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    It's hard to find me without a paintbrush in my hand. I love art! Also enjoy singing, dancing, gardening, and cooking.I like culture, accents, also sampling food from different countries. My spice cabinet reflects this! I'm also fascinated by psychology- spent many years studying it.
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  1. 8-9 hours on a good night, but I go through periods of waking up every few hours to not being able to sleep for days on end.
  2. The world is a mess. We are on the brink of disaster. Perhaps it's time to work harder for peace and security? That's my best guess. 😊
  3. You know what.. you are right. Now that you mention it, I remember the same, but thinking back to my recent gardening and landscaping attempts, I don't recall seeing too much of anything.
  4. Russia can not use common sense.. couldn't have said it better. 😄 I mean, seriously, we are on the extremist list with ISIS. While everyone else is free to worship, including people who worship at satanic temples.
  5. It's snowing in India today. Which is insane.
  6. This decision is really hard to stomach. I was really hoping after enduring so much already that they would just let him go back to his family now. But of course not. That would just be too close to the right and decent thing to do. The end of this horrible system can not come fast enough.
  7. Then you can heap fiery coals on his head by being the kindest, most understanding, best version of yourself that you can be. Mine left me, so I'm alone now, but this has put out many fires. Still does from time to time. ❤
  8. Saffron

    Income Taxes

    If she has several times your income, she can afford a tax service. Or she can figure it out herself somehow. You stated your position "I'm not doing taxes this year." That really should be the end of it. This is the worst. I'm trying hard to have better boundaries to avoid anymore of this these days. It makes me sad that it has come to this.
  9. Yup, exactly this. They also still work to dial 911 if you ever would need to use it for that. So an old cell phone for a person who doesn't have a working phone at all is good. Some months ago, my carrier had offered a nice incentive to turn in these phones, but I refused, already knowing that they would be hidden all over the place. 😊
  10. I'm wondering about this myself. I'm thinking to hide the actual device, though some mentioned hiding it on the device. I have a few old cell phones laying around, which I plan to tuck away with power cords.
  11. There hasn't been an article in a while that I have just been unable to read, but here it is. I tried and can't. Hopefully something will give when we have to study it. The article on study habits was good though.
  12. Hope you share here if you do. 😄 What a great idea. The kids will love this!
  13. It is wise to think of hiding places now, even for those of us who live on places where we freely worship. For now. Things can change suddenly. Remember that morning worship where brother Jackson gave the example ( Singapore or somewhere?) where brothers had been for many years. Then overnight they were kicked out of the country, bank accounts seized ect. They didn't even see it coming. Who knows where this will happen next (it was mentioned that they expect it to spread), so it is wise to think about these things before they come up, while we are not under pressure. I have my places in mind already thanks to the spoiler thread. 😊
  14. I'm going to guess so, since that has been a theme for a few years now.. can not believe that it is almost time for another one. As far as Feb broadcast goes, my mind is totally blank. It's completely tripped up and stuck on part 3 of the annual meeting.
  15. Maybe the powers that be on this lovely forum will create an eye rolling emoji for me one day. I would put it to good use, starting with this mess. 🙄🙄🙄

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