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  1. The second paragraph in the article really gave me goosebumps: “It is wrong to apply flawed counterterrorism laws to those who seek to practice their faith,” said Chairman Wicker. “The Russian government is exploiting genuine threats of violent extremism to undermine what little religious freedom remains in that country. This distracts from real efforts to fight terrorism. I urge the Russian government to drop the case immediately.”
  2. Do you hear that sound? It is the sound of an army of 8 million courageous loyal worshippers imploring Jehovah: "Even though we may be fearful, You remember we are dust. Your assurance to support us Is a promise we can trust. Give attention to the threats Of those who persecute and blame. May you help us all to continue As we boldly speak in your name."
  3. I do not know what the current average is, but it is sincerely my hope and prayer, that all the letters sent to Russia from all corners of the world average 1 per publisher.
  4. We pray let it come, let it come!
  5. Those maps do look like the old Bible Teach book. Anyway, thanks for the confirmation,as well as many on here who confirmed the same.
  6. I also saw this and my heart almost stopped - are we 100% sure that it's not a cart for our witnessing work, therefore a brother lying on the ground? Please say that it's not, because I cannot take any more bad news.....
  7. Whenever anyone asks and is willing to listen to the reason why we are writing these letters - please seize the opportunity to share the greatest reason why: John 13:34,35 love for our brothers - one of the identifying marks of true Christians. It will soon be plain to see - for all - that globally, JWs are united in worship of the only true God. When one part of the brotherhood hurts, all others hurt too! Jehovah's people are really 'pouring themselves out like a drink offering'.....I find the following amazing: Consideration for all: Provisions made to write to some local Embassy of the Russian Federation - for those not able to afford international postage, this is a loving provision, as they can now send hundreds of letters for FREE or simply using local rates Some are volunteering to be 'collection points' for those that are unable to go to the Post Office One congregation that has their week of special activity dedicated one afternoon to letter writing in the Kingdom Hall with their circuit overseer Some working with postal companies have arranged for negotiated rates for the brothers, some even using their staff benefits to send all the letters express at their own expense! Jehovah's blessing.....surely makes rich! The joy and the deepened connection to our worldwide brotherhood that we are finding in doing this unitedly (despite the circumstances) is profound. And the satisfaction that we are obedient to our God and the channel that he is using today. I am overflowing with gratitude to Jehovah. I am humbled that he is using his mortal earthly servants to accomplish what he could do in a millisecond. I am honored.
  8. Sharon dear, Jehovah is well pleased with the sacrifice you have made in connection with his name! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not beat yourself up for not being able to send it via next-day service. You have done your best and we are all very proud of you!! Your willingness to give your very last coin for your dear brothers and sisters and for Jehovah has not gone without notice! The letter will get there and the witness will be given! Jehovah has commissioned this work knowing full well that his servants from all corners of the world would respond to his call. He will make it happen! Like someone said in one of the earliest posts, if it takes a miracle to get all our letters in in good time, then so be it!
  9. 23 March 2017 version of Habakkuk 2:3 “Even if [the song at the end of the March broadcast - Building My Future with Jehovah] should delay, Josie, keep in expectation of it; for it will without fail come.....”
  10. Victoria, now imagine this: Jehovah, Jesus and myriads of other heavenly spirit creatures, the Governing Body and 8+ million faithful earthly servants of Jehovah - all united in this. UNFORMIDABLE! For I am convinced....!!
  11. In each of our different languages, we have a format/way of writing official letters - I would use what is expected for the language I am writing in. In other news: I used the link Johan provided and sampled a couple of languages....some have extra addresses to write to, for example, all the Russian Embassies in the Branch territory. Cool!
  12. Richard, no one mentioned a party. The OP of this sentiment mentioned a letter-writing campaign. Furthermore, parties aren't always festive - a search party for instance isn't. Just like letter-writing for the ministry is also an activity for which we ask for Jehovah's guidance or blessing, I don't see why a couple of people cannot come together to write letters (that they have prayerfully pre-thought about) in one room. Perhaps even start the activity with a group prayer again.