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  1. Supplicating prayers for our dear young sister that her spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health be stabilized quickly.. Losing a child In the womb, can be very difficult for a woman to experience . Although we are not under the Mosaic law, the principle applies. There is much to answer for on the part of the opposes. It 2 pgs 674-675 When once a child had been conceived, the developing embryo or fetus was considered a soul. Action that resulted in killing a developing child in the womb was handled according to the rule “soul for soul.” (Ex 21:22, 23)
  2. booboo

    My ancestry DNA results!

    Sounds like plan😜 it would be a hoot if there was any Polish in me! although I’m sure there is aEuropean blood connection in our family.
  3. booboo

    My ancestry DNA results!

    Just ordered mine last night. The lower price was definitely a draw. Have been wanting to do this for a few years. Although both sets of my grandparents parents immigrated from Mexico, family lore has it there is Mexican Indian (Aztec on Mom's side) , Spanish, Italian and from Dads side Philippino mixed in. Will be interesting to see the results.
  4. booboo

    My ancestry DNA results!

    So one might say you're a pretty colorful guy ! ( cue drum roll and cymbal clash)😝🤣😘
  5. This made me smile. Luv you too my sweet sister 😘😘🙏
  6. Ugh! I have a whole new bag in the crisper. Glad i didn't use it with our dinner salad tonight. Thanks for the heads up😚
  7. Yeah i doubt it 😑 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joshua_Johnson_(journalist)
  8. booboo

    California Fires

  9. https://www.jw.org/en/news/jw/region/united-states/california-wildfires-20181115/ The report says a brother and his worldly mother died as well as an elderly sister has also died in the fire. 🙏
  10. booboo

    California Fires

    Wow! Isn’t Santa Rosa about 100 miles away? Such devastation. Will be so great full when the earth is restored to the Real Paradise🙏 stay safe my brothers and sisters.
  11. booboo

    California Fires

    Thanks for the info. My prayers for our brothers and sisters in that area for their safety. Heard on the news that because the fire moved so quickly that they feared not all residents were able to escape. 🙏
  12. Hmmmmm maybe Jonah could help out with that.😝😝

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