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  1. Boo hoo Just got a message our meeting is cancelled due to the snowstorm in our area I was really looking forward to the watchtower lesson discussion. Oh well.At least we don’t have to deal with the mall traffic getting to the kingdom hall. :wacko:

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    2. booboo


      @Ross :lol: trolls that's great, no wonder I have never been above the bridge! Nope! Just Yoopers. Its a balmy 8 degrees under the bridge today. Brrrrrr

    3. Loopy


      I dont know what Ross has for temperature, but it’s -2f where I live and wind chill of -21f. 


      Talk about brrrr.


      Keep warm. 

    4. Friends just call me Ross
  2. Almost mind boggling! What a wonderful gift!
  3. The Index and Research Guide is on my iPad. Putting up the pic Incase anyone else was confused like myself. p.s. Yup what Tortuga said. not on Android yet.
  4. Replacing the Watchtower Sign.

    I am convinced that Satan and his hoardes do!
  5. How can this be viewed in English using an ipad? (no right click capability) Sorry if I missed the answer to this question. Thanks
  6. Pressure pot cooking

    I have used a pressure cooker for well over 25 years as well. So far so good. Although the seal/rubber gasket has been replaced. A great way to cook and tenderize baby back ribs before the sauce. We recently purchased a slow cooker and love the results. Nice to come home to a cooked meal with out a lot of pre-fussing. Great for the budget as well. An example: When making a roast,we don't mind left overs,using the meat to prepare other meals such as a pork roast with veggies one night,then use the left over meat for pulled pork sandwich's for lunch or a light dinner. I hope to get more adventurous with the slow cooker. Oddly enough I need to start a pork loin in the slow cooker right now so our dinner will be done when we come home from late afternoon meeting (yum dinner is a 6:00 :)!
  7. Wow! I think the article may have a spelling error in the last paragraph perhaps it meant to say "Dianetics " instead of "diabetics". Quote"Earlier in March 2017, the FSB also searched a diabetics and scientology center outside Moscow in connection with the investigation in St Petersburg. The investigators believe that the Church of Scientology of Saint Petersburg has been involved in illegal entrepreneurship since early 2013.
  8. Yes reminded me of the final video from the 2016 video where the friends are in a basement when the "authorities" come to get them and they are standing firm and resolute. Jehovah knows what he is doing.

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