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  1. Anyone here from Calgary - Canada area? Need some advise.

    1. Miss Mouse

      Miss Mouse

      I have a very good friend in Calgary I can ask her Greg ..... I’m going for a visit also in February .its -10 C right now in Calgary 😨

    2. Sylv


      My niece and her husband live there. I would be happy to pass on any questions. 

  2. So now I am confused..because Tortuga is both...inside the shell, and when he comes out of the shell...LOL When I thought I understand people, you had to throw this sentence out...LOL
  3. If you haven't heard of Marie Kondo yet, it won't be long before you do. Thanks to her new Netflix programme, the Japanese tidying guru has become January's "It girl". Chance is, you already know someone who is using her "KonMari" method, which promises not only a de-cluttered house, but also a clean mind. "When you put your house in order, you put your affairs, and your past in order, too," Kondo explains in her 2014 book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. "As a result, you can see quite clearly what you need and what you don't, and what you should and shouldn't do." But is it really as simple as asking whether everything you own truly "sparks joy" and then throwing away anything that doesn't? "Do we just assume that de-cluttering is a good thing because it's the opposite of hoarding?" New York psychologist Vivien Diller wondered in The Atlantic back in 2015, pointing to patients who felt a compulsive need to de-clutter. "You take somebody who cannot tolerate mess or cannot sit still without cleaning or throwing things out, and we're talking about a symptom," she noted. So where, exactly, does all this leave those of us who really aren't that bothered by a little bit of mess, and are never likely to consider whether their socks truly give them joy? https://www.bbc.com/news/world-46875137
  4. 2 eggs per serving ( 3 times -weekly..talking about 6-7 eggs every week) Over an entire year your consumption of eggs is contributing 115kg to your annual greenhouse gas emissions. That's the equivalent of driving a regular petrol car 296 miles (476km). the same as heating the average UK home for 18 days. Your consumption of eggs also uses 14,349 litres of water, equal to 220 showers lasting eight minutes. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-46865204
  5. Israel had a land flowing with milk and honey, and it appears Arizona's land is flowing with chocolate LOL
  6. Congratulations dear brother! (:P)....:hugs:

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Tortuga
    3. Tortuga


      I still get to throw peanuts from the gallery, except now I have to clean up the shells..:popcorn:

    4. rlyem


      I thought you were a regular pioneer now, maybe someday :)

  7. Gregexplore

    Russia Warns of U.S. War

    Just a small correction dear friend: Russian media appeared to threaten Europe and the world with an article in MK.ru saying that a new nuclear torpedo could create towering tsunami waves and destroy vast swaths of the earth's population. Appeared... it's a sensational expression in this case.
  8. Very hot here Down Under: Towns along the Murray River will face the most intense weather on Wednesday: Mildura, Echuca, Swan Hill and Wodonga are all expected to reach +46C degrees.

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    2. hatcheckgirl



      The Bom is forecasting purple and red everywhere because the front has stalled!  Ours starts Friday with 40C on Sunday 😟

    3. Gregexplore


      We are "cooking" here in Melbourne ..soon I'll be able to bake donuts without oven LOL

      Do I see Oak Valley +49C.... :scared:

    4. Vinnie


      Wow, talk about cooking with solar  fire.  I still cannot imagine that kind of heat. I like it warm but that's too much over the top.  It was -15C here yesterday if that makes you feel any cooler.


      I'll send you some ice cubes. Don't  have to tell you friends to stay out of the sun eh?  X(   You'll be roasted.



  9. They are mostly young students and non Australians, we only had 1 Aussie studying and getting baptised. We have Chinese suburb on our territory as well... When it comes to Aussies.. unfortunately, it’s very difficult. Also the number of studies is boosted well with many children of baptised brothers and sisters still studying and making their way to baptism, and total figure reflects that.
  10. Friends, Could someone point to webpages, contacts of brothers and sisters who specialise in tours to Warwick Big thank you in advance
  11. We have 46 studies in 120 publishers in the congregation, many progressing nicely.
  12. Are you paying for my fare...? I took this as invitation, all cost covered ..LOL Bringing donuts....
  13. There are plenty of different tours to choose from... Penguins as well.

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