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  1. Yes, every article with media gets a media button, and you can click the images to make them full screen, and also zoom in on details using your fingers. You'll find that feature useful when, for example, the workbook articles have infographics with a lot of small details. Just zoom. Johan
  2. When is Russia going to come to its senses? Stop poking God in the eye, it can never end well... Johan
  3. Maybe it would be possible some day to do something like what is done in our Broadcasts. I'd also like the opportunity to have a choice between the annual text and the daily text to show when nothing else is showing. Don't forget to report bugs and suggestions to Johan
  4. Yes, from the Watchtower, or any publication in JW Library. Johan
  5. Look and learn from these faithful examples, because you too might find yourself in a similar situation quite soon. Johan
  6. This update for Android includes the following changes: Tap a picture to view full screen "More Songs" button on Meetings > Show Media lists all video songs, if available Johan
  7. Johan
  8. It's automated. All pictures from the material linked to will be presented in the Show Media section, but it's up to the speaker or conductor which images to use. I'm sure we will also get further info on when and how to use images. Johan
  9. Having the time, energy, and focus to become good at whatever I put my hands to. I'd love to build my own house, but I'm really not skilled that way and all. And how do you pick the best wood that build a perfect piano? I'd love to find out. Johan
  10. They are in jail because they hate Satan and love Jehovah and doing what is right. Jehovah can point to these faithful Job-like brothers of ours and say: "Have you seen these dear faithful ones who would not turn their backs on me no matter what you do to them? When you are gone, they will continue to live in peace!" So, now, let's fill Russian jails and prisons with people who love peace, God, and their neighbours! Of course, they would rather live free and go on living a peaceful life. But if this is what Satan wants - give it to us!! Johan
  11. IOS now supports a second screen. Is there still a problem with it? It will show the annual text on the 2nd screen connected via, for example, HDMI, if I'm not mistaken. How do you seamlessly change to another image in the article since you can't swipe? Johan
  12. It's awesome and very helpful that you can now zoom in on any image even in the iOS version. Johan
  13. Such a sweet video with the family who decides to visit the Liberia branch, don't you think?
  14. True, if they deem it is unconstitutional, but the more they do so, the more strain it will put on international relations. Diplomatic entities from other countries are very interested in this case. Johan
  15. This is from the blog of European Journal of International Law: Johan