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  1. Tel Aviv has reportedly deployed additional ground forces, including tanks, to the Gaza Strip border after more than 300 rockets were fired at Israel, triggering airstrikes against some 70 targets across the Palestinian enclave. The Israeli military began reinforcing its positions along the Gazan border on Monday night after the army was reportedly given a green light to act against Hamas militants if the rocket fire against southern Israeli communities continues. Columns of trucks carrying armored vehicles were recorded heading to the border just at IDF warned Hamas of an “iron fist” response to the most rigorous shelling of Israel since the 2014 Gaza war. Israel has yet to announce its official response to the unprecedented flare-up in violence which was witnessed on Monday after more than 300 rockets were fired at Israel. Hamas said it was a retaliation against an assassination operation during which the IDF entered two miles inside Gaza. https://www.rt.com/news/443810-israel-tanks-gaza-border/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS
  2. Gregexplore

    Melbourne attack

    We went to another part of the City - but apparently Bourke St, was off limits in the morning. Heavy present of Police (groups of 5) visible quite often. We had few good conversations.
  3. Gregexplore

    Melbourne attack

    Thank you ALL for your care and love
  4. Gregexplore

    Melbourne attack

    Thank you Lucy, ..we need courage in these last days. Metropolitan Witnessing in Melbourne will continue but we need our eyes open. Hmm... terrible. Going back there tomorrow at 7am till 9am. hmmm...strange feeling.
  5. Melbourne attack: Man arrested after fire and stabbings A man has been arrested after setting a car on fire and stabbing three people - one fatally - in central Melbourne, Australia. Officers were initially called to reports of a car fire near Bourke Street, a busy thoroughfare, at about 16:20 local time (05:20 GMT). "As they got out of the car, they were confronted by a male brandishing a knife and threatening them," Supt David Clayton said in a news conference. "At the same time, passers-by were calling out that members of the public had been stabbed." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-46147581 I was doing Metropolitan Witnessing there, with my wife and another sister prior to the attack , we just packed up before this attack!
  6. The Borg is not a cube anymore?
  7. Gregexplore

    Today is Election Day in US

    1914 ... Titanic cruising 2018 ... Titanic already has a large crack ... sinking fast
  8. Gregexplore

    Post a picture... Any picture

    Astrophotography 25 seconds exposure. Milky Way.
  9. We all have "control" over amount of our personal involvement here... It's all about choices ... we choose to comment, or even answer to our comment when quoted.. we control the flow.
  10. Gregexplore

    Koreans want to become JW's

    I would say.... Registering becomes validated on the date of your baptism.. But firstly you need to study the Bible ..let's say for a year.. Become unbaptized publisher of the good news and preaching actively from door to door (there it goes your weekend! LOL ) Attend meetings regularly (twice a week) Clean up your life morally if needed Develop unselfish love Are you ready to begin steps? When would you like to begin the study? LOL
  11. Do you have pancakes with blueberries for breakfast?
  12. Fill the house with water Buy gondola on e-bay Send them postcard from Venice ..LOL
  13. Personal time: Book... reading book, yes definitely reading book. But before that, I would go to a local bakery to see donut production LOL Spiritual time: Engage in the ministry with local brothers and sisters - fun ..new friends!
  14. This would be my desirable bicycle ride... (Mt.Cook area - New Zealand)
  15. John, you would love Switzerland to visit or Southern part of New Zealand.

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