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  1. The iPad release isn't as buggy. But it is, however, missing a search feature, at the moment. Johan
  2. I have the orchestra recordings, the instrumental renditions, the original songs, and the Sing With Us recordings on my phone so I can listen to them when I'm out or going somewhere in the car. And I do listen, and it's very enjoyable. One effect is that it keeps me focused on spiritual thoughts. Johan
  3. The songbook as prepared in Inuktitut (syllabic writing). This is a very young written language for the Quebecois Inuktitut people of the Nunavut and Nunavik regions. This written language was established in 1976. Johan
  4. It'll come much sooner than you think. The translators will probably base it on the revised bible, hence the wait. But since you are starting to receive publications quoting the revision (according to RTO instructions), it must mean they are starting to get enough verses in place to be able to finish the songbook. So just hold on a little while. Johan The printed editions for the western world is not a priority. It's a priority for the smaller languages that never had a songbook before. Johan
  5. Two years is very quick. Usually we expect the translation process to take between three to six years. Six years for an entirely new translation and three years for a revision of a fine source material. Johan
  6. Did you order it beforehand? Or did they just hand them out? Johan
  7. Isn't Reino and Lesli serving in Estonia? Johan
  8. Great. It will include quotes from the revised edition of the NWT in German, just like a new convention release will. The songbook will likely be released on the website accompanied by a letter to the BoEs to be read at an upcoming meeting. Johan
  9. It's the app that posts it several times. Bug? Johan
  10. Try another browser, such as Chrome. Johan Try another browser, such as Chrome. Johan Try another browser, such as Chrome. Johan
  11. No idea, really, what happened there. In this magazine you will find two fantastic articles on the Bible: “The Word of Our God Endures Forever” and “The Word of God . . . Exerts Power” Johan
  12. Johan
  13. Whenever a new song is released we listen to it and talk about it after the family Watchtower preparation.
  14. True for me too. It keeps my mind focused on spiritual matters. Johan