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Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

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8 hours ago, Mac_Tky said:

M7 Earthquake reported 29 Dec of the coast of Philippines



'I was watching Bird Box and suddenly I felt dizzy,' a person in Butan City, more than 300km from the epicentre of the quake, wrote. 'Next thing I know, people are shouting God's name.'  Haha!!!!😁


More and more people are learning where to turn for comfort!! 😍

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Although there may be slight sea-level changes in coastal regions/ this earthquake has caused no damage to Japan.
Information related to the hypocenter has been corrected.



(thank goodness!)

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I have an app that I think goes off like every other day with something.  And I have my settings set to occur only with earthquakes above 4.0.  Lately it's been lots of volcanic activity.  It really makes me stop and think how prophesy is being fulfilled!

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Good Morning All and Or Evening for Some in here!  This happen yesterday in my neck of the woods.  I didn't feel it, but am sure those out in the ocean area did, not far off the coast of our summer resorts: 

Taken from my local news channel January 15, 2019. 


USGS: 4.7-magnitude earthquake reported off Ocean City coast

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Did anyone's coffee cup shake while being brought to the lips or y'all slept through it... As usual?

Earthquake: 3.4 quake strikes near Berkeley


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