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    Rocky Mountains
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    FEB 1995

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    A very long story. I will have to take some time to write it all out.

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    I enjoy playing Chess and a variety of sports such as Tennis, Basketball, and Football. I like to watch the Wimbledon, US Open, the NBA & NFL, and international soccer. I don't think of this as a hobby, but some of the most enjoyable moments I have had was when I was doing deep research on a particular question that developed in my mind from the scriptures or some theocratic question, and then finally finding the answer and seeing Jehovah's view on that specific matter! These are special moments to me because my mind is then opened up and I see how much Jehovah's ways are so incredibly more loving and higher than how I think! And so then these moments put me in "awe" of Him and that's when I realize that I just at that moment drew closer to Him! So these are moments that I really value and want to experience more.
    I also really love all animals and I have a burning desire to spend a great deal of time with the great variety of animals in the New World!
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    Mostly astronomy, cosmology, and anything of science that helps me learn about Jehovah as the Great Designer and Engineer
  • My favorite music
    I do love music but I seem to like genres & artists that other brothers in my area don't really listen to like Mario Frangoulis(Greek Tenor), Vittorio, Josh Groban(saw him 2x live in concert), Andrea Bocelli, Lara Fabian.
    Yet I also really like 80s R&B like Jeffrey Osborne, Peabo Bryson, Toni Braxton, James Ingram.
    There are other genres & singers I listen to like Marc Anthony(Spanish), Daughtry(Rock), and Sarah McLachlan.

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  1. What will you receive for all that you have given up?


    A permanent place in Jehovah's heart!!! 

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    2. Beggar for the Spirit

      Beggar for the Spirit

      Brenda, the "beautiful comment" was from Brother Lett during his talk from the 2017 Annual Meeting.

      I believe the title was: “Never Give Up Much for Little”. And when speaking about the good example of Abraham who did the opposite, he "gave up little for much", then Bro.Lett said,

      “What did Abraham receive for what he gave up?"

      “A permanent place in Jehovah’s heart!”


    3. Brenda


      I'll go listen to that talk again.  I forget more than I remember.  That's why I need constant reminders.  LOL  Thanks Bro Neil. 

    4. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      I loved that point Neil ..... thanks for helping us remember I’m like you Brenda I forget more Than I  Remember so I have a little journal and when a gem like that touches me I put it in my journal amd when I feel over whelmed and dont know exactly what to study I read those gems and special scriptures I’ve recored over the years . Always encourages me . 


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