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  1. Yep. I was quite surprised that the videos played inside of the program.
  2. That means I live roughly less than two hours away from you. We used to go to Seagate until 2012. Perhaps we can catch a dinner or something together!
  3. If any positive can be taken from this, its: 1) Everyone sees that this is a total sham 2) The ROC (Russian Church) Bible DOES NOT support the trinity and recognizes Jehovah's name This is really a tremendous witness as Sanderson said.
  4. I got so upset, so upset watching this that my head hurts, seriously. Four minute deliberation on 7 hours worth of testimony. Unbelievable.
  5. Thanks bro! I guess we should be getting our dates soon, or an announcement this week!
  6. Also this shows me just how progressive we are. We are proving and have long showed that anything a man can do a woman also can do. Huh? Really?
  7. They are now releasing the 2017 covention videos. The drama is already posted along with a couple others.
  8. Yep. Even though it was a bit later than usual. I am happy either way.
  9. That's a good one. As to your question, it appears you are a full member. It is just referring to your personal profile only.
  10. Evening all, A brother and I had a good, lengthy discussion the other day about religion, religious apathy, and of course, our organization. So the topic came up about religious apathy and how the organization combats apathy by keeping us excited and engaged. What are ways you personally think the organization keeps YOU engaged? Over the course of the past perhaps 5 to 7 years, there have been some tremendous initiatives that the governing body has undertaken: In 2012, our website was completely overhauled and revamped. It is now very attractive, modern, and easy to navigate, and we can find up-to-date news concerning our brotherhood easily. But to me personally (and I will keep my bullet points to just one point so not to steal anyone's thunder), the new mid-week meeting is my personal gem that has really helped keep me excited, eager to be a participant, and prepared. Anyone else? What has helped YOU personally become, and/or remain engaged and enthusiastic?
  11. https://www.jw.org/en/news/legal/by-region/russia/hearing-to-begin-20171205/ The fact that this Government has to break the law and ignore rights and freedoms it affords all of it citizens is the most power witness against all those accusations made against us. Please, keep our brothers in your prayers.
  12. Good catch, brother! Thanks for the correction!
  13. I think we are probably jumping to conclusions here. Numair did mention that the other parts of the GG will be uploaded Monday, and he did say that the JWB's will contain the spiritual portions (Talks) of the GG and AM, and the rest will be uploaded during the month. We will get the entirety of those programs, but not in the traditional way we've been used to. Except for twice I hear, I anticipate we will get the normal JWB editions in full.
  14. Thanks for this. I initially felt a little disappointment myself because we did not get a traditional JWB. But, like Splane stated in the talk "Decisions of the Governing Body", we have to be able to look beyond our own back yards and realize that some changes are for the benefit of the entire brotherhood as a whole, or those not as fortunate as we are. I really enjoyed some of the sayings I picked up on: "don't complain about the thorns on a flower bush, but be happy there are flowers on the thornbush", and the tuning fork analogy that helps us be more empathetic to feel the pain of our fellow worshippers and listen to them. A TON a good gems from those talks!

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