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    I don't watch TV and rarely watch movies.. Clean ones are getting hard to come by.

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  1. Oh Sister Bea, I have had more than enough of this stuff too. I am so prone to depression and anxiety that I have to protect myself by not reading too much about stuff like this or other disturbing things happening in the world. I scan headlines, but try not to read too many details. I just can't get caught up in this stuff. And even though depression and anxiety can pop up at any time randomly, I am better off mentally by limiting this. I've advised my very sensitive daughter to do the same. The other thing I'm trying to do is what the brother suggested in the end of this month's broadcast. He said that this world was designed to distract and basically to tune back in. Put down the electronic devices (I'm guilty.. on my phone way too much) and take note of the beauty that's still here. I think we will watch some of those beautiful creation videos again for family worship this week. But yes, all we can do is pray all the time for Jehovah's kingdom to come, and in the meantime, the strength to go on. I'm glad that you are still sane.. I will pray to remain that way as well. 😁
  2. It is getting harder to pray specifically because there is so much going on everywhere in the world. 😔
  3. This kind of stuff makes me just break down and cry. I can not stand it. This among other situations in the world makes me pray constantly for what we are all waiting for. These horrible things will only end when this system does.
  4. Same here! But actually, with me it's not shyness really, but a full blown anxiety disorder that is often made worse by being around people. So you can imagine how much fun meetings are when I'm not feeling well. During those times I can appear to be stuck up or standoffish, but I'm concentrating on trying to keep the panic down and just get through the meeting so I can leave. Over the years I have been accused of being stuck up too because I can't see. Someone would wave and take issue with the fact that I didn't wave back. Well, unless you are near me, you are a blur, so I may not see your waving arm. Even if I do, I may not be able to make out who the arm belongs to. I have even had people in my congregation upset with me because of this. 😶
  5. Did anyone see the clip of Trump trying to be funny by making some weight related comment.. something about getting pictures in a way that made them look thin? The look on Kim Jon Un's face was priceless.. 🤣
  6. Can you let me know too? Thanks! 😂
  7. While scanning headlines, I saw one where a man assaulted a woman and took off with her baby.. I had to pray for that baby and still need to pray again to ask Jehovah to remove this from my head. I just seriously can not tolerate the news these days.
  8. This was amazing.Very deep. So much there that I will watch a few more times at least. 😊
  9. Saffron

    Well it happened

    I see it occasionally too, but it is only when I get bored and start scrolling around on Instagram (my page is for business) or sometimes when I read comments on certain articles.. I always feel shocked when I see stuff like this and immediately back right out. 😕
  10. I saw video of the flood waters raging down the street in Ellicott City yesterday. Was like a flashback from the flood a couple of years ago. People had just finished fixing everything when here comes another one. Hope you are outside of this area. 😑
  11. This is so all over the place that I can hardly keep up with it. I guess it's getting a bit lost in between the additional school shootings and random bombings. Sigh. I'll take from all of this that there is still a possibility that this may end up looking very peaceful.
  12. Saffron

    Newsweek Cover

    I wasn't sure whether to view it this way or to view it as publicity. Like now everyone who does not know about this can see that we are being attacked.. Many people who know us do not agree with our beliefs, but know enough about us to know that we are peaceable people who don't deserve this. Example: I was act my doctor's office the other day (where half my congregation goes). As he was finishing up, he informed me that one of the sisters was in the next room. He followed up with a comment about how the congregation members were some of the sweetest people he has ever dealt with. I can imagine that there are plenty more people around who feel this way and would be surprised about what's going on in other parts of the world.
  13. Saffron

    Newsweek Cover

    I second this!! Lol
  14. Saffron

    Newsweek Cover

    Why is that? Is it from back in the day where people may have been more aggressive? I've heard stories of witnesses putting their foot in the door to stop it from being closed, but I doubt that happens now. I don't perceive it this way because we don't impose anything on anyone. We speak to people. If they are interested, we continue discussions. If not, we go way. Nothing forceful there.

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