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    When I was about 12 I started to read the Watchtower and other publications. My family members and friends didn't like them so they gave them to me.I wrote to Russia Branch but I was able to begin studying the Bible and attend meetings when 17.I was baptized at the age of 19.

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    Learning languages
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    Of course, the Bible. Also I like "Insight" but in Russian we have it only in electronic form. And I like yearbooks very much!
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    The things seen are temporary, but the things unseen are everlasting.

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  1. They probably can understand the official language of their country.
  2. I can assure you that some languages listed there do not exist. I know for sure that there are no sign languages of Moldova and Ukraine. The deaf speak Russian Sign Language there. And as far as I know RSL is spoken by the deaf throughout the former USSR. To my mind some languages are spoken by people who don't use Internet and even don't have electricity.
  3. King of the North, Great Tribulation, Gog of Magog, King of the North...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Victoria


      We live in such an amazing period of time. Scary but very interesting!

    3. Miss Bea

      Miss Bea

      Victoria, dear one, you are such a good example.  I can’t wait to meet you, and give you a big hug. Right now, you are on the front line. With Jehovah and the angels, and prayers going up from all over the earth. 

      Yes, indeed, interesting and exciting times. 

      Until we meet, loads of Christian Love, Bea

    4. ivy


      We love you... :kisscheek:

  4. Victoria

    zero waste

    Reducing garbage is easy and does not take a lot of time. Attitude makes a difference.
  5. Victoria

    zero waste

    During the summer local cows wander everywhere and eat everything they find. They can find much garbage( some is toxic) so we think their milk is not safe to drink. Don't you agree?
  6. Victoria

    zero waste

    So you think I am doing enough not to make things worse? I don't buy plastic bags ( to save money), but I take small free ones to weigh food). I don't use single use plates and cutlery because there's no need to do it. I don't buy water in plastic bottles ( to save money). It's not about the garbage but I don't use a car and try to save water and electricity. So is it enough? You know, I don't worry about planes and other means of transport because I don't own them. But I own my garbage, I myself buy it, it's mine and I am to decide what to do with it. That is my opinion. BTW my husband doesn't want to buy local milk because local cows can eat garbage.
  7. Victoria

    zero waste

    I absolutely agree, balance is important. But I know that some people produce very little garbage though they don't study the Bible and are not going to live forever.But they care about the planet. That made me think that I could do much more and I should do much more that I am doing now. I just didn't care before. I did almost nothing to demonstrate that I share God's view of our planet. I think it's hard to understand when you don't live here. No recycling. We just throw out everything we don't need even toxic things like batteries ( hope it's the right word). We don't throw anything in the streets or in the forest. That is all. The dump is not my problem. That was my thought. Because everyone here thinks so. I am not against airplanes, cars, eating meat and bananas. I guess I am against thoughtless deeds. It is very easy to say: "I cannot change anything! Everyone does it so I do it too". I really don't think such attitude will make Jehovah happy. He knows what I cannot do and what I just don't wanna do. Am I wrong?
  8. Victoria

    zero waste

    "The Bible assures us that every trace of the damage caused by man will be undone when God ‘makes all things new.’ (Revelation 21:5) However, we should not conclude that since God will in time restore the earth, our actions now do not matter. They do! How can we demonstrate that we share God’s view of our planet and support his will for it to be a paradise?". It is written in Awake!2012.
  9. Victoria

    zero waste

    I agree. I know Jehovah won't let people destroy the earth so I don't worry a lot about ecological problems. But I want to do my best to keep the place I live in clean. Thanks everybody for your advice. I will be happy to hear more ideas. I will continue to pray for the wisdom.
  10. Victoria

    zero waste

    I don't know why but I believe that food from supermarkets is better. I like supermarkets so it will be a problem to buy food elsewhere. But I believe that reducing garbage is the right thing to do for Christians. I've already done my first small step - refused a straw:-)
  11. Victoria

    zero waste

    I buy everything at supermarkets and it's impossible to bring my container there. The only possibility is to find an old lady with a cow who sells milk and dairy products. She will use my jar and containers but I am afraid to buy such food, don't know if it's safe.
  12. Victoria

    zero waste

    I think I can start with dairy products. I will try to reduce buying them and maybe find a farmer.
  13. Victoria

    zero waste

    I feel frustrated. I don't think I can change anything in my life to reduce my garbage. All I can do is to persuade myself that I am doing enough. No car, no flying, almost no cosmetics. I don't use single use plates and cutlery because there is no need to do it. But I have to eat something and cook for my husband. The only thing that comes to my mind is to buy canned food because metal is the only thing I can sell for recycling. But it's not cheap and not healthy in my opinion.

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