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  1. Loved this quote: "There really is no separation between ministry and life, it is life, the best life!"
  2. On March 23, 2017, the Instruction Sheet was revised. The format of the six addresses was adjusted slightly to expedite delivery. There is no need to resend letters that used the previous address format. Above per log in for letters.
  3. We also have video that go along with our invitations. Remember Jesus' Death, something to bring up during our service meeting this Saturday - Mar 18th.
  4. I believe this is a public area and wonder if Kodi should be talked about. Of couse key word is copyrighted content which is popular when it comes to this program. So can you get in trouble for using Kodi to stream copyrighted content? The short answer is yes.
  5. Some info from Wikipedia and a bedding Australia website: A duvet (from the French duvet “down”) or doona is a type of bedding a soft flat bag traditionally filled with down or feathers, or a combination of both and used on a bed as a blanket. Duvets originally came out of rural Europe and were made from the down feathers of the Eider duck, which is well known for its usefulness as an insulator. While a comforter is fundamentally the same as a duvet in terms of construction, it is used somewhat differently. In the US, comforters are used on top of the flat sheet, often without a cover.
  6. There is a zip file, your Elders or ministerial servants should have access via Currently only available in English. Downloads as 720p.
  7. True, but there are news items like this and worse ones everyday. I'm not sure if they should be posted, many involve children and animal cruelty. We can fill up the threads with these type of news.
  8. Once we found out that in January we will be using JW on screen lyrics, we stopped using the lyrics we had in our computer. Other congregations in our hall continue to use the current videos. Problem is that current videos have colored backgrounds and bigger colored fonts. Plus each song might have a different color scheme. Beginning in January, all songs are grey background and smaller black font. I wonder if the friends will compare because they are used to colors and bigger fonts.
  9. Our Dec workbook has a sample presentations. We also had a video shown at the KH during week 1 of this month, same scripture of Job 34:10.
  10. Started uploading to our ProPresenter and have set the thumbnails so we can see song # and title.
  11. Usually we shave time off the book study to make room for announcements like funerals or a person in the hospital besides the regular announcements like letters, new pioneers etc..