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  1. If they are just now discovering this, who knows how many more creatures can eat plastic? Maybe after armageddon, animals will hungrily appear in the our landfills, and help us clean up.
  2. Jehovah sees all life as precious.
  3. It's a small chocolate cake cooked in a mug (or ramekin) in the microwave, but tastes like it's baked counterpart! It's hard to get right, so I respect anyone who creates these kinds of recipes. I myself prefer this mug brownie~
  4. Beautiful! Just think, if imperfect humans can create things like this, how much more so will the Earth be lovely when maintained by perfect humans.
  5. Today I learned Hell doesn't exist, that's good news for you! Things you shouldn't say in the middle of a hurricane
  6. None of the brothers could have predicted that this text would fall two days after our Russian brothers were liquidated. It never fails to astonish me of how appropriate the daily text can be for our current situation, personal or otherwise! Food at the proper time, indeed!
  7. You speak the truth in that Jehovah is our only judge, but you seem to be twisting it out of context to fit your point. If prophets like Jeremiah were never "critical" of those who were unrepentant, how would the congregation ever be kept clean? What would have been to point of prophesying against the Israelities if he were supposed to let them do whatever they wanted, and leave it in Jehovah's hands? Jehovah puts brothers here on Earth for this very purpose, to shepherd the sheep and protect them from wolf-like influences that try to invade the congregation. What kind of influence do you think this puts on those who would have come into the truth, but decide against it, believing we are just as the world, hypocrites?
  8. You may want to share the video directly from, the link above has apostates in the comment section.
  9. We had a foreshortened meeting tonight. A brother and his wife from the Russian branch visited us. We have a pretty small Russian group that meets at our hall, so it was so encouraging to see that they sent a shepherd to the brothers who spoke in their native tongue. He was interviewed by 1 of our elders, and explained a lot of what we heard tonight, about the seizing and liquidation. He tells us that all the brothers and sisters at bethel were given a shepherding call individually, and congregations were sent letters of instruction prior to the announcement, of what they were going to do and where. He said that each Field Service Group were instructed to meet at a publishers home, and that many had already graciously offered up their residences. Reminds me of the video at our last convention taking place in the great tribulation. And the importance of being at our meetings! He was calm and collected about the whole thing, but I heard him begin to choke up about losing their hall, how the brothers there at bethel will be sent to branch offices in other countries and some will stay and maintain the properties (I assume until they are seized). He quickly composed himself when our speaker asked what he'll be leaving behind. He said, "my car and an empty room" and smiled. Such is the importance to keep our eye simple. It was a wonderful part and I really wanted to share.
  10. Ooh, I can tell this is going to be a good one. So looking forward to our convention in July! They always give us the right food at the proper time.