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    I was training a horse for a couple where the wife was a witness. When we got flooded out of our home they took me in with my husband and baby. I started studying with her everyday and began going to the meetings the next night. I knew it was the truth right away.
    The sister that studied with me helped me when my next 2 babies were born, I was baptized when I was pregnant with my third, unbeknownst to me at the time. So my 3rd child feels he has been baptized twice. lol

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    My relationship with Jehovah, Bible reading, Meetings and Preaching. My Family both physical and spiritual and All things that Jehovah created.
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    My Sister's Keeper, Louis L'amour's books
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    Simon and Garfunkel, James Taylor, Cat Stevens
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    International Velvet, Lonesome Dove, Broken Trail

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  1. Yes horses are the best thing that Jehovah made.😁
  2. Toy Poodles

    So I Placed a Bible and......

    Very nice article about how the Newsweek cover with the bear claw was created.
  3. The program looks very thrilling. Going over the symposiums for Friday and Saturday have some pretty strong symposiums just comparing the fleshly person with the spiritual, those seem like they will be hard hitters, but then Sunday's symposium - proclamation of the hailstones- looks like we may have some big changes soon, hopefully in our message to people. Jehovah has a history of warning his people right before he rained down hailstones in the past, so that may be our message, who knows, just super exciting
  4. Toy Poodles

    Evil Men and System

    What a beautiful attitude Bro.Grimes has!! Just reading that article has humbled me.
  5. This is exactly what my hope is! I know I may be being selfish but I want to do all I can to make sure my grandkids make it through Armaggedon. Whose to say if Armaggedon comes right when they hit puberty I would be devastated if their attitude kept them from making it. Train them while they are young. Yes, I have done that with my own children but my younger grandkids are 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 and so such materials would be destroyed in one sitting.
  6. Well the maker of the PJ Masks and other toy characters have these kind of bodies. They could be copied in structure but made to look like brothers and sisters. I don't mind if someone wants to make money, if they are putting the time, effort, imagination and creativity into the toys then I would gladly pay! This morning my 3 1/2 yr old grandson would rather play with his PJMask toy than go out in service. I helped get him ready for service. It would be so wonderful to play with my grandkids about service or meetings and then when it is time to participate in such activities then the kids would be so excited to do them.
  7. I love playing with my grandkids, I just wish so much that there were toys available that praise Jehovah! I would like a sturdy kingdom Hall (built box shape out of wood or plastic) made so you can open it up and inside are seats and a podium on a small stage and behind the podium is a screen. There would be plastic brothers and sisters that have movable legs and arms so you can walk them into the kingdom Hall and then they have movable hips and knees so they can sit down. Also movable elbows for shaking hands. Hands should be in a grasp position so a child can pop a briefcase or purse handle into the hands or a pen. The podium has a button to push and assorted favorite Scriptures will talk - Ps. 83:18 and have a brief positive sentence or 2 about the scripture so when one puts a brother behind the podium it looks and sounds like he is giving a talk. I want a button at the screen so it shows clips from our jw videos about paradise and/or about bible characters and events. I want a bigger play structure for going to bethel with Caleb and Sophia with their parents and look alike figures of our wonderful Brothers from our broadcasting. Children will know these awesome brothers by name and feel like they know them for real. A plastic red Sea that divides in two with Egyptian chariots and Isrealite people and of course Moses. And a button to push that makes the sound of Jehovah's voice and Moses and the sound of the Isrealites being scared and the chariots being demolished- directly taken from our jw videos. I can go on and on but wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to purchase these toys instead of PJMask or Paw Patrol etc. And instead be able to sit and play about our life serving Jehovah!!!!
  8. Toy Poodles

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    President Lenin Moreno said there were no immediate reports of victims or major damage from the quake, which jolted many Ecuadoreans who were still in bed shortly after 6 a.m. (1100 GMT). It was felt in 12 provinces across the country. They also expressed optimism that Ecuadoreans were better prepared for a natural disaster after rebuilding from last year's magnitude 7.8 quake along the Pacific coast that left more than 600 people dead and thousands more injured and homeless.
  9. I think so, even though Putin has directed this to Stalin's autrocious actions, Putin has not learned anything from the past and us therefore repeating it. Does he think that trying to make himself look good by this statue that people will forget his autrocities? Mr Putin said: "An unequivocal and clear assessment of the repression will help to prevent it being repeated." "This terrible past must not be erased from our national memory and cannot be justified by anything.
  10. Another sign of BTG losing her grip.
  11. Toy Poodles

    Fire in a San Antonio complex

    Nice to hear some positive news about us!
  12. Toy Poodles

    Study Tablet-What NOT to buy!

    I bought a Kindle fire this year because my iPad Air wouldn't charge anymore. So far the Kindle Fire works great and it does as well as my iPad. I have had it for 4 months. Hope this helps.
  13. Soooo, would that mean by the time we get to Revelations that we get a new Revelation Book!!!!!! Woohoo!!!
  14. Toy Poodles

    Serving up beer with Bible study

    That’s ale well and good but it's Not ale it’s cracked up to be.” You started it Richard Lol.
  15. Toy Poodles

    Things You Shouldn't Say!

    What you shouldn't say to someone who just took a publication from a cart. You don't want that one, since you are a smoker you need this one. What not to say to your skydive trainer?

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