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  1. Update the Study Bible, same place where you dowload foreign language Bibles and versions,
  2. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nWrwJlBTNlS3RTeqJU16rui6Z7HN1FYO Transcript link to Why Is Neutrality So Important
  3. I don’t see 2018 Regional, maybe it will be out later.
  4. Here is another record. http://med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2018/02/newborn-first-in-western-us-to-have-bloodless-open-heart-surgery.html
  5. KHCONF and works great using their app.
  6. Jmystro

    JW Library Pictures

    I like to use the Equipd app for the Watchtower theme scripture and questions, it has a nice look to it.
  7. www.wtlibrary.net is pretty easy to use. You can find YouTube instructions to help you install.
  8. Jmystro

    JW Library Pictures

    I use the online library or if you want an image from the Bible study (JW Library app), I use the screenshot method and crop.
  9. I use them for field service meetings, but they are great for family worship.
  10. You create a backup and on your other devices you restore it with the same created backup.
  11. Loved this quote: "There really is no separation between ministry and life, it is life, the best life!"
  12. On March 23, 2017, the Instruction Sheet was revised. The format of the six addresses was adjusted slightly to expedite delivery. There is no need to resend letters that used the previous address format. Above per jw.org log in for letters.
  13. We also have video that go along with our invitations. Remember Jesus' Death, something to bring up during our service meeting this Saturday - Mar 18th.

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