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    I was raised in the truth,I made the truth my own and dedicated my life to Jehovah in 2012.

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  1. acm2625

    UC-Berkeley Protest

    So many protest going on nowdays. It seems to me that there is a lot of things happening all at the same time. Just to name a few ....protest,earthquakes,trump,russia banning Jw and taking our kingdom halls,nation against nation,famine.... Every time I turn around something is going on.....
  2. acm2625

    Purchase A Home...

    I think it depends if you have a big family or if it's just you by yourself.Rent now days is sky high. However having a mortgage and getting a good rate on your mortgage loan could be cheaper.
  3. I really appreciate today's text. It's such a blessing to know the truth. It's so easy to get loaded down with life's problems and get distracted.I try to make sure I thank Jehovah as often as possible for my life. Life is so precious we are here one minute and gone the next.
  4. Hey I saw on the news Prince the singer died at 57 and I wanted to know if he was one of our Brothers?
  5. I really enjoy this month broadcasting I too was raised in the truth but strayed away from the truth, although I strayed away I never forgot about Jehovah I would always pray and let Jehovah know that I wanted to serve him and to help me return, at the age of 28 I made the truth my own and got baptized and now that I'm 30 this was the best choice and way of life I made. I hope my Dad returns as well. I hope he see this months broadcast. I remember my moms sister telling me when I was 15 years old, when you see all the one that were inactive or dis-fellowship ones start to return and come back all at once to the truth you know we are so close to the end cause Jehovah is patient with us and he does not desire anyone to be destroyed but wants us those ones to repent and come back.we are precious to Jehovah we belong to him, we are treasures. Jehovah is so loving and merciful and in his time he will bring about the start of the great tribulation. May we continue in our service and ministry to give a witness and even help inactive ones return to Jehovah.

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