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  1. We had a letter read out, apologizing for the song numbering error in the November and December printed copies of the Watchtower Study Edition. How humble our dear brothers at the Branch Office are! The printed copies contain the new numbers although the songbook isn't yet ready. JWLib, WOL and JW.ORG editions have been updated to show the correct numbers.
  2. The other hope/faith-strengthening video we watched in last year's convention featuring the Bannister family.
  3. Been waiting a while to watch the two parts of this feature-length movie from a legit source. The wait is over! This was one of the most faith-strengthening videos I have ever watched. I was left with absolutely no doubt that Jesus is the BEST king Jehovah could have selected to rule over mankind.
  4. That a sister cannot "anchor" because that could be considered part of teaching?
  5. So, the GSBN clip featuring the couple Chad and Krista (albeit fictional) wasn't right?
  6. I agree the first part is like a talk, so this IS teaching. But when introducing other segments (interviews, greetings, music video) etc? Agreed - 110%
  7. While watching the January broadcast, my daughter asked me to pause it for a minute. She looked very disturbed, and asked me: "Mom, how come sisters don't present the broadcast?" I was dumbfounded for a minute. I fumbled for words....I told her that the presenters are the GB and their helpers, who all happen to be brothers. She then asked me whether I think there'll ever be an opportunity for sisters to do this. I told her I do not know, but I would find out. So, here's my question: Is the entire presentation considered teaching? I recall that a recent Gilead Graduation showed a brother and a sister doing the "Gilead TV news"...showing that it may be possible.... What are your thoughts?
  8. Bbbbut the translating brother is in a blue one. Interesting read nevertheless!
  9. I also wondered about the hoodies.
  10. That's alright dear. We all have 151 songs because that's all the songs meant for the sjj. There's a lengthy discussion somewhere where many have analyzed the changes to lyrics, melody and what 3 songs never made the cut.
  11. (Problem solved! Thanks Carole and Michael.) It must be a shock (and a great witness) to many who see ones affected by tragedy getting out of the homes to go comfort others similarly affected. The normal reaction would be to stay indoors and grieve, give way to depression and discouragement...but our dear brothers continued their spiritual routine and some even stepped it up, moving to where the need was greater. Again, only in Jehovah's organization. Thanks Jonathan! This was the problem - I needed to update the MWB! (runs and hides)
  12. I really do not want to do it. I will lose precious bookmarks, highlights and bandwidth .'ll fix itself, in time.
  13. Yeah, using my iPhone with v.8.2.2 (that allows highlighting with an Apple Pencil on iPad Pro - OT) and the media for the week of December 26 -January 1 is just songs. Romans 7:24 Miserable(wo)man that I am!
  14. I looked at my media for this week's meetings and couldn't find it. Only the 3 songs (123, 44 and 141). Thanks Michael!