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  1. Just read that insert again as from your post it looked like it wasn't acceptable due to the post formatting. The 20% refers to the Albumin NOT the plasma so that's ok: a personal decision. Looks like the Holby City writers did their research this time! Interesting how they didn't have any in stock though and had to order it from another hospital.
  2. At home! As Margaret said, it's on BBC One. I watch it on the iPlayer app, although if you're outside the UK you'll need to use a VPN to be able to watch it ( works wonders for me.)
  3. So that HAS medicine leaflet I found is for Albumin 20% so that would be unacceptable, right?
  4. In the BBC medical drama series "Holby City" this week (series 19, episode 39) entitled "Keeping The Faith", the storyline mentions a widower and his daughter who are both JWs. The daughter needs an operation that the grandfather (who is a consultant surgeon in the same hospital) insists needs a blood transfusion, whilst the father and his daughter obviously require the operation without blood. On the whole I feel it portrayed us in a positive light and was quite realistic. I liked how the surgeon consulted not only with the father but with the daughter (by herself) to ask what she really believed and wanted. The surgeon mentioned something called HAS (Human Albumin Solution). I had never heard of it before so I checked online and as far as I can see, it's a component that comes from the plasma. Here's the official guide that comes with one of these HAS medicines: Attached is the GIF I made of the parts relating to JWs from this episode:
  5. I can't remember off hand Ben but here's a list that were shot in NYC. I think you can see it in "Serendipity".
  6. That's amazing. Thanks for the anecdote.
  7. From one Star Wars fan to another...


  8. It apparently gives women the ability to fly, going by that photo in your post!
  9. Remember Mandi, it's all trickery! ha ha

    Have a fab weekend both of you!



    1. Stormswift


      Lol .. appearances can make a difference you know. dogs are just jealous they can't puff their tails out like cats can. lol.

  10. Hiya Terri. Whilst you're enjoying your weekend, please keep these poor things in mind!


    1. GeordieGirl


      You mean these poor,  hard done by creatures? =^..^=


    2. hatcheckgirl


      They are deserving of much better treatment, Terri!!!  Oh, the horror! :o

  11. Just been looking at the sites round where you are Jerry. It looks like how I imagine Paradise to be.

    Have a great weekend both of you!


    1. bagwell1987


      Depends on which day you visit^_^

  12. Vi esto y pensé en ti :D



  13. Gdday mate! Just popping by to say "Hi".

    How's tricks Down Under?

    Watching this video, I was really surprised how much of the lingo from Strava I know, my favourite being "Trackie Dacks"; a new one to me but now added to my vocab!


    1. Gregexplore


      I just paid my rego this arvo I don't have money for maccas lol .... many of the abravitions are used in everyday speech. (Laid back country) 

  14. Güten tag Christina! Thought I'd share my favourite German song at the moment with you. Have you heard of this chap? I don't like his other stuff but this song is great. I especially like :


    Ich hab 20 Kinder, meine Frau ist schön.


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    2. coonie77


      Yes, Kraftwerk is a cult band. Maybe you also know this famous German song (the techno version of the homonymous movie soundtrack).

      Remindes me of my teenage years - I loved it, and it was the song that made me courious so I watched the movie :laugh:


      P.S. I like "Die Roboter" by Kraftwerk :)

    3. Stoffer


      Une nun zu etwas völlig anderem... ^_^


    4. coonie77


      :laugh::lol::lol: OMG, I had no idea that a German version of this song exists! :o

  15. This is the place I mentioned in my comment to you the other day. Is this near your crib?


    1. Luezette


      Wow!!!! It really looks like somewhere I'll absolutely love to go to!!

      But nope, it's not too near my place though not very far actually...about an hour away by train, so to me "not very far..." 

    2. Stoffer


      When I first went there in 1998, one night (early morning) afterwards we went a couple of doors down to a comedy club where Chris Rock was on. It cost us $5 to get in. I bet it costs more than that nowadays to see him!