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  1. Did I hear correctly that he is serving in the South Korea branch office? I may have got it wrong/lost in translation....
  2. I used to prefer the screen since I could lift my head and project my voice, but lately, the lyrics are slower that the melody. So we keep missing (and therefore mumble) the first word of every new page.
  3. I seem to be lost here. The OP (Br. Billy James) wrote about the Phils branch visit by Br. Ralph Walls and there was an attendance (seen in pic) of 104, 194. Alexa has written about a branch visit with Br. James Mantz with an attendance of 210,685. I am missing something!!
  4. Wow, the Poliia berry....I never knew they weren't blue! Talk of learning something new every single day!
  5. I did get one on 2 May, and boy, didn't I jump! But it was for JW Language and not JWLib. Not to steal the thunder from the JW Language app....but JWL is also very designed and is immensely useful!
  6. Independent picked up the mention of Jehovah's Witnesses: “I (Merkel) asked Mr Putin to use his influence to protect these minority rights, as well as in the case of Jehovah’s Witnesses.” Russia’s Supreme Court recently banned the Christian sect as an “extremist organisation”, placing it under the same laws as Isis and Nazis.
  7. Thanks! I just did that and got only 240. Must I download? Had no intention of downloading since I have no space to save the entire program.
  8. How do I select 720MP? I don't see any options.
  9. When I first heard of them, I thought someone was just pulling my leg. So didn't bother to look them up. Then when they were legally allowed to wear a colander as headgear for their drivers license photo (as Muslims women wear hijab) I was flabbergasted! I stopped asking what this world is coming to, because I know: AN END!
  10. I'm not sure how your AH is planned, but in ours, in almost every corner there's audio (including bathrooms), and the main entrance, mother&child room, first aid room etc have small screens. You could also asked to be used before/after the program or during the lunch break. Or even cleaning/gardening before and after the convention. Don't let the lovely volunteer spirit die. Jehovah will care for you. He appreciates your willingness to serve him and your fellow brothers.
  11. Had you had this week's CLAM yet? The middle song was the former song 154 " We Will Keep Enduring" I also wait for the day we will swing and sway to "How Does It Make You Feel?" Glad the convention is one of those opportunities. I personally look forward to a time we can praise Jehovah with song and (decent) dance. David got a chance to do this! I would have joined and Michal would have thought there were 2 mad people in the kingdom.