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  1. Makes perfect sense when I think of mutation in genetics - where it clearly implies change....
  2. I have the picture below to remind me of different words I can use to praise/commend my children. I will take the suggestion from the FDS and build up my vocabulary of delightful words that I can use to refresh my brothers and sisters. Lovely day's text!
  3. Immutable....sounds like "that which cannot be muted."
  4. I'm drawn to Jehovah because of his mercy towards me. Just like the nation of Israel, I know I hurt him and left him, but he welcomed me back with open arms. And invited me to *continue* on this journey towards everlasting life with ifs or go back to start, do not pass Go, do not collect £200. He loves me...I am convinced of that. And I do not want to ever take that undeserved kindness for granted.
  5. These statistics are really alarming! What is happening here? (Other than we are CLEARLY living in the last days?)
  6. Let alone at Bethel ....(let me not resurrect the Happy @ Bethel topic) Jehovah's people are fun!! How can we not be when we serve a happy God?
  7. And the ending.....priceless! How the little girl appears from below the screen and says, "Thank you Jehovah" is just oh so sweet! And the swaying/dancing brothers and sisters at the back?
  8. My tune this morning will be Breezin' with George Benson. Those two always made a great duo!
  9. That would be lovely! I like the word Re-jazz-urrection! Totally unrelated to this instance: Yesterday I read Matthew 20:1-16. I paused to meditate on what this means for me. I wondered if I would be bitter seeing some getting a second chance in the New World. Or would I be satisfied with Jehovah's and Jesus' right to decide/judge.
  10. Really sad learning of his death. I am a big fan of his music....he was always the happy smiley man, with great playful vocals. I hope there's hope for him. One beautiful track is on my mind: "Tomorrow Today."
  11. IIt is finally here. Thanks for the alert! I like that it has scriptures on it, so that as the HH watches it, they also see the corresponding Bible reference.
  12. Did Br. Jackson just say "I hope that idiot doesn't get into power." Colorful characters.... Neutrality in thought and speech is what we need right NOW! It is very easy to take sides right now, even without realising it.
  13. I like the encouragement to pause the program and think about principles, areas in our lives where we may be affected etc. Makes it quite interactive, don't you agree? It's great comparing what we came up with to what has been prepared in the program. Great Family Worship idea.