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  1. As I recall, he gave financial support to religious organizations.
  2. This funeral service was really disappointing. It served as nothing more than a stage for publicity hungry preachers and those with social and political agendas. I watched some of it, and it was really embarrassing. Trump, black lives matter, and black on black crime was the topic of many speakers. It was supposed to be about the life of Franklin. But you cannot allocate 9 hours to repeating the same stuff about a single person. It was bound to go right off of the rails.
  3. And he said he crossed the line. Yeah, you don't apologize for fondling a woman if you didn't do it.
  4. Good point. But the Government does limit free speech. You can’t threaten the President, you can’t scream “bomb” or “fire” in a movie theater or on an airplane, etc. So free speech is and must be limited by the law/government. But I do accept your point and generally agree with you about consumers etc holding them accountable. Don’t get me wrong, though brother. I don’t want the government setting standards. I think it’s reasonable that the media should not being allowed to accuse people of committing a crime without evidence of such. You can be sued for libel and slander.
  5. Yeah. And I wasn't speaking about "you" specifically. I was speaking generally using the generic "you" when it comes to repeating baseless accusations in generally. But yeah, it was already out there as you say.
  6. The Government needs to hold media accountable. That's the only way to get them to change their behavior. I don't mean interfering with free speech, but I mean you cannot accuse people of committing a CRIME and not give proof they broke the law. There are practical and logical reasons for not replying as well. When it becomes clear that nothing will change a person's mind, there is nothing to gain -- you'd only serve as a vehicle to give the lies more publicity. In this age of yellow journalism, there is no reason for us to give them nothing more than a statement and a link to our policies. If they really wanted to get the truth from us, they'd be beating down our doors first and foremost. They don't do that. They want headlines, and clicks. Real news fails, fake news sales.
  7. Sylvia beat me to it. It is not binding in the US. But trust me, Canadian lawsuit-mongering lawyers and their apostate clients were closely watching the arguments in this case. They were waiting for anything precedent-setting so that they could hit the ground floor suing us.
  8. Yeah. I can't find the WT right now, but parents of minor DF'd children are not told to kick them out. In fact, if you noticed in our video from the 2016 convention, the DF'd adult sister was not asked to leave until she was negatively affecting her brother. So even with adults, as long as the person isn't poising the minds of family members, they are not automatically told to leave because of being disfellowshipped. But at the same time, parents have to protect their own spirituality and that of the rest of the believing family.
  9. You're speaking my language. I think he does have some issues. Even IF he won, courts cannot force us to do deal with disfellowshipped ones if we don't want to. I was surprised the case was even heard, but I am glad it was heard because it basically just ruined all the apostate lawsuits waiting in the wings.
  10. Rosanne, The scriptures in Peter were excellent, because, many in the world recognize that Jehovah's Witnesses have certain restrictions on their behavior. So to entice us, they claim that leaving the truth is accepting an offer of "freedom". Freedom from what, exactly? How can a "slave" offer you freedom when he is a slave himself? The people in the world are a slave to something; smoking, drinking, money, immorality and so on. In essence, leaving the truth only means exchanging one master for another. That was the main point I really appreciated from this month's JWB.
  11. My views of this Serena issue is really simple: I am embarrassed whenever she claims she's a JW, specifically because of her conduct. Its almost like the exchange from our movie "The Prodigal Returns: Will Parsons: "My wife talks about the Bible with a Witness woman. She comes by the house. Can't say I agree with them. But what I've been hearing about Jehovah's Witnesses, and what I know about you...well, lets just say there seems to be...a discrepancy. That's all".
  12. Nearly everyone I know uses "child molester" and "pedophile" interchangeably.
  13. Well, a pedophile is a person sexually attracted to children: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedophilia I will agree that child molestation is about control. Child molesters aren't necessarily pedophiles.

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