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  1. Thanks, Eric, as always!
  2. Listening towards the end when Br. Sanderson is explaining how they had to leave Moscow the same night as the negative Supreme Court ruling, one can hear his voice cracking, as if fighting back tears. My eyes started filling up with tears.
  3. Has anyone on the forum the will and the know-how to extract this music? Thanks in advance.
  4. It gives me great pleasure to know that a whole year will be dedicated to learning about Jesus. How he imitated Jehovah, his personality, his teachings, his interactions with humans, his mercy, his humility, his earthly family, Jehovah's support for him during his ministry and in the final days/hours before he died.....indeed, just as John was inspired to write:
  5. In the first week, I’m happy to see the return of interviews. I had missed getting to hear first hand experiences from our brothers. (Don’t get me wrong....I also love the videos but I cherish the in-person interviews, e.g. at the last RC those of the elderly ones and those who lost privileges of service due to injustice and later regained them.)
  6. Jehovah's Witnesses Who Are We Video

    Very brief, simple and to the point! I like it and will show it to many in different languages.
  7. Thanks for the song and lyrics, Eric. Recently we watched a video collection of people walking and using cellphones. The accidents that could have been avoided!!! One was a middle aged lady who fell into a hole in the sidewalk. Really embarrassing!! Food for thought: what if we used our Bible like we used our cellphones?
  8. Put down the phone and look at me! We all need that reminder. I tell it to my daughter all the time, but I too need quite often to be told the same.
  9. If any of our dear brothers and sisters here is able to extract song no. 2 "Jehovah is Your Name" that plays in the background during the interview of Br. Pontien Mukanga, I would be most grateful. Thanks! It is so still and beautiful.
  10. Thank you Neil for this expression of love! You're ever so caring and encouraging to all on the different forums. Glad to have you here.
  11. The accompanying activity is just as precious. Simple conversations our young ones can start at school, at the playground....anywhere. 502017225_E_cnt_1.pdf

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