mentioned owning the book asked about by brother Old, when it was an entirely other book written by a different author . I did own the book that brother Old asked about, 'O'er the Ramparts We Watched' but loaned it out years ago ; then mistakenly connected the brother's question with a book I still have that I purchased from Stoops Mfg. company. I assumed because they (are) a reputable company, that the book and it's author were also in good standing and they were at the time. They do not have it on their site anymore. From what I have read I've not seen anything unfavorable to our beliefs or the teachings of the Bible. I've tried since to research the current standing of this author and it seems he has indeed left God's Organization since he wrote the book. So should this book go the way of the old Aid book? Foremost I want to say again that I am sorry for my mistake between the books and also why I own this book. There was no connection with Brother Covington or Brother Blackwell, two very loyal and faithful servants of Jehovah. I am very sorry for any problems this may have caused.
  9. A brother in Ecuador said they have been given the option to mail the letters to the Russian Embassy in Quito, Ecuador. (The international mailing rates to Russia are prohibitive and slow, the the letters might not get there by April 5th), and to check with your elders to see if they have any additional instructions for your country). Does anyone from Ecuador know anything about this?
  10. So if the picture is say 1200x2200 pixels, or, 2.96 MB, I always get hung up on what size to choose that will fit the post. Is there a pixel limit , or way to know what to resize it to? Thank you..
  11. Amazon had them this morning; International Global Stamps 17.95 for 10....32.40 for 20. If you have Prime they arrive within 2 days.
  12. If it saves anyone time and helps with the spelling challenges here are labels for each of the officials to whom we're writing. They are formatted for Avery 5162, large enough (12 to a sheet) to accommodate the longer address format, names and titles, PDF format, as well as Microsoft Word. They are available in the following shared DropBox folder. If we are instructed to use only handwriting on the envelopes, which may be the case, this might help with the names and spelling. Dropbox - Labels Avery 5162 or Compatible.html Dropbox - Labels Avery 5162 or Compatible.html