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  1. Personally, the love the Governing Body has for the rest of us is just amazing. They may not know all of us by name, but I can tell from their expressions (and now videos) that they do spend a lot of time thinking about us, how to encourage us, how to help us endure. This is such a loving arrangement from Jehovah. Our dear brothers and sisters in Russia have set a sterling example of endurance!! I pray that I may be as determined and trusting in Jehovah as they are. This scripture comes to mind when I think of them.....and then I smile and thank Jehovah for them.
  2. EU criticizes Russia over Jehovah’s Witnesses ban BRUSSELS — The European Union is criticizing Russia over its nationwide ban on the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious denomination, saying all must be able to practice their religion without interference...........The EU said: “Jehovah’s Witnesses, like all other religious groups, must be able to peacefully enjoy freedom of assembly without interference.” It added that Russia was bound by its constitution as well as its international commitments to provide such guarantees.
  3. Very true. Jehovah is the greatest Timekeeper - whatever he purposes is never late or early! Our expectations may seem delayed.....but NOT Jehovah's purpose!
  4. Didn't understand a word of Br. Yaroslav Sivulskiy's press statement, but I think the next step would be the ECHR - a much greater audience!!!
  5. Thank you SO SO SO much, Sandra! You have done this job so faithfully! I appreciate the hardwork, time and energy and love that you put into it.
  6. YES! Please, we beseech you, dear Court, let's see who has been burning down homes and disrupting peaceful meetings, and throwing Molotov cocktails and and and....! Let the FACTS speak for themselves.
  7. Milk (Land flowing with milk and honey?)
  8. Playing chess with D?
  9. H is the one observing them and documenting what the other 8 are doing?
  10. 901 already! The Chariot is at full speed! To all languages and nations and peoples and tongues.....