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  1. Thought provoking indeed. I'm going to listen again to fully absorb the points, then meditate on how to apply this to my life. We always get what we need when we need it, so let's see what happens.
  2. I saw this in the news a few days ago and was almost too disgusted to do more than skim the article. There really does not seem to be a bottom here.
  3. I'm sorry that you had to deal with this!! I'm also sorry to say that I have dealt with this too.. with someone that I let live in my home. 🤐
  4. People have most definitely changed. In the news here: Mothers killing their own children, husband kills his wife, child, then himself. Someone even shoved a little boy off of a giant waterside because he was tired of waiting in line.. Some days, I just can not take the news, so I avoid it completely. The love of the greater number has grown cold, that's for sure. But it seems to have actually gone beyond that now. People are fierce, some animalistic. It is hard to live with people like this.
  5. He is remembering from years ago our discussion about the GT, just not remembering details correctly. A whole actual task force focused on religion triggered the memory. Perhaps he thinks that attention from the government on religion will ultimately lead to something else? Whatever it is, it was a slap that woke him up. It's just unfortunate that he won't do anything about it. When the ban occurred in Russia, all kinds of people came running, asking to resume or start their studies. The ban was a wake up call for them. I'm not saying this is as earth shattering as Russia's ban or that it will yield those kinds of results, just wondering if this will in any way cause people to wake up or question things that they've learned previously. I can't imagine that he would be the only one.
  6. I still don't know what to make of this, really. Whatever it's intended to be, my gut tells me that it will be nothing good. Interestingly, I got this article and a text sent to me yesterday by text. This was from my ex who thinks we are in a cult and who has fought me every step of the way for years now. He said that he was shocked that some of what I told him was coming true. (He doesn't remember it exactly or understand completely). Regardless, he is still not interested in learning anything about the Bible. He knows that there are standards and he is happy doing what he wants to do. Sad. What I'm kind of wondering now if this task force will make anyone else start to wonder? Maybe someone who used to study or someone we used to visit regularly? I pray that their response is better than his. Come on while there is still time!
  7. I unplugged from Facebook years ago and do not regret it. Don't miss it one bit. JWtalk fills that void in a much better way. Up until a year or two ago, I had a personal Instagram account where I had mostly friends from my congregation and others near here. That was going pretty well until some people I had a problem with decided to use this platform in ways that created more problems. Plus, I'll confess, there were other things that made life unpleasant. Like this sister (wife of one of my closest friends) who is always too busy or too ill to come to any of my gatherings.. I saw pictures of her at another person's gathering and felt hurt. I had no right to feel that way, but I did.. That was it. I decided that it was more trouble than it was worth and left it. All I have now is a business page (my art). It's public and I'm going to be working it a bit more now to up the followers for my newest project. There have been no problems with this IG account other than occasionally running across apostate garbage. It's pretty cool, actually. I've gotten to know some very talented sisters this way. All in all, I say that the decision about whether or not to participate on social media is a personal one and depends on the individual. Great application of Mark 9:47 and Proverbs 22:3, @Katty. 😊
  8. True. But even if it does come from a reliable source, who knows what will happen. Threats don't mean much. Look at all that was flying around with NK.
  9. This does not sound peaceful. 🙁
  10. Thats what I suspect as well. Maybe someone who was DF or who feels like they were treated unfairly in some way. May Fortunately most people don't run around burning KHs, but sometimes these kinds of things get really emotionally charged. I have also wondered if it could be someone who has never been in the truth. Maybe a family member or spouse of someone who is a JW. Maybe a former boyfriend. The world loves it's own, but when a decision is made to serve Jehovah, sometimes the reactions of people are something to contend with. A general JW hatrer does seem unlikely. We have do not call lists for that. Hope whoever this is gets caught before anyone gets hurt.
  11. Unbelievable!! I thought they had a suspect with the last one. Wonder what happened with that..
  12. I hate that this is happening. Absolutely hate that our brothers and sisters had to leave their homes due to this mess, but love to hear how Jehovah has provided for them. I long for the day they can build homes that they will never have to run away from.
  13. "Cut short" would be another phrase that I like a lot. How could I forget that one? 😁
  14. Amen to this!!! I, too, love to focus on "sudden destruction" "swift pitch" and "instantly" instead of thinking that this thing will drag on and on. The Jews got to run away to another location, and yes they suffered hardships, but they were away from the area. We will be surviving in the midst of everything as long as we follow the instructions we are given. Being much further away from perfection than the Jews were, we are in much worse condition. There are SO many health problems, people on meds, running to doctors all the time. How would there even be a great crowd if this thing lingered on? Why would there be a need for it to drag on? Jehovah can do as he pleases, and if he wants the nations to very efficiently destroy BTG, as in way faster than what they could accomplish on their own, he can do it. This is the same God who split the Red Sea. I can't, at this point, think of it any other way. I picture Jehovah, who has been waiting patiently for thousands of years, just unleashing all of the anger that he must feel having his name dragged through the mud for so long. I picture it like a rubber band being pulled back; the Angels letting loose when they are given the command and this whole system flying to shreds. Rapidly. These are just my thoughts. No one else has to agree. We will see soon enough. 😊

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