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  1. Thanks! I think I still did not realize JWs are banned totally. I don't know why it is hard to believe.
  2. Thank you! But I am a coward so I am afraid of police, of vandals and so on. I am not afraid of dogs though:-) I love them
  3. Where did you get it? Just curious. These tracts were widly spread among people in Russia. It was a special campaign.
  4. I saw her but did not look into her eyes:-) But I was able to look into the eyes of the man who planted banned books in our hall.
  5. Could anyone write down the lyrics of the songs from 142 Gilead graduation for me please? PLEASE!

    1. carlos


      Please, Victoria, start a thread about this. I think many would benefit from those lyrics.

    2. Victoria


      Is it Our meetings, ministry... or what?

      BTW the first song is in Spanish?

  6. I have to attend sign language conventions and assemblies because my husband is hard of hearing. Loud music would be a problem for us. I believe the joke was created by someone who has never attended conventions for the deaf. But it's bad that it was posted in the Internet as a real story.
  7. I read this story in the Internet recently. But not priest, just a man who hated JWs and it was in Kiev, Ukraine. But I don't believe it. And I hope it is not true. There are not only the deaf in Sign Language conventions. Many hearing brothers and sisters learn sign languages and the kids of the deaf usually hear. And many are hard of hearing. So I hope it's just a joke.
  8. Could anyone write down the lyrics of those original songs please?
  9. Thanks, now I understand. In Russia we don't have Easter holidays. But as far as I remember people go to cemestry( eat and drink there) on Tuesday after Easter and many work half day. So maybe that's why they delayed the trial till Wednesday.
  10. Isn't Easter always on Sundays? It is not an official holiday here, just Sunday with a special cupcake and colored eggs. And it is called Passover.