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    From young age, my grandmother also

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  1. I completely agree! When I first read the survey it was when I had first started studying and on my way to get baptized. This was one of many factors that solidified to me - Jehovah people put their “money” where their mouth is so to speak! We really try and emulate Jesus path on this earth and have listened to Jesus and FDS about keeping our priorities for the kingdom. Not worldly riches.
  2. Great video!! Straightforward explanations and so easy to understand.
  3. Whitley M

    Trump agrees to meet with NK President

    I just wanted to add .. WOW! I can’t believe this is happening - peace and security please!?
  4. wow.. that was very powerful. A lot to think and meditate on
  5. Whitley M

    Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

    And in Japan! They must really get tired of the earthquakes there https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/ericmack/2018/02/25/earthquake-struck-offshore-of-fukushima-in-japan-no-tsunami/amp/
  6. Whitley M

    Keego Harbor Murder Suicide

    This story just hit my local news as well.... eeeeeeeeesssshhhhhhhh
  7. This was wonderful.. but why exactly doesn’t Cuba have Kingdom Halls?
  8. Whitley M

    Is time travel possible?

    I just read an article today where a man supposedly has a photo of LA underwater from the year 5000... ugh if this planet made it to the year 5000, I have no hope left! Lol i seriously don’t believe anyone can time travel except Jehovah! Thank goodness for that! I imagine time as a long ribbon for Him, able to gently slide into any moment and he causes to become! Looking forward to paradise to learn more about it
  9. Whitley M

    Keego Harbor Murder Suicide

    I totally agree.. it’s sad to me that someone without true knowledge of us and the true happiness we have overall even with our many problems, would read this and it would be stumbling block. For someone to truly murder themselves and their entire family - you can not blame religion for that! There are some mental issues at play... I can’t even imagine what that congregation was thinking when a “friend” of hers Burst into the congregation blaming them all for her death! How insane
  10. Glad you’re doing ok sister!! Xoxo
  11. Whitley M

    Keego Harbor Murder Suicide

    Yikes... that article sounds terrible. I read in the article it mentioned Jehovah’s witnesses murder suicide in South Carolina.. that is where I live! I didn’t hear about that??
  12. I am so so sorry! Checking out their go fund me and praying for them tonight!
  13. Whitley M

    School Shooting Coral Springs, Florida

    Very good reminder! Looking forward to the day when we do not recall these terrible things into our mind. Jehovah has to be gearing up to intervene soon. Looking forward to when everyone understands Jehovah’s true purpose.
  14. Thinking about you sister!!!! Hope everything is well! Xoxo

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