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  1. BEST ONE EVER! So many lies about our research methods debunked, how we use quotes, and even the "two-witness" rule was explained as regards to why we have it and how it applies. Wow! What a lesson about getting personally involved with helping a sick NON-WITNESS boy with giving into the pressure to violate bible principles. By far the best one, in my view.
  2. Yeah, and I'd say its normal to find scientists who believe in God and that God actually exists. In fact, over the course of history, its was extremely rare to find a scientist who was an avowed atheist.
  3. Yeah, and by coincidence, they are implemented sometimes in rapid succession, so it may seem that they are coming one after another, when in reality, they were made years ago. A video commented on this very issue as well: the bunker video during our 2016 Regional Convention. How do we react to change is very important.
  4. Yeah. This time, it will be a helper hosting because brother Herd hosted last month.
  5. I wish every month was like this one, brother. I mean, its a good break from the world and puts us in a positive mindset. How the organization is progressing and becoming more transparent is a real blessing to me. I used to read about annual meetings, and bethel morning worship, but never had the chance to attend one. I am so happy that we are getting to know our organization better, and the men behind it.
  6. We have our assembly this Sunday, the JWB comes next Monday, and we attend the Annual Meeting the following Sunday. I am LOVING the month of October already.
  7. I think this is because they don't "excommunicate" abusive priests. Any wonder why disfellowshipping and shunning is absolutely necessary? You cannot protect children from abusive priests if those men keep abusing and are not shunned.
  8. Yeah. The organization would never use social media, or any non-Witnesses media as their primary means to get their message out. I recall a talk brother Morris gave in 2015 at a convention and he basically said that very thing; that JWB will be used for news about us. He stated that since the world's media has no interest in us (unless they can make some money of a sensationalist headline), we will do our own news. This essentially resulted in what really is our own media and news channel, complete with a studio. Now, I have a place to go when I want clean, and up building programming that promotes the Bible instead of the same ol' nonsense and controversy. I've long been sick of that stuff in mainstream media.
  9. I don't know who posted it on social media but those who created the content own the rights to determine how it is used.
  10. I guess that was his point, but wasn't sure. Thanks for clearing that up. My fault. I agree with you about it being a personal matter, but since its now available legitimately from a trusted source, we can trust that copy.
  11. No. They do not use social media outlets, because they do not have control over that platform (meaning, FB and YouTube reserve the rights to remove it as they see fit), hence, the reason why they created JWB. It allows them complete control over their content. That's what you want. They wouldn't leave their news and content in the control of a world that clearly care nothing about us.
  12. It was catchy, because they wanted to motivate us to take the leap if we can. I know I was loving the song. Very good job on that. Music goes a long way in affecting mood and outlook, and even motivation. I really enjoyed the comparison with us being late and Jehovah. Would we be OK with Jehovah allowing this system to go on longer than necessary? Better late than never, right? Really good use of illustration.
  13. Thanks for that information! I would also guess that the filming in remote locations and original songs also require a lot of time to film and edit as well, so it makes sense that these are not "hot off the press".
  14. And I am saying this from the bottom of my heart, my teaching skills mainly come from sisters. What I mean is when I need to know how to present a certain Biblical point in service or what have you, I get it from a sister. I appreciated the point that even though sisters don't serve in the capacity of elder or MS, this frees them up for the most important work we have -- the disciple making work. Jehovah and Jesus know exactly what they're doing. Our sisters have more patience, are excellent and showing love and concern to potential brothers and sisters, and this makes them good preachers and teachers.
  15. Lets petition the governing body to release the JWB editions on the first of every month! Its torture waiting a whole week for the broadcast! Letter-writing campaign, anyone?!?

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