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  1. Gregexplore

    Newsweek Cover

    Would that be, with Trump's current tariffs imposed or without it? LOL
  2. Gregexplore

    Newsweek Cover

    Good old times ...LOL Where? Nothing is popping... for me?
  3. Lots of history there... (many Australians do travel to Iran, but I think with current mood of political tensions they will stop)
  4. I would say that any regime needs support of it's people Communism fell within months, when "general population" turned against communist government in Poland Even Russia's threat of invasion did not stop "a revolution", it actually triggered greater resistance. Government lost control over the army, as officers refused to shoot .."mothers and family" Government officials were "kindly" rolled out from the offices on the wheelbarrows. North Korea too, can't feed its people, and regime is taking note of that.
  5. Interesting how Iranian people feel about economy: (data from April 2018) About two thirds of Iranians make positive assessments of Iran’s government and general direction. Asked, “Generally speaking, do you think things in Iran today are going in the right direction or . . . the wrong direction?” 65 percent say things are moving in the right direction, while 24 percent disagree. However, Iranians make an exception about the economy. A 49 percent plurality said they were “mostly dissatisfied with Iran’s economy,” while 36 percent said they were mostly satisfied. https://mronline.org/2008/04/12/what-do-iranians-think-of-their-own-government/ So, if the strongest sanctions will hit Iran ..how Iranian people will support the government as they are already dissatisfied with economy?
  6. Tehran will struggle to “keep its economy alive” if it does not comply with a list of 12 US demands, including Iranian withdrawal from Syria, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo vowed on Monday. Speaking at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing Washington think tank, Pompeo laid out a list of 12 “basic requirements” for Iran. The demands call on Iran to withdraw from Syria, "release all US citizens," end support for Houthi rebels in Yemen, stop “enrichment" of uranium, and promise never to process plutonium. Iran must also allow "unqualified access to all nuclear sites throughout the country," Pompeo said. He promised that the US would impose the "strongest sanctions in history" if Iran failed to comply with these demands. Pompeo said that “the sting of sanctions will be painful” and Iran will struggle to “keep its economy alive” if Tehran “does not change its course from the unacceptable and unproductive path it has chosen.” https://www.rt.com/usa/427312-us-iran-financial-pressure/ "In the strategy we laid out today, we want the support of our most important allies and partners in the region and around the globe," Pompeo said in his address to the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC. "Certainly our European friends, but much more than that. "I want the Australians, the Bahrainis, the Egyptians, the Indians, the Japanese, the Jordanians, the Kuwaitis, the Omanis, the Qataris, the Saudi Arabians, South Korea, the UAE, and many, many others worldwide to join in this effort against the Islamic Republic of Iran. http://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/us-threatens-iran-with-worst-sanctions-yet/news-story/c495fd06930869fbb3e3e82db561cffb
  7. I made similar decision just recently. Decided not to visit certain Arab country where holding hands in public is "an offense" Legal system (in that country) based on a hard-line interpretation of Shariah law often lands foreigners in jail for offenses that few Westerners would dream were even crimes.
  8. I'll be following this thread closely ..LOL
  9. It only takes 3 oranges to make you and others happy!


    1. RichardPNZ


      Or in your case 3 doughnuts

  10. Other videos on the internet, propose occurrence of the collapse roughly every 200.000 years. Interesting video nonetheless.
  11. I like this article Different Voices, Different Decisions Does the fact that two Christians might reach different conclusions suggest that it makes no difference what a person does or that one of these two must have a weak conscience? No. Explore more in the article.. W07 10/15
  12. I understand your frustration, but trust me, (speaking of myself) I hardly have time for "sofa" time. Yesterday I have spent 9 hours Witnessing, today in morning as well ..feeling tired, but I have to prepare for the meeting and Cart Training session after the meeting for tomorrow, I leave in so called "good, affluent, lazy country" but I see so many hard working brothers .. You comment can "hurt" many faithful brothers and sisters ... speaking openly how I feel about it. This thread should be encouraging. Let's not get into the "judgmental tone" PLEASE.
  13. Living Forever.... one day famous saying: So much to do, so little time... will be extinct It will be replaced by: So much to do, so much time to spare ..
  14. How do you organize your computer? What is your home page or starting point? I currently use protopage ...looking for a change...

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