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  1. I sorted it. It wouldn’t update from in the bible section but it did update when I went to the homepage and tapped on the update under what’s new.
  2. I had that problem but then the following day it worked. But I have a problem updating the study bible on my Mum’s iPad. It will download but not install. So I removed the app and reinstalled it. Now she has no study bible It goes through the download process but doesn’t install. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. I could update my own iPad without any problem so not sure it would be a server or website problem, it’s just strange 😀
  4. Thanks for replying. Yes I repeatedly tried that 😀. But lo and behold I tried it one last time before the meeting this morning and it worked! No idea why it didn’t work yesterday. Just as well I woke early as it took over an hour to download everything. phew glad that’s over 👌
  5. Hi all. My Mum's study doesn't have internet so every few months I update the publications on her ipad 4. Today the app would not update on the home screen. Last update was in February. Ipad is running IOS 10.3.3. I thought the app must have been corrupted somehow so I deleted it and reinstalled it. I wish I hadn't done that It still won't update but because it is a new install it has next to nothing on it. I found a link on this site about using workflow to get publications into the app so I have put all the latest stuff on. I downloaded the music she likes into the music app and some talks into VLC player but I would really like to get the app to update. I asked my son about it and he is having the same problem with the ipads of some of his studies too. Anyone have any ideas?

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