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Earthquakes In One Place After Another...

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According to my 'Latest Quakes' app, there have been 17 earthquakes off the coast of Atka, Alaska this past week that were 4.0 and above.

 Two of them  registered over 6.0 on the Richter Scale.:huh:


Did you just get this alert?


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My app doesn't just lump all the Aleutian Islands together.  It specifically names the closest place and gives the

distance from my location and the depth at which the quake occurs.    It tells me the exact moment, too.

Sometimes the magnitude gets adjusted, once the US Geological Survey people have a chance to check out all the

info.  (That is where the app gets its info.)


Here is what my app says: 

4.1 Atka, Alaska

4 hours ago, 4:50 AM, 3754 mi away

20 mi deep


4.5 Atka, Alaska

8 hours ago, 12:41 AM 3770 mi away

6 mi deep


4.9  Atka, Alaska

9 hours ago, 11:59 PM, 3721 mi away

6 mi deep


4.1 Atka, Alaska

10 hours ago, 10:31 PM, 3754 mi away

6 mi deep


4.1 120km S of Atka, Alaska

11 hours ago, 10:06 PM 3757 mi away

6 mi deep


6.0 Atka, Alaska (adjusted  by .2 since last night)

11 hours ago, 9:35 PM, 3752 mi away

11 mi deep


5.0 Atka, Alaska

12 hours ago, 9:22 PM, 3758 mi away

6 mi deep


4.4 Atka, Alaska

Yesterday, 7:52 AM, 3725 mi away

23 mi deep


5.1 Atka, Alaska

Yesterday, 5:38 AM, 3725 mi away

34 mi deep


4.1 127km SSE of Atka, Alaska

Mar 16, 7:13 PM, 3738 mi away

6 mi deep


4.1 Atka, Alaska

Mar 15, 6:55 PM, 3729 mi away

6 mi deep


4.2 Atka, Alaska

Mar 15, 6:58 AM, 3728 mi away

23 mi deep


4.6 Atka, Alaska

Mar 13, 10:18 AM, 3734 mi away

6 mi deep


5.4 Atka, Alaska

Mar 12, 11:19 PM, 3740 mi away

6 mi deep


4.1 103km S of Atka, Alaska

Mar 12, 10:55 PM, 3755 mi away

6 mi deep


5.0 Atka, Alaska

Mar 12, 10:20 PM, 3744 mi away

6 mi deep


4.6 Atka, Alaska

Mar 12, 9:28 PM, 3748 mi away

6 mi deep


4.0 Atka, Alaska

Mar 12, 4:29 PM, 3748 mi away

16 mi deep


6.3 Atka, Alaska

Mar 12, 1:06 PM, 3743 mi away

12 mi deep


4.6 Atka, Alaska

Mar 12, 1:01 PM, 3733 mi away

25 mi deep


That now makes 20 quakes in that region in the past week.

And over half of them are only 6 miles deep.

A large quake occurring at that shallow of a depth can cause a tsunami.

The 2013 Census showed 66 people living in Atka, on Atka Island.

I would be feeling very nervous if I lived there.

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I recently downloaded "Latest Quakes" app for Android based on this thread.   Wow, amazing the number of quakes in the world every day.   Agreed some are small, but they pop up over all over the place, with some hitting 4.5 to past 6.  



I registered for usgs official alerts

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6.2 in Ueki, Japan an hour ago.  


6.0 in Port-Olry, Vanuatu an hour hour.  


5.9 in Siocon, Philippines yesterday.  


6.9 in Mawlaik, Burma (Mayanmar) yesterday.  


latest quakes app


Plus, there's been  a 5.4, a 5.5, a 5.7, a 5.3 and a 5.2  all within the last 24 hours.

The earth is really shakin' rattlin' and rollin'.:huh:


Oh, and Atka, Alaska is shaking again.

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So sad, Japan falls into the "ring of fire" where earthquakes will happen.  Just feel bad that our spiritual families are effected and perhaps even dead.  It just get's me that Japan has been the ire of earthquakes more then other Asian countries in the area.   No matter, we will be there for our brothers, worldwide brotherhood hands (like Jehovah's) are not short!   I think it was good that many people were out in the streets, I just hope they moved away from tall buildings and or houses that could fall even if its an after shock. 

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When I heard about this recent earthquake in Japan, I felt sad also,  because the Japanese people just can't catch a break when it comes to

earthquakes.  What happened in 2011 with the earthquake and the resulting Tsunami caused such annihilation...of lives and whole towns

with everything being washed out to sea.  I'll never forget those video images.  


I am hoping t hat the death toll is low  for the general population,and any of our brothers and sisters who were in harms way.


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