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  1. Now is the time for us to act, to put our priorities in place. We are too close to the end! Soon we will experiencing the same as our Russian family. We must pray for them and build our faith, they don't know who they're fooling with, only the sovereign Lord Jehovah! We are witnessing the first in a chain of events, history being made. Pray for our brothers everywhere, we are all in this together!
  2. It's in Jehovah's hands now. We have to remember that even if the decision is not in our favor, things are being maneuvered from heaven. Although he never gives us more than we can bear, this persecution, that even we will soon face, is a part of our training. Difficult times may seem endless, as it probably felt with Job. But the fruitage of patience builds faith, tribulation builds courage. I pray for our Russian brothers, that they find the power beyond what is normal to be brave during this difficult time. This is one of my favorite scriptures for this reason: 1 Peter 5:9, 10 - But take your stand against him,+ firm in the faith, knowing that the same kind of sufferings are being experienced by the entire association of your brothers* in the world.+ 10 But after you have suffered a little while, the God of all undeserved kindness, who called you to his everlasting glory+ in union with Christ, will himself finish your training. He will make you firm,+ he will make you strong,+ he will firmly ground you.
  3. If the speculation is right, Jehovah and his spirit sons have certainly been busy guiding His people. [emoji1] I'm positive after the court case the government and ROC must have felt vindicated, but little do they know Jehovah may have been feeding them rope, little by little. He may allow them to be choked from within.
  4. This is some interesting stuff. I am honestly clueless when it comes to a lot of things, thanks everyone for your input. [emoji7]
  5. I was very skeptical of non-official JW sites, but my Mom recommended it to me because of the membership criterial over a year ago. I signed up one day, made a few posts and disappeared forever. [emoji1] Or, you know, a year. I came back and started posting regularly and found myself becoming attached. No turning back now!
  6. I had a quick question that I couldn't find the answer to on the WOL. Myself and some of the friends were out to dinner, and one of the brothers ordered a rare steak. I rarely (lol) eat beef so I was surprised to see cooked blood seeping on the plate as he devoured it. My friend whispered to me, to not embarrass him, "Can we eat that?" I gave her a shrug, because I honestly have no idea. Later on in private, I asked a third party and he said "Oh, absolutely! We can have rare meat." I was reassured, but that steak was definitely bloody and the whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth. What does the Governing Body have to say? I'm stumped. ☹️
  7. My heart aches, what a horrible thing to happen at a house of Jehovah. I truly hope our brother didn't suffer and quickly went to sleep. Whoever did this will be judged thoroughly by Jah.
  8. It amazes me how people can still claim that the world is no different than it was in times beginning. I know this os prophecied but it's so obvious that Satan's world gets worse every second we get closer to Jehovah's day. The demons must be going mad, knowing their destruction is closer than ever before. Please be safe, friends in the UK, and everywhere else on Earth that hold God's people. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  9. Oh, wow! I thoroughly enjoyed Critical Times, even more so than All Things New and that used to be my favorite! I appreciated how the characters were imperfect, but stuck to Jehovah in the end. I'm right in the middle of The Unrighteous so I have to avoid spoilers for it. EK is an excellent writer, I hope he continues to write into the new system.
  10. Hi everyone, I was curious and wanted to ask you all a question. What are your top 3 favorite Kingdom songs? Whether it be from the old "Sing Praises" to the new "Sing out Joyfully"! I am stirred easily by beautiful music so of course kingdom songs never fail to bring warmth to my soul. And as tone deaf as I am, I know Jehovah is pleased when we praise him aloud. My #3 pick would be #61, "Forward, You Witnesses!". Learning of it's history stirs up appreciation and pride to be one Jehovah's people. My #2 pick is most definitely #39, "See Yourself When all is New", from "Sing to Jehovah". It foreshadows a time after Armageddon when we can truly be free to worship our Father and endlessly praise Him. My #1 song is has been my favorite since I was a child, first hearing the instrumental at a convention. It still moves my heart to this day, song number 29, "Living up to our name". 1. Glorious Jehovah, almighty, eternal, Perfect in justice, in power, in love. Source of all truth and of infinite wisdom, You rule as Sov’reign in heaven above. We as your people delight in your service; Your Kingdom truth we delight to proclaim. (CHORUS) Being your Witnesses, great is our priv’lege. Oh, may we ever live up to our name! 2. Working together in your sacred service Binds us as brothers in love and in peace. Teaching the truth and reflecting your glory Fill us with joy as your praises increase. Known by your name, O Jehovah, our Father, We have the honor to add to your fame. (CHORUS) Being your Witnesses, great is our priv’lege. Oh, may we ever live up to our name! Please, share your favorites!
  11. My family and I love this update, I've been dying to take notes without having to use epubs on my library! I think Jehovah hears the unspoken prayers and desires of his people and guides the faithful slave to do so.
  12. I'm too young to have experienced what my parents and grandparents described as real food. The closest they came to packaged food was food grown in the garden and then canned in a jar for the next season. Some claim to eat "raw", truly healthy foods, but even then the closest we try to get, it's still somehow been genetically modified, bleached, processed, packaged and stored for Jah knows how long. I'm planning to start a small balcony garden soon, but I'm struggling to find organic seeds for the varieties I'm looking for. I look forward to the day where I can grow and taste a perfectly sweet strawberry.
  13. There was also a video I believe yesterday? (sorry, bad memory) that had him proposing religious freedom between Palestine & Israel. I had to facepalm because someone created a video on Facebook with big words saying, "PROPHECY ALERT" because he mentioned peace and security for religious freedom. Obviously the video was aimed at the 2 mentioned countries, not the whole world, plus Babylon the great has not yet fallen. I just wish some of our brothers/sisters would stop and think before spreading headlines. Maybe we need a TV.JW broadcast specifically related to misuse of social media?
  14. just left the hospital, my family told me I had a seizure yesterday afternoon that I been having them in my sleep. don't remember it happening but I Feeling really exhausted. Sent me home so I'm happy to sleep in my own bed soon. Dr said I can't drive so I'm really bummed. I slept through our meeting this morning, hope everyone has a nice study. xx

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      Thanks so much for the well wishes, doing a lot better than before, hope everyone is having a nice morning.

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      You have a good day to sister. Take care of yourself.  

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  15. Hot, humid and overcast in Florida, as per usual.