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  1. Thank you all for your kind words friends Agape
  2. Thanks Sis Lucy. Agape
  3. A righteous man’s supplication has a powerful effect. (James 5:16) Thanks
  4. Treatments for depression and other mental illnesses are nowhere to be found. We have elderly friends with alzheimer and senility without treatment for weeks now.
  5. Surviving Bro Richard, most are losing weight fast, some with hypertension, diabetes are unable to continue treatment because there is almost imposible to find it, the price of antibiotics is skyrocketting. Last meeting we helped a sister whose only meal was one bread for her and one for her son in the day.
  6. Tear gas fired at protester in wheelchair
  7. People searching for food in the garbage down my window.
  8. Venezuela protesters fling feces at soldiers http://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-politics-idUSKBN1862V3
  9. Just a quick update! 44 killed on protest that have continued now for 47 days. Road blockades on every major street. Scarcity of food and medicine have worsened, unofficial inflation is now at 500% since January (1 pack of 24 eggs represents 1/5 of the monthly wage) Crime rate is soaring, most of the criminals are taking advantage of the blockades to assault pedestrians and cars stuck in traffic. These are some photos from my window
  10. Some videos of protests in Venezuela National Guard shoots students in Maracay, Venezuela. National Bolivarian Police repression in las Mercedes, Caracas
  11. Hi Brother Neil, I commend you for always having a mature Christian comment to share. May Jehovah bless you