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  1. Brother Immantas, you really have talent! Do you mix those songs on a keyboard?
  2. I love t sing what do I have to do?.
  3. Texas Church shooting

    This is so wrong! Can anyone deny or close their eyes to the reality that we are living in the last days?.
  4. I think so too sister Missy. Anyone knows what`s life like on warwick?.
  5. Regards from Venezuela

    Dear brother Brandon, feel free to ask any quest, if I can be of help then, my pleasure. Agape.
  6. Regards from Venezuela

    Dear sister Venus, thank you for always having a nice word towards me. You guys in this forum really mean a lot, I'm sorry if I have offended some by telling some situation here in our country, that was never my intention. When I see what the brotherhood is going thru in places like California, México, Russia and thinking about each one of The situations some of you post about your personal Plagues, make me Long for The day when all this won't ever be remembered. Thank you again Sis, and thank you all dear friends for lending an ear. Agape
  7. Regards from Venezuela

    Hi Brother Brandon, thank you for your continuing interest. That is actually a very good question, my calculations are that at least 20% of the brothers and sisters have emigrated to other countries, mostly Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and the US, not so much to the USA because they don´t want to be illegal. This year only in my congregation 10 friends have moved elsewhere. I think many more would do so if they had the circumstances. mostly because of the high cost of life and personal security, here if you are robbed at home or at the street, the police won´t even put an investigation in motion. Of course moving to another country is a personal decision, however we the elders try to be sure that they understand that what we are going through is a sign of the end, as Jesus prophesied and that if they decided to move they will just be exchanging some problems for others, but ultimately is their choice. I think that you are absolutely right about trying to change people or improve their situation in life by suggesting solutions, each one of us is in charge of our own lives and a suggestion from others, although appreciated, won´t have the same effect as coming up with a solution by yourself, mostly because no one will have a true understanding of your life as yourself and of course Jehovah. That is why as elders we are always reminded not to give counsel according to our own experiences or expertise and rely on the Bible as the counsels from Jehovah never fail. Thank you for your genunine interest bro Brandon Agape.
  8. Regards from Venezuela

    Some brothers who have left Venezuela to try to find work in other countries are helping donating electronic funds to their families, these brothers then share with the local brothers, friends and family from some part of the world also are doing that. Sometimes friends who return to visit carry with them small bags with medicine, nothing big (like a full baggage) as they could easily end up in jail accused of trying to introduce prohibited material to the country.
  9. Regards from Venezuela

    Some links for your research bro Brandon http://money.cnn.com/2017/05/03/news/economy/venezuela-food-prices/index.html http://www.insightcrime.org/news-analysis/corruption-military-police-growing-evil-venezuela http://edition.cnn.com/2017/03/25/americas/venezuela-maduro-un/index.html https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/06/22/venezuela-medical-shortages-doctors-health-care/103039928/
  10. Regards from Venezuela

    I`d say personal security, medicine and food. In the case of food, the problem is that the prices change everyday and the food now is almost unaffordable for a person who ears minimum wage. There is food on the shelves in major supermarkets, but most of the people cannot afford it. In the case of personal security it is a risk to be on the street, even at broad daylight you could be robbed, mugged or killed, easily. There is an increase in news where even some members of the police have been involved in criminal activities.
  11. Regards from Venezuela

    Exactly as you explained, that`s what we do with the personal donations. Communications here in Venezuela work somewhat well, cellular phones are very popular, I think Venezuela is the latin american country with more cellphones percapita, the goverment has tried to keep the cell companies from elevating prices so the call plans are still affordable, not so much the data plans. The goverment holds the monopoly on internet, it is supplied via Cantv, it works relatively well but it is slow comparing to the standards today. The speediest plan is 10 Mb. However it is subsidized. On the other hand criminals are now stealing the power and telephone cables from houses to take the copper and sell them, so many are without intenet or electricity because of this. Thank you for your concern brother Brandon. Agape.
  12. Bay Area on Fire

    I`m so sorry for what is happening all over the world. It seems there are no quiet places where to live anymore. The GT seems closer each day that passes. To the brothers in the affected area: May Jehovah give you the strenght and endurance and a quick recovery. Agape
  13. Regards from Venezuela

    Thank you Sister Rosie, for your beautiful words.
  14. Regards from Venezuela

    Thank you Sister Mandi, for your continuing support. We all, you, me and the worldwide brotherhood, just have to endure until the end, who knows what more we will see until the kingdom. Keep fighting the good fight with your head high!. Agape.
  15. Regards from Venezuela

    I liked this post very much. Thanks Brother Brandon.

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