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  1. I can’t help but think that this tattoing obsession is a direct assault, by Satan, mocking Jehovah’s sovereignty by influencing Jehovah’s creation to disfigure themselves. I heard a radio interview not long ago, where a Physcologist said the tattoing trend is a Body Dysmorphia Syndrome, which is the idea that their bodies are not acceptable as is, causing the individual to “cover over” what they find not to be acceptable. Satan’s media makes all this tattoing look “normal”. When really it is a mental condition as well a a spiritual problem. It vol2 TATTOO A permanent mark or design on the skin made by cutting the skin to produce scars or by inserting coloring matter under the skin. The Israelites were forbidden to engage in this practice, one that was common among some other ancient peoples. (Le 19:28) For example, there were times when the Egyptians tattooed the names or symbols of their deities on their breast or arms. By complying with Jehovah’s law not to disfigure their bodies, the Israelites would have stood out as different from other nations. (De 14:1, 2) The prohibition would also have impressed upon them a proper respect for the human body as God’s creation, to be used in honoring him.—Ps 100:3; 139:13-16; Ro 12:1.
  2. booboo


    The "original Ferdinand"
  3. 130 Gilead Graduation w 11 8/1 Will You Make the Old New?” Gilead instructor Mark Noumair posed that question in his talk. He discussed 1 John 2:7, 8, wherein the apostle John mentioned “an old commandment” that was also “a new commandment.” Both referred to the same commandment—that Christ’s followers love one another unselfishly, with a self-sacrificing spirit. (John 13:34, 35) The command was old in that it had been laid upon Jesus’ followers decades earlier by Christ himself; it was also new, though, in that Christians were facing new challenges and needed to show love in new and fuller ways. Missionaries too face a new set of circumstances and need to learn to show love in new ways. What is the key to doing so? “Don’t become the thing you hate,” exhorted Brother Noumair. He warned that if we see behavior we hate yet respond in kind, we become what we hate, which is a self-destructive course. On the other hand, if we respond to such challenges by finding new ways to show love, we shine “the true light” and dispel spiritual darkness.
  4. Whoo how you get the golden star prize! Thank you. Mystery solved. But yet the mystery remains is where was the video of him presenting the talk.hmmmmmm
  5. Brother Tortuga, i did see that reference in the online library,the only thing is it did not have the reference to "dont become" that is included in the afore-referenced notes. Alas the mystery deepens.😖
  6. Ok i googled "dont become the thing you hate Mark Noumair" and found this. I have no idea of who owns or wrote these notes. Anyhow, perhaps my sleuthing has revealed the name of the talk. (i thinking it must have been available on the Broadcast at some point). Dont fee is it so crazy now😜.
  7. Oops forgot to say that: When you long press you need to drag the app up to the screen. FYI iPad 2,3,4 and iPad mini 2,3 do not have full dual screen capabilities where the second app remains in view when actively using the first open screen.
  8. Hi Sis, you need to open either app first, (or add jwlib to your menu bar and you only need to open your note taking app first) then swipe up your menu bar from the bottom of the screen, long press the second app you want to use and viola!
  9. Ps. The second picture shows the screens adjusted in size but still in full dual screen mode. The picture below shows dual screens but the right screen is not i full mode and can be moved to either side or slid off screen quickly but can still be swiped back into view.
  10. I like Notability. Great for handwritten, typed notes, recording feature, downloaded/imports etc. I also use Documents App that is a great file management app and has a browser download feature.
  11. This sounds familiar but I too cannot remember where it was broadcast. Hope someone can locate it.
  12. I noticed this. 1st pic : 2013 Rev and Hard copy is 1995 revision of the 1984 edition. 2nd pic includes the 1974 revised edition.
  13. booboo

    Newsweek Cover

    Ummm already a thread for this P.s. 😀😍
  14. booboo

    Newsweek Cover

    Don’t know if this belongs in this thread. Been waiting for this.... Saw this on my newsfeed this morning https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/rambling-reporter/leah-reminis-next-a-e-project-tackle-jehovahs-witnesses-1114006. for those who don’t know, she is an American TV actress who left Scientology and has been “exposing “ that religion in scathing tv programs and interviews. Although what she presents may well be true and her viewpoint well founded, she presents her expose filled with hate, anger and retaliation. I can imagine she will try the same tactics against Jehovah’s organization.

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