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    Western United States
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    My best friends Mom was studying. It made sense. My best friend and I started going to the meetings, and out in then door to door work. We were baptized the next year. Had no personal bible study. Have you any idea just how wonderful things are today, vs. what happened in the early 60's?
    But I do consider my self so blessed. So blessed....

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    My life in the truth, and all it entails. My husband, though not in the truth yet is a big part of my life. Plus, I love the outdoors, good hard work, and our dogs and cats. Outside, I am a dog person, inside, a cat person. We have 4 dogs, and 3 cats. One of those cats is mine. Batgirl. She is asleep right by me on the couch. I am hers, too.
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    Of course, our theocratic literature. Beyond that, fiction, Clive Cussler. Not in depth literature. e. e. Cummings is one of my favorite poets. Not much time for that though.
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    Eclectic. Late 40's and 50's country music. Mandy Patinkin is one of my most favorite singers. I pretty well enjoy music. In the new system, I will have a great singing voice, learn to play the violin, and go from there. Oh, Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy.
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    Older musicals, Finding Nemo, Star Trek, Documentaries.
    Television. Doc Martin, Antique Roadshow, A movie, if I can find a decent one. Not much television.

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  1. Speaking of pets names...You’ve already been introduced to Hop Along, our three legged kitty. Then there is Mister Demeanor. (I was threatened with a misdemeanor for not getting him fixed soon enough. (Yes, he got fixed, but on the vets schedule) Then Batgirl. Her paws look like the old Batman insignia. 

    Past names. Pole Cat. Really long legs. Kitten-Pom, Kittenpom, name of some place hereabouts. 

    We do have typical names. Oh, Ivy. (Before the political mess) here, anyway. We got her from some Russians in the state of Washington. She got stuck with, “Ivanka”. 

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    2. RichardPNZ


      My dog Cleo was a group decision. She had come in from the pound which is right next to the SPCA where I was volunteering. She had spent time there before coming to be rehomed . We were talking about what to name her when Cleo was suggested.

      I then regularly spent time with her working on her shyness before she came home with me at about 5 months old.

    3. SueFrog



      Well, you asked for it.....he is named after a dog on the greek island of Kalamaki😹

      Many years ago, myself and my hubby visited Kalamaki and it was beautiful and romantic and everything we could wish for. One of the "Local Characters" of our village was Dave the Dog. Technically he was a stray but he was so friendly and lovable. He regularly did his rounds and visited all the apartments and got fed in every bar. On our return from that holiday, we literally stepped out of the taxi and their was a stray white kitten meowing on our doorstep. Long story short,  nobody knew where the stray kitty belonged but it was clear that he had adopted us. We went through the obvious choices of names for him, but "Dave" seemed so right. 😂

      So there ya go, named after a dog in Greece. Obvious aint it😂😂

    4. Sylv


      My girls have both their registered kennel names given by the breeders:

      Bella vom Wofenhaus is called Suki, which comes from the Suzuki motorcycle we had, and Aphrodite de Domus Didacus is called Diva. She came to us at 18 months old.


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