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  1. This week we are expecting real violence here in Venezuela, opposition will clash with government forces before the voting for the National Constituent Assembly, opposition is calling for a 48 hour strike on wednesday 6:00 am till friday 6:00 am, last week strike final numbers were 10 dead, 100s of hurts and 300 detained. The National Assembly appointed the new Supreme Court magistrates on the street to fight the government`s own Supreme Court. Opposition is calling to close every street, to hoard water and food. There has been 110 days of continuous strikes, barricades and violence. Hunger is increasing, many friends are going without insuline, antihypertensive and medicine, somehow we are surviving with Jehovah`s help. On the ministry we find a lot of people angry against the government but also against those who don`t support their cause, we had to wear the Convention Tags - Never Give Up!- inside the assembly location because the title in Spanish (No se rinda) is very much alike to the opposition slogan that suggest not to give up. The convention campaign we had to give the convention brochure without showing the Never Give Up! side. When people found out some cheered because we were supporting the opposition but government supporters said that we were a Yankee religion and that we were trying to undermine the government of president Maduro. We are changing schedules for our meetings for this upcoming week, some kh are scheduling to have one meeting covering the midweek and weekend meetings together. So that is how things are here right now. Please remember us in your prayers. With love, Your brother Antonio
  2. Beautiful piano piece. Thank you. Agape
  3. http://edition.cnn.com/2017/06/28/asia/cardinal-pell-australia/index.html?adkey=bn Could it be related to the RYC investigation from last year?
  4. Free publicity. Wish brother had used the sign for the cart that has the bible open and the jw.org logo big and centered. Agape
  5. Thank you all for your encouraging words. Your brother. Antonio
  6. Thank you sis. May Jehovah bless you with everything good. Agape.
  7. Surviving . Agape
  8. Thank you all for your kind words friends Agape
  9. Thanks Sis Lucy. Agape
  10. A righteous man’s supplication has a powerful effect. (James 5:16) Thanks
  11. Treatments for depression and other mental illnesses are nowhere to be found. We have elderly friends with alzheimer and senility without treatment for weeks now.
  12. Surviving Bro Richard, most are losing weight fast, some with hypertension, diabetes are unable to continue treatment because there is almost imposible to find it, the price of antibiotics is skyrocketting. Last meeting we helped a sister whose only meal was one bread for her and one for her son in the day.
  13. Tear gas fired at protester in wheelchair
  14. People searching for food in the garbage down my window.