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  1. I know I will definitely cry a lot during this convention. Courage is not an easy topic, especially since it is a quality required to cope with negative things: fear, persecution etc. I am sure the examples of how brothers in all 6 continents show courage will leave me with red eyes. I am looking forward to this convention!
  2. I am enjoying this show too, as well as ‘This Is Us’ which leaves me sobbing like a baby every episode!
  3. He does look very friendly, happy and warm.
  4. What does Cold look like?

    Once after standing outside on a cold night admiring a blood moon, I went indoors and wrote (my sister) on WhatsApp that I almost froze my butt off but it was worth it. Only problem is that I sent it to the congregation WhatsApp group rather than to my sister!
  5. What does Cold look like?

    This is what cold looks like...
  6. A tiny (yet big) correction to the lyrics: Jesus came to live on earth. Where he healed the sick and showed what he will do.....
  7. Time pass

    Yes. Richard had 51181.
  8. Time pass

    No! Go Richard!!
  9. That’s true, but then the rest of the song is easier for us. Give it a try?
  10. Your Word Endures Forever I Give You My Best

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