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    The story is this,I was brought up in the truth but left before getting baptised when I was 15. I moved out of home and went to live with my worldly girlfriend. After a few failed relationships I met my wife back in 2004. We were into drugs, alcohol, raves, smoking I was a modern day hippy with large beard and dreadlocks etc etc. We got married and went on a trip around the world to Goa in India, Australia and Thailand.

    While in Australia (2010) working and living on a farm we worked for a farmer who was very religious. He had lots of weird and wonderful ideas about the bible. A lot of what he believed was in contradiction to what I was taught when I was younger so I started to teach him the truth about what the bible really taught. I had to contact the local JWs to get bibles and literature to study so I could help teach him. In reality though I started teaching myself the bible. I gave up smoking and drugs so I had freedom of speech when talking to the farmer. When I left that farm I had placed 5 bibles and various other pieces of literature even though I wasn't even an unbaptised publisher, the farmer was praying to Jehovah and I was on my way back into the truth. I studied the bible teach book with my wife and we were going to some meetings, in all honesty she had no choice but to join me as we were so far from home.

    We got back to the UK from our travels and I started up a bible study and got baptised in 2012. My wife came to some meetings but struggled to learn the truth for a while. We tried with various sisters to set up her own bible study alongside our family worship but due to her old life and various mental health problems she did struggle for a bit. My wife has struggled with leaving her old life and certain addictions as well as suffering from serious mental health problems which will be ongoing till the new system.

    I think my wife has battled with the thinking of whether she is coming into the truth because I am in the truth or because she really loves the truth. It's been a long gradual process that we have all had to work hard at and we have all needed a lot of patience. That's why I chose my mum and another particular sister to take her study with as they are the most patient and gentle sisters I know which is something she needed.

    It has taken us all 5 years to get to this point and my wife has done tremendously well and I am so proud of her. She loves the ministry is regular at the meetings and is much loved member of the congregation.

    I remember at times when it was most hardest thinking as long as she eventually gets there I will be happy. She has got baptised for all the right reasons, because she wants to not because I am in the truth. I feel like Jehovah has answered prayers that I have been asking for the past 7 years. He answered them in his own time and I love him so much for it.

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    Pioneering, Curcuit Training, Running, Singing and playing guitar. Listening to loud electronic music.
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    I only read theocratic material.
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    Raging Drum and Bass, Ambient music, Good quality electronic music, Classic rock, Kingdom melodies.

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  1. Black Hole

    This one has pretty good graphics and tries to show the mass contained in different sized black holes. The last one is rediculous.
  2. Black Hole

    Here are some videos to help you try to comprehend it. Enjoy
  3. Daniel Prophecy Book

    So I just checked and this book is no longer available to be ordered from the branch. Does this mean we are going to get an updated book somewhen over the next few years? I hope so as I have enjoyed using this book in trying to convince people the bible is inspired.
  4. In Bristol their is a Chinese language group. 30 miles away.
  5. Heres the link https://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fjw-russia.org Just tap on "report from the courtroom" for live updates
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I showed him the traditional Chinese (CH) so I will take him some literature in that but I will also take a simplified one and I will ask him in the future which he prefers. Thank you once again for your help.
  7. So I used this book for the first time today and got a return visit where I said I would return with some literature. The person understood the type of Chinese in the "Good News For People Of All Nations Book" but I am unsure which type of Chinese it is. I think it is Mandarin but not sure. I don't want to get some literature in Mandarin when it was actually Cantonese. Anybody out there that can confirm what type of Chinese is in that book. This would be much appreciated.
  8. To say I have had one of the best weekends in my life is an understatement. I love my wife and seeing her get baptised was incredible. Now I can look forward to spending forever with her in paradise. :)


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    2. Lance


      Wonderful... so happy for you ....

    3. MentalProject


      @hatcheckgirl We landed in Melbourne and then travelled up to Chinchilla and picked/packed melons for a couple of months then we moved and worked 100miles west of Brisbane near Gatton on a sweet potato/spring onion/ginger farm for 6 months (this was the farm mentioned in my experience) then we left there travelled up the east coast to Magnetic Island and then took 6 days to drive over to Perth.


      On our travels we visited :-




      Gold Coast

      Sunshine Coast

      Airlie Beach


      Great Ocean Road

      and some other little towns and beaches.

    4. hatcheckgirl


      Wow! Seen much more of Australia than most of us!

  9. Rare Steak Anyone?

    Rare, medium, or well done? Whats the difference between blood residue, cooked blood residue or overly cooked blood residue? Is cooked blood residue okay but uncooked not? Is cooked blood sausage okay but uncooked not? Whats the difference between residual blood in bled meat and blood? All good questions to consider with quite obvious answers.
  10. Fatal stabbing at a KH in the UK

    If you look at the pictures on the news you will see the carts outside the Kingdom Hall entrance. The publishers bringing the carts back found him. That must of been terrible. Yes our prayers definitely go out to the family and congregations involved.
  11. Fatal stabbing at a KH in the UK

    Unfortunately it was a brother from Bideford congregation. He was working on the alarm system there, he used to do all the Kingdom Hall alarms. Really sad he used to be in our congregation back in about the 70s so my mum says. I have a name but will wait till it is made public.
  12. Quite correct. If someone was hurting my wife all pacifism would go out the window along with the perpetrator.
  13. There is so much wrong with this article it's ridiculous. For instance:- According to Dvorkin, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, having initiated the initiative to liquidate the parent organization Jehovah's Witnesses, primarily pursued the goal of "protecting the civil rights of members of this organization."

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