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  1. I was informed yesterday my doctor I've had for almost 30 years (saw both my children come into this world) is leaving. Bit sad. On the bright side our new doc is called Sheer Khan, that made me smile.

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    2. Luezette


      I went through the same thing earlier this year. Actually I was with the clinic for about 30 years too, went through two doctors there, and now a third one. Met the new doctor, now she seemed to have disappeared. Met my fifth doctor just yesterday. Why am I still with my primary clinic? Because I love their bedside manner, their medical expertise, the clerks, even their housekeeper and security! Sooo, unless they go to the moon or something, I'm staying. 

    3. Luezette


      The same thing with the hospital for my specialties (Beth Israel). My Pulmonologist, Endocrinologist and Cancer Gynecologist has left. But with the Pulmo/Gyn I know where they are (the connecting hospital.Mount Sinai) so I'll still see them. The Endo I have someone else. When they'll good, they're good.

    4. shali


      My doctor retired 15 years ago, I loved him! Haven't found another doctor since.