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  1. The accompanying activity is just as precious. Simple conversations our young ones can start at school, at the playground....anywhere. 502017225_E_cnt_1.pdf
  2. This week, instead of local needs, we considered the 2 experiences in the Yearbook, and boy, weren't there many lessons to take home. My favorite was the second experience: Good reminder on being more adaptable to change to whatever topic is most suitable for the HH. Reminder that Jehovah listens to earnest prayers, that we need to avail ourselves to be used by Jehovah. But the one that hit home the hardest was a reminder that we should have a copy of this brochure in our ministry bags, or at least download it to our devices. We never know when we may need it. All our publications are valuable!
  3. Did you notice this sister who was interviewed in one of our recent broadcasting programs (a teacher who was introduced to the truth by her student)? Always nice to see a familiar face
  4. I agree with these stats. It is no wonder that we have had articles such as the one below: w11 11/15 pp. 24-28 Help Men to Progress Spiritually There is clearly a need!
  5. I love the bit where Sophia meets the young Israelite girl that helped Naaman - clever link to the 'Jehovah Will Help You Be Bold' video.
  6. A sister sent me this message: "This is Turku, Finland. Exactly where our sister died 2 weeks ago. The city built this little kiosk so that now JWs can have shelter from rain & sun!!!" It's really sad but like Abel she, although she died, yet speaks.
  7. Exciting news about the Swahili addition. Does anyone know in which convention it was released? Was it in Tanzania or Kenya?
  8. Thats true, Jonathan! Thanks for the correction.
  9. It just dawned on me that this will happen tomorrow already! Would someone kindly share the link, thanks!
  10. I cherish it. It is one of Jehovah's many gifts to me today. Recently moved to a new congregation and have been sort of feeling like a square peg in a round hole. This is just what I needed! Thank you, Jehovah! This also comes at a time when many congregations are being dissolved, merged.....we all need this cuddle from Jehovah!

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