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  1. I wonder who is the cameraman. Who and why made this video? He came with the police and made no comments.
  2. Irina Christensen said it was terrible! When they were studying the Bible 15 policemen suddenly came in. They made everybody sit still, didn't let them touch their phones. They treated JWs as criminals, questioned them for 14 hours. Irina also said her husband was arrested and didn't have food and water for almost 24 hours.
  3. The Noviks picture and full names are on our websites. And you know it's impossible to disguise being a JW. People recognize us. I guess it's written on our faces.
  4. Thank you so much brother Eric! My husband and I are freelancers and he is disabled so he gets some money from the government. One brother has problems with his job because his coworker says she is afraid to work with him. But I don't know much because I don't see brothers very often. What makes me sad is that our opportunities to witness are very limited. And pioneering is getting harder. But it's still possible. I think the worst thing is that brother Dennis is in jail. We all must pray for him and his family.
  5. Bad news again. Brothers and sisters lose their jobs. I am afraid some people really believe JWs are terrorists.
  6. Yes, such great news made me happy! I thought" the ban is a good thing. Because of it we have many interesting experiences throughout the country."
  7. I think the reason of the misunderstanding is not the translation error because we Russians were confused as well. And of course it is not the work of apostates because this date is on official website of Supreme Court. It is just for another case and not very important. But we can pray for brothers to give a good witness on June 13.
  8. I just got a response from President's Administration. I am glad somebody read at least one of my letters. They said noone can influence court decisions.
  9. We are getting bad news almost every day. It is stressful. I am so looking forward to RC!
  10. Things are getting worse and worse and worse... Why did they arrest a Dane? On purpose? Such news make me scared:-(
  11. It is a special group of police, the best trained, they always wear masks. They came to our meeting last year. I was terribly scared when saw them.
  12. Could you please tell me where you got the information about inviting brothers from Russia to some conventions? I heard nothing about it.