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  1. Wine and stuff like that

    Brother Johan, when in Australia please drop in and visit me I’ll give you tour of Yarra Valley, wine is just excellent! And no factories in sight. They call the region “Epicurean region” for a reason LOL Is wine popular in Sweden?
  2. Wine and stuff like that

    We have MANY boutique like wineries in Victoria and South Australia - I disagree. about statement of modern factory. I live near winery region called Yarra Valley. (Eastern part Melbourne has easy access to the area 45min drive.) We have MANY boutique like wineries in Victoria and South Australia - I disagree. about statement of modern factory. I live near winery region called Yarra Valley. (Eastern part Melbourne has easy access to the area 45min drive.) We have MANY boutique like wineries in Victoria and South Australia - I disagree. about statement of modern factory. I live near winery region called Yarra Valley. (Eastern part Melbourne has easy access to the area 45min drive.)
  3. Wine and stuff like that

    How else do you "experience" flying helicopter without actually being in one?
  4. Wine and stuff like that

    Not in Australia, no alcohol whatsoever. (The prices on the ship were not too bad.)
  5. I think I will give another try
  6. Apply Yourself to the Field Ministry
    Small enhancements coming in 2018 :D

    1. Luezette


      Yes, and so looking forward to those enhancements.  

    2. MizPeg


      Interesting change of pace, eh?

    3. Luezette


      Oh absolutely!!!

      The work is changing! Now our focus will be on those who are "righteously disposed." 


      The end is near!

      And of course there will be more information and instruction. 

  7. Thanks for help ..but for now I'll give a rest (do not have time to play with computer..)
  8. Windows 7 64bit SSD as primary drive i7 intel processor (1 year old) dont know which generation etc 16gb RAM I am too scared to re-install Malwarebytes now.
  9. It wasn't a minute .. but 30 min of total "lock-down" of my computer... and this is the part that I don't understand. (I understand your point)
  10. Hmmmm.. don't know but it is "exterminated" now ... too heavy for my taste. If that's the footprint then I don't want it
  11. “calm before the storm,”

    Perhaps he wants to win a war with 3 ships and have a name printed in the Guinness book? LOL Anyway ..that's overkill..he does not need a submarine ...LOL ...LOL
  12. I have installed Malwarebytes and it made my computer unresponsive to the point that to open word document or email it took 20 min. I removed Malwarebytes ... and immediately computer is back to normal fast response ...what I joke of a program (nobody will convince me otherwise) STAY AWAY from it folks !
  13. Facts about glass Glass is natural Glass is created by melting minerals together at high temperatures. Silica, a form of sand, is the main ingredient and is combined with soda ash and limestone melted in a furnace at high temperatures. Other materials and minerals can be added to produce different colours. Glass can be made by nature When lightning strikes silica sand, glass can be formed by the high temperature. These glass tube or ‘fulgurites’ are formed when lightning with a temperature of at least 1,800 °C melts the silica and fuses the grains of sand together; this only takes about a second! Glass has been made for over 5,000 years From our earliest origins, man has been making glass. Archaeologists have found evidence of man-made glass dating back to 4,000BC in the form of coatings on stone beads. Around 1,500 BC the Egyptians made the first glass bottles in a state we would recognise today. Glass packaging is pure Glass containers are impermeable, air-tight, and transparent. You can see the freshness of food and beverages. Glass packaging can handle vacuum or high-pressure sealing, safeguarding against moisture and oxygen. This protects food and beverages from spoilage and bacteria. Glass containers are lighter than ever Today’s glass containers are more than 40% lighter than they were 20 years ago. Light weighting efforts continue throughout the industry. Glass recycling has many benefits Glass can be recycled again and again without ever losing its clarity or purity. Every ton of glass recycled prevents the quarrying of 1.2 tons of raw materials. Bottles and jars manufactured in South Africa contain at least 40% recycled content, one of the highest percentages for packaging in South Africa. Glass recycling saves energy Making new glass from recycled glass uses much less energy than using raw materials. The energy saving from recycling just one bottle will power one of the following: A computer for 25 minutes A colour TV for 20 minutes A washing machine for 10 minutes If the average household recycled all their glass in a year, enough energy would be saved to power: A computer for 5 days A colour TV for nearly 4.5 days A washing machine for 2.5 days Glass recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions Recycling reduces the release of CO2 into the atmosphere, helping to minimise climate change. Every ton of new bottles and jars made using recycled glass rather than raw materials prevents the emission of 670 kg of CO2. Glass is coloured by natural colourants Colour can be obtained by simply adding small quantities of different oxides: Amber Glass – Amber is the most common coloured glass, and is produced by adding together iron, sulphur, and carbon. Green Glass – Green Glass is made by adding non-toxic Chrome Oxide; the higher the concentration, the darker the colour. Blue Glass – Blue glass is created by adding cobalt oxide, only a few parts per million is needed to produce a light blue colour such as the shade used for certain bottled waters.
  14. Solar-powered cars from more than 30 countries around the world have begun a biannual 3,000km (1,865-mile) race from Darwin to Adelaide, north to south across the centre of Australia. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the competition. Teams in the World Solar Challenge are made up of students who have built their vehicles with their own hands. Once the teams leave Darwin they must travel as far as they can each day until 17:00 "when they make camp in the desert wherever they happen to be". All teams must be fully self-sufficient.
  15. “calm before the storm,”

    Trump makes cryptic comment again: President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that 25 years of agreements with North Korea have failed, "making fools" of US negotiators. Then he added cryptically that "only one thing will work." Asked by reporters later Saturday about the cryptic tweet, Trump would only say: "You'll figure that out pretty soon." http://edition.cnn.com/2017/10/07/politics/trump-north-korea-negotiations-tweet/index.html

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