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  1. At my office, my co workers know I don't vote and why. I'll just say this: People in this world will be kind to you and treat you nice, as long as you are exercising your freedoms in a way they approve of. Once you think for yourself and stand for what you believe in, you're their enemy despite the fact you have every right to refuse to vote. They'll blame you for their political opponent getting into office instead of the people who ran to the polls and voted for him/her. The counsel to not get too comfortable or too cozy and friendly with non-Witnesses is wise.
  2. To me, this JWB really stressed how to follow Jesus, but also showed how hard it can be when you're being mistreated, in my eyes. After watching this, I really came to appreciate just how extraordinary a man Jesus was, and why we need to always put on his personality ALL THE TIME. Its a hard thing to do, to be honest. But its worth it. It helps all your brothers and sisters, especially when times are hard, when they see you doing your best to be like Jesus, they want to be like Jesus. The bothers in the Korean prisons, really benefited from their fellow brothers being like Jesus. Good JWB. We needed one like this.
  3. Hands down one the best scholarly works we've ever produced.
  4. That was probably the point, not necessarily to discourage people from becoming Witnesses, but to prevent people from dodging the military under the guise of being a JW. However, I'm sure the local branch will have more robust vetting standards to address people trying to become Witnesses under false pretenses. Or better still, when they see what it takes to become a Witness, they''ll prefer the military!
  5. HUGE news! I have to sprinkle in a little sarcasm, but it’s serious: this “cult” people loves to call us, criticize us, and do us harm, but at the same time, they fully enjoy the rights we fought for and established through over 300 court cases world wide. Its a point of reflection, though we don’t seek the recognition.
  6. Yes, last year, they used helpers to do both as they only introduce and conclude the program. I don't think a GB would be used for that. It wasn't the case last year anyway. I just posted something to that effect!
  7. Can't wait for it. Brother Cook would likely host the February 2019 JWB. Last month was a GB member, and they will alternate with a helper for November. We will have the Annual meeting for the December JWB, and Gilead Graduation for the January JWB (if they're following the same format from last year). I love your enthusiasm, though!
  8. At this point, the RCC is "cooperating", and this is because the evidence against them is literally indefensible. If they tried to fight in court, they would in reality go bankrupt. So they're cutting those losses.
  9. The "speechless dog" analogy was fitting. A dog can hear and detect danger, but if it doesn't bark out a warning, it is useless.
  10. They are definitely putting a target on our backs by claiming we have weapons of mass destruction.
  11. The organization makes learning enjoyable. They can publish only black and white publications and still be teaching us accurately. But the extra effort they put into illustrating things and making it attractive is going the extra mile.
  12. https://www.roberthjackson.org/event/canaries-in-the-coal-mine-of-human-rights-seventy-five-years-after-west-virginia-v-barnette/ This is very interesting. Brother Brumley will be speaking as well at this event. Please share!
  13. I really enjoyed this one. It really debunked the long repeated nonsense LIE that we changed the Bible to fit our beliefs. The bothers on the 40s held off to make sure that God's name should be in the Bible. These brothers were VERY thorough. This was a scholarly JWB. Great job.
  14. Oh yeah, I do understand all of that. I'm just shaking the tree a bit, to get some interesting thoughts and conversation going!!

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