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  1. It’s a sign maybe for you to learn that language! 😉 Check the main language setting on your device. What about the language(s) you have added in your JW app? Maybe you downloaded it in one of those by mistake. I have several languages selected and it’s easy to download the “wrong” one or the one you specifically wanted. EG. Your main tablet language is in English but you have the “Meetings” section in Spanish because you wanted to check something out in Spanish. Then if you click on the “Media” for that meeting, it would also download it in Spanish and not English. Hope that makes sense. Maybe not, knowing me!
  2. EL PAÍS NEWSPAPER (Spain), 10th July 2018: https://elpais.com/internacional/2018/07/10/actualidad/1531209808_417569.html The respected Spanish newspaper reported yesterday that Jehovah's Witnesses are not exempt from the European GDPR law. This ties in with my other post about Hourglass and the need to inform people what you will do with their data. The law requires you to inform the householder what data you will be noting down about them. This is why the old S-8 forms were discontinued for not-at-homes and return visits. Now it seems that even private notes are coming under fire. Basically translated: "The RGPD applies regardless of whether the data is captured in person or via the internet. It must be made very clear that its scope has to do with protecting the honor and privacy of individuals and that it is based on their consent, especially with highly protected data, such as data related to religious beliefs", says digital rights expert Borja Adsuara.
  3. Well why not sis? Try mentioning it to your COBE. They are not teaching assignments and if there’s a need for qualified admin like yourself xx
  4. Stoffer

    Witness memes

    ughhh, I would still use loo paper. The cat would stink afterwards, otherwise! 😮😜
  5. Well I can't access either of those links from here in Spain! At least nobody was hurt. That's the main thing. People are more important than buildings.
  6. Changed avatar from my beardy self as it’s been 2 years since our elders decided no special privileges for brothers with beards, so I’ve not had one since then. Not looking like things will change any time soon so I’ve put an avatar of the classic UK cartoon from the 80s, “Dangermouse”. (Voiced by David “Delboy” Jason and Terry Scott as Penfold)

    1. Gregexplore


      LOL..and beards thread is locked :whistling:

    2. alohapaulette


      Good old Danger mouse, of course.   


      and then there is Super Chicken, his classic idiom to Fred, "You knew the job was dangerous when you took it."

    3. Stoffer


      Hi Gregexplore. If a person is stumbled by something, then yes by the Bible’s definition a person is spiritually weak. However, I didn’t say the majority of brothers are. I’m sorry you got that impression. The fact the majority don’t have a beard is because they are not allowed to have them (and have privileges) or just personal preference.



      Psalm 119:165. Abundant peace belongs to those who love your law; Nothing can make them stumble



      1 Corinthians 8:9. But keep watching that your right to choose does not somehow become a stumbling block to those who are weak.



  7. Ahhh so THAT'S why it looked familiar too. We used to have our Spanish assemblies there. Diolch yn fawr iawn Peter!
  8. “Little d deaf” (similar sign for the normal D but you make a lowercase d with your fingers) is for deaf people who consider it a disability, basically and who usually don’t sign or are not part of the Deaf BSL community. ”Big D Deaf” is for Deaf people who identify themselves with the Deaf community. For them it is their identity, culture, language. They are proud to be Deaf as defines who they are and the community they belong to. Hope that makes sense, sis!
  9. Noswaith dda Peter. The last two photos of yours looked like a revamped Dudley Assembly Hall. What happened to all the orange and brown decor from when I was a kid? I remember having our first BSL assemblies there. It was such a joy to have them in BSL and watch my Deaf brothers giving items instead of me having to interpret for them at hearing assemblies. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
  10. Yes there are indeed. Nottingham has different signs to Derby for example but the general grammar is the same, facial expressions etc. Languages evolve and BSL is no different. I grew up with BSL and worked at the Notts Deaf Society before I came to Spain. Like most things that the Brits do differently, we fingerspell with both hands whilst the majority of Deaf people in the world fingerspell with just one! There’s not a reason for every sign (beginners often make the mistake of asking “why is that the sign for...?”) just as there’s not a reason for every word being what it is in a spoken language. Some local words are though. I was told that the sign we use for sugar in Nottingham is like the action of using a sweetener whilst “up north” in Newcastle, it’s like a scratching motion near the eye on the temple, as the workers in sugar factory there had skin complaints many decades ago. Well done for your desire to learn by the way, sis. It’s a truly wonderful, rich language with a great culture. Deaf Awareness week is always a good place to start if there’s a Deaf Society or school in your area. bibisksk (the old way of saying goodbye when we used to use the “megacom” phones when chatting via text with Deaf and deaf people. And yes, there IS a difference between writing Deaf and deaf. In BSL we say “big D Deaf” and “little d deaf” but I’ll explain that I another post if anyone’s interested!)
  11. Ana is amazing. I love her playing style. Slightly depressing though when she makes it look so effortless as I could never play it as good as she does. 🤣
  12. Seeing as the original thread, voicing the poster's concern, was closed (https://jwtalk.net/forums/topic/24844-hourglass-app/) I have started this new one. The new European Data Protection Law comes into play this Friday (25th May 2018) so ALL companies and individuals who hold data about European citizens have to comply by this date. My concern with Hourglass is that it holds what the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) classes as Super-protected data: sex, telephone numbers, personal address etc etc. This would be fine if it was stored on the secretary's own computer with adequate protection or on JW's own servers (this is in the works with the new Publisher ID program) but it is stored on Jon Snyder's server. What happens if he were to get disfellowshipped or leave the organisation for whatever reason? That's a heck of a lot of personal data he has access to. Plus, the majority of brothers and sisters aren't aware that he even HAS their data as it is the congregation secretaries who input it all. I don't have an account for example with him but my data is in his program because our secretary uses it. That's a breach of the GDPR right there as I never gave my consent. Plus there is no way to delete your data unless you have a personal account with Hourglass. Breach number two. For every person he has stored in his database, he has to by law, send them an updated consent form explaining how he will use their data, for how long for, in what format and inform them of their right to access, modify, oppose or delete their data. he has not done this, breach number three. What's all the fuss?, you might be asking. The fact that our organisation is getting the GDPR forms filled out ASAP shows you they mean business as hefty fines abound for non-compliance. Even though CCJW is based in America, they hold data on European citizens so they have done their due diligence and rolled out these forms. If it was a trivial matter, then they wouldn't have bothered. So brother Joao from Portugal raised a legitimate concern two years ago that is even more relevant today. Last of all, here is a list of the fines for non-compliance: Up to €20 million, or 4% of the worldwide annual revenue of the prior financial year, whichever is higher, shall be issued for infringements of: The basic principles for processing, including conditions for consent, under Articles 5, 6, 7, and 9 The data subjects’ rights under Articles 12-22 The transfer of personal data to a recipient in a third country or an international organisation under Articles 44-49 Any obligations pursuant to Member State law adopted under Chapter IX Any non-compliance with an order by a supervisory authority (83.6) The value of the fine to be imposed is not clear-cut and the behaviour of the organisation will be taken into account when determining the value of the fine. This means that organisations certainly have the opportunity to influence the reduction of any fines by acting to fully comply with the Regulation. This includes promoting a culture of data protection and being able to show the steps taken to comply. Organisations that proactively report breaches will be given more credit, showing that the intention and attitude of a company will be considered.
  13. Stoffer

    JW Library video closes

    For playing videos on my Android I always use the VLC (freeware) app as it is very stable, supports Chromecast and is VERY stable. For the JW app itself, I only use that on the iPad (as it is native for the iOS and is still very buggy on Android).

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