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  1. Could you please tell me where you got the information about inviting brothers from Russia to some conventions? I heard nothing about it.
  2. Feeling is one thing, but action is another. I did not choose to be straight but I chose to control bad desires as all JWs chose to do. Everybody has some bad thoughts and desires but we all choose what to do.To my mind being gay men means having sex with men, not feelings towards men.
  3. I will try to explain what I meant. I am sorry it's really hard for me to express my thoughts in English. I don't admire:" oh, they are so brave!". I said it because Chechnya is a muslim part of Russia.( Chechen people are muslims). If a man chooses to be a gay he knows well he will be beaten, tortured and killed. So I hope there are no any gay men there. But if they live there( they could move to another part of Russia where there are no muslims), don't you agree they are brave? You know, I have never met a gay man or woman in my life. They are really a minority here. And I think it's a bit better to be a JW than a gay in Russia. I am afraid after Angela Merkel's words Russian people will hate JWs even more.
  4. I think they all are for local brothers, not for us. And those countries are VERY FAR from my place, a week by train.
  5. He was not alone. Asaf Guliev was with him but he left the truth when persecuted.
  6. Of course I don't know but hope report about gay men is false. It is really hard to believe that there are alive gay men in Chechnya. They wanted to have gay parade in our city. And people wanted to beat them. Fortunately the parade was forbidden because any gay propaganda is forbidden. Those gay men in Chechnya must be really brave. Russia doesn't like minorities.
  7. Do you know whether it is for brothers from Russia or for those living in Finland?
  8. Well I doubt that there are gays in Chechnya. Anyway comparing JWs with gays is not a good thing in Russia. VERY FEW people will protect gays. I am afraid I can't explain it but believe me it doesn't sound good.
  9. As for me I don't believe them as well as TVnews. It's very difficult to say what is true and what is fake. So I just don't watch TV news.
  10. Our neighbouring country is China. Do you think we will have a RC there? :-) Going abroad is very expensive. Even if we are invited to another country very few of us can go. BTW we wanted to go to Kazakhstan Special convention but we are not invited:-( So all we'll have is what Marius told you about.
  11. Hi:-)It got hard to have conventions since 2009. We kept the place of the conventions a big secret. Last year we didn't have a real convention and I am afraid we won't have it till the end of this system.