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  1. Oops...I missed that post....sorry Eric and thank you Ross!
  2. @Sheep do you have the mp3 version of the music video for us? Appreciate in advance...
  3. Skye

    A new game

    Proverbs 27:8 Like a bird that strays from its nest Is a man who strays from his home. Next word: BOLT
  4. I I loved the dimples too. Jesus looking up at his father (after Caleb and Sophia passed the test) gave me goosebumps!! That angelic applause too. Now that also made me think of the utter silence when wrong choices are made. I do not wish to make any of them lower their heads in sadness. We are indeed public spectacles to the world and to the spirit realm, good or bad.
  5. @Tortuga, since you mentioned a non-sjj song, can we also extend our answers to original songs?
  6. Skye


    My family loved it. Favorite characters were Lupe (the goat) and the horses! The dance off really cracked our ribs. Fantastic watch!
  7. You and me both, Hope. Once during KH cleaning and gardening, they played all original songs. I was pretty distracted, I must admit.
  8. I love the scene with Br. Lett getting his make-up done.
  9. Also noticed that. Then my mind went back to the 3 presidents standing in the rain to greet the Croatian and French teams. Macron could've stood in the rain the entire time. Joy knows no rain/water.
  10. Such a beautiful group of people living in the Andes. Colorful!! I’m grateful that they can now receive the refreshing water of life in the language of their hearts. Only Jehovah can make that possible.
  11. Study 1.1 About the Bible - Is It Really Reliable....I love the sliding feature that changes the image from present conditions to future blessings.
  12. This is amazing, like a MOOC. Only much better topics!

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