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  1. You and me both, Hope. Once during KH cleaning and gardening, they played all original songs. I was pretty distracted, I must admit.
  2. I love the scene with Br. Lett getting his make-up done.
  3. Also noticed that. Then my mind went back to the 3 presidents standing in the rain to greet the Croatian and French teams. Macron could've stood in the rain the entire time. Joy knows no rain/water.
  4. Such a beautiful group of people living in the Andes. Colorful!! I’m grateful that they can now receive the refreshing water of life in the language of their hearts. Only Jehovah can make that possible.
  5. Study 1.1 About the Bible - Is It Really Reliable....I love the sliding feature that changes the image from present conditions to future blessings.
  6. This is amazing, like a MOOC. Only much better topics!
  7. This month's song reminds me of Josh Groban-like type of orchestra arrangements....(Greatest Showman too?)
  8. Thanks too @WilliamChew for your dependability when it comes to transcripts. I appreciate your efforts!
  9. Thank you, Eric! Knew we could always count on you.
  10. @Sheep will share it with us very soon.....and @Friends just call me Ross will send us the lyrics. What would we do without these very dependable friends? Sending loads of love from across the world.
  11. The couple in this dramatization is the same couple that was featured in a JWB video recently, where the doctor told them that their unborn baby had some congenital defects and advised them to abort the baby. I wonder if they are now starting continuing video threads.....
  12. I wish I was among that great crowd in Madagascar. Beautiful!

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