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  1. Based on the hosting schedule, it will be a GB member and hopefully its him. I mean, there hasn't even been a morning worship talk that he gave that has become public. I am really eager to be introduced to him.
  2. I really love how the brothers just make the financial needs known, without having to compel us to donate. They allow us to decide if we are willing or not. I had no idea it was $60 million needed to help our brothers and sisters. So we have discussed ways in which we will further assist. Good update!
  3. The way this story was presented in Michigan was not praising our beliefs, nor criticizing them. It was refreshing to see only FACTS presented, and the bloodless center more than willing to treat a non-JW teen without blood. http://www.fox5atlanta.com/health/fox-medical-team/atlanta-hospital-treats-badly-injured-teen-with-bloodless-medicine No matter what no one says, WE ADVANCE medicine, period. Nice story!
  4. I did not realize that we had so many videos last year. Thanks!
  5. You are welcome, my brother. I am so happy to help you find what you were looking for. And I am happy to hear that you took something positive from it. Agape!
  6. Check this link out and scroll down to the "2016 Convention" video section. It has all the videos from that convention. https://tv.jw.org/#en/categories/VODProgramsEvents Whatever you're looking for is there. But you're likely talking about this one: https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/2016Convention/pub-jwbcov_201605_11_VIDEO
  7. Wow, just wow on the marriage portions of the program. That was some serious business there. One thing it told me is that Witnesses are people at the end of the day, and that marriage does require work to maintain. Our marriages are not immune from the stuff that plagues non-witness marriages. The difference is that we have an advantage that they don't -- that third cord, and we are blessed to have an organization that views marriage as Jehovah does. And I am happy we got the frank experiences. I would love to tell those brothers and sisters how happy I am that they were willingly to expose some very serious issues, especially the second couple, for the benefit of us all. Those were DEEPLY personal. It took courage, because instead of having the relative anonymity that comes with being published in a WT article, they put their identities on display, not just for us to see, but for those in the outside world. And also, some of those details could have been embarrassing, but Jehovah clearly helped them through it. THANK YOU! The song is something we are going to cruise to this summer, on a warm night, while eating icecream...my wife and I. It was really soothing and encouraging. Great program!
  8. Actually, no, my brother. The only people that react violently to biased newspaper reports are indeed "stupid" people in my eyes. Yeah, I agree with you about the general population, but I was not referring to them.
  9. Yeah I understood what you were saying, so that's why I made my comments general. In my opinion, newspapers do their job when they report accurately because people believe what they print. So they have a huge influence on public opinion and, as a result, public reaction. For example, if you would recall, during the flag salute cases concerning our brothers and sisters, papers were instrumental in promoting the violence committed on many of our brothers. They have a huge impact on stupid people.
  10. Well, the claims of politicians aren't anything new. Journalists have been reporting this way, really, since the Hearst era. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_journalism#Hearst_in_San_Francisco,_Pulitzer_in_New_York In truth, papers telling the cold, hard truth by sticking to facts, don't sell. Truth isn't newsworthy. Scandal and sensationalism is.
  11. We truly go where people can be found, doing what Jesus said. Thanks for sharing!
  12. Yep! https://tv.jw.org/#en/mediaitems/VODIntExpTransformations/pub-jwbvs_201410_1_VIDEO
  13. There is a bit of reorganization and simplification in the "Newsroom" section entitled "JW News" and "Newsroom for Journalists". Easier to find the type of information one is looking for!
  14. Yeah, and since we do not observe holidays and treat them like ordinary workdays (if the holiday lands on a weekday), then I don't see a reason why the upload would have an interruption.
  15. Last week I called you good lookin, but now I wish to retract that statement...

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