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  1. Not a mistake. As you state it's just something you discovered unintentionally.
  2. When I made my own epubs of the KMs, I wrote them in notepad. Using a template. They're basically self-contained websites.
  3. Every device that can run iOS8 can run iOS9.
  4. Many things are a computer https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/computer NOUN 1 An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program.
  5. Tree lost a few limbs and my shed decided to go across the street through my neighbors back yard. Thankfully it left my belongings behind.
  6. Edge of the eye-wall hitting our area. Just lost power. Thought I might skate by with power this storm like Matthew but didn't make it.
  7. Our local news meteorologists are thinking the same thing. I'm wondering if the 11pm update track from the hurricane center will reflect this or if they still expect it to shift NNW.
  8. Requirements are set out on the signup page: https://serviceplanner.me/beta-signup/
  9. Have you tried setting the target display to none?
  10. When you pull down to refresh, what's your "last updated" time?
  11. Unless the new world comes before that happens. Problem solved. But really, you may be counting your chickens before they hatch. According to Wikipedia, there is no device out there that runs iOS 8 that can't run iOS 9. Not supporting that operating system means less work for our developers and testers. Our brothers also have access to analytics like which devices are using JW Library and what iOS version they are on. According to the May broadcast... So yes, it's a real possibility but any changes that are made are doing so for the benefit of the whole brotherhood. Perhaps by the time such a change is made, the cost of a apple device (new or used) that runs a supported version of JW Library will be very accessible. We'll have to wait and see.
  12. https://www.jw.org/download/?&output=mp4&pub=cpw
  13. JWPUB is the file format for JW Library files. https://www.jw.org/download/?fileformat=&output=html&pub=sjj

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